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Talon's Mom's Avatar Talon's Mom 02:04 PM 10-01-2006
We are having the worst time trying to get DS acclimated to the bath tub. Since he was born we have used the sink. Every few months we try again to use the actual tub and he is not having it. I think that on one of the attempts he became afraid of the spout and now he freaks out if we try to do anything with the tub.

We have tried toys, a cover for the spout, a seat in the tub, and DH and I both tried to get in with him. MIL is constantly coming up with new suggestions but I really don't care if he doesn't want the tub right now. I'm ok using the sink and I refuse to stress him or myself out over the bathtub. So if anyone has dealt with this tell me about it. My hope is that when he is older we could have more of a dialogue about using the bathtub and why he doesn't want to.
For now it looks like DH will be installing a bigger sink. Am I the only one with a toddler in the sink?

usmcwfe's Avatar usmcwfe 03:59 PM 10-01-2006
That is so funny because my dd was the same way. She was in the sink until she was almost 2 because she was terrified of the tub. She loved to go swimming, and was comfortable with water, the tub was just scary for her. And the more we tried to convince her to use the tub, the harder she fought. So we gave up, and then one day while I was in the shower, she climbed in with me and that was that! You are wise for picking your battles carefully. Honestly who cares where they take a bath. Our extended family thought there was something wrong with her because "She is soooo stubborn, difficult etc.." blah blah blah They thought we were spoiling her by indulging her in these little quirks.. Whatever. :nana: Go ahead and build the toddler-size sink!
claras_mom's Avatar claras_mom 04:11 PM 10-01-2006
For the longest time--6 months until 20 months, more or less--we had a giant blow-up duck tub that fit inside the bathtub. Found it at Kmart for about $10. That could work as a transition, maybe. It's only been in the last month and a bit that dd has been comfortable in the big tub, without being enveloped by the duck.
CB73's Avatar CB73 06:27 PM 10-01-2006
We mostly use the bathtub - but sinks are an option if there is resistance at bathtime. Gotta have options!

We also have the blow up duck bath and it is yet another great option -esp for camping and g'parents house, etc.

A child will know when they are too big for the sink -and likely it will begin by alot of splashing, laughter and a parade to the bathtub!
Talon's Mom's Avatar Talon's Mom 08:14 PM 10-01-2006
Thanks for the replies mamas. I'm glad I'm not the only one who ever had an 18 month old in the sink. I kind of wanted a bigger sink anyway so it's a good excuse. Plus for now I don't have to bend over the bathtub.