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elmh23's Avatar elmh23 07:36 AM 12-05-2006
Dd (2) started puking at 9pm Monday. It's now 2:30am Tuesday and she's puked 4 times. In the morning I know she'll be hungry. What can I feed her that's most unlikely to hurt her belly?


PrennaMama's Avatar PrennaMama 07:50 AM 12-05-2006
U still nursing? If so, continue to do so, offer it a lot, and offer water to keep her hydrated... Remember the B.R.A.T. diet... Bananas (my mom used to put 'em in a little milk when I was sick) Rice Applesauce Toast, no butter, or just bread... MAYBE a little yogurt... but just a little. For lunch, some chicken broth, if you have it. You can soak a little rice in it. Let her dip her toast in it... Chicken noodle soup if it comes up at least will just be noodles, she'll get liquids. A nurse told me that as long as it's in her system for a few minutes, she's getting SOME benefit from it, even if whatver it is ends up comin back up... just give her things that will be gentle coming back up... assume it will until it doesn't.

Keep her hydrated. If you can get to the store in the morning, get some Pedialyte Freezer Pops... they're yummy and good for keeping fuids in...

That's the worst, mama! Sorry she's not feeling well and you guys are up with the icks... hugs to u!
Cujobunny's Avatar Cujobunny 12:17 PM 12-05-2006
the BRATY diet:


Recommended by dr. Sears.
SunShineSally's Avatar SunShineSally 01:39 PM 12-05-2006
nurse her and dry toast or rice I always trew up the applesause but my sister could hold it down and club/saltine crackers are the best.

My mother always would flatten cola and give it to us on a silver spoon after we would trow up for some reason it would help stop you from trowing up. It really works : I did it with Ds last winter when he had the flu.
PrennaMama's Avatar PrennaMama 06:28 PM 12-05-2006
Hope she's feeling better...
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 07:08 PM 12-05-2006
Well, she was up three more times last night puking, but hasn't since 7am. She has a slight fever (99.1) and is pretty mellow today. Except when I had to leave her with daddy so I could go to my midwife appointment. She screamed for a good 45 minutes before finally falling asleep.

All she's had to eat today is a bowl of cereal (the only thing she wanted adn man was she pissed when I suggested something else!) and nursies (which there isn't a lot of milk left.) But she seems happy and is drinking a ton.