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wolfmom's Avatar wolfmom 04:04 PM 05-01-2003
So today I went to the mall to get a book I wanted to read. I was carrying my ds in my arms. (he is 17 mo old) Across the hall was victoria's secrect and I saw some pj's in the window that were pretty so we went in to look around. There we were just walking around looking at all the pretty undies when ds starts to say 'nunny', which is our word for nursing/boobies. Then he starts to pull on my shirt. He proceeded to nurse just in my arms while I was walking around. I think it is so funny that he saw all those bras and just could help but think of my boobies!!! I guess this makes more sense if I tell you that he almost never nurses while shopping and also never while walking around. And to think that just 3 days ago I was worried that he was going to wean soon! What a hoot! I think I weirded out the staff though!!!

EmmalinesMom's Avatar EmmalinesMom 04:37 PM 05-01-2003
Too cute!!

I'm worried dd might be weaning (20 mos) so maybe we need to go to the mall.
mamabutterfly's Avatar mamabutterfly 04:50 PM 05-01-2003
I think Victoria's Secret can use a reminder of the "other" uses of boobies!

Plus they can hardly acuse a nursing mom of being indecent in there, lol!