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squeakermansmom's Avatar squeakermansmom 12:18 AM 05-04-2003
Very frustrating! my 13 month old ds LOVES to throw the dog food (dry) all over as fast as possible (i think to see how much he can throw before i pick him up). he especially loves throwing it into the nearby water bowl. he knows its a no-no and i tell him its "not for Joseph" but he just throws faster. i have worked hard to create a toddler-safe house without many no's, however the dogs have to eat/drink. we try to keep it up as much as possible, but its hard to remember to put it up and back down all the time. it was kinda cute at first, but now its just plain annoying. HELP! anyone have any suggestions? BTW, our dogs are fed a continous supply of dry food and have been for years. we do this b/c one of our dogs (she's very neurotic) would never eat if we just fed them at certain times.


eclipse's Avatar eclipse 12:48 AM 05-04-2003
if you figure it out, please let me know. my 27 month old STILL does this with the cat food - oh, and the water bowl is SOOOOO much fun to splash in. the most annoying part is that he never does this at my mother's house. we have a baby gate on our kitchen just to keep him out of the food and water.
treemama2's Avatar treemama2 12:56 AM 05-04-2003
My 20 month old ds eats the dogfood! And our dog loves to share. We keep the dog food in our bathroom and close the door when he is awake. Sometimes he gets by me and I will hear him and the dog eating out of the same bowl. It is gross. A kid with dog food breath!
geekmom's Avatar geekmom 03:58 PM 05-04-2003
Yep, I got 2 toddlers that throw the dog food and eat it too. I don't leave the food out which I know you can't do. I feed the dogs when the kids are otherwise occupied. Basically, when the kids are older it won't be a problem. Right now I just fish dog food out of their mouths, take a deep breath and remember how much I love them.

There is some "buddy bowl" that's in that can be tipped over without leaking. As soon as I can afford it I'm getting that so my kids won't tip all the water onto the floor all the time. Maybe they have some childproof food bowl too.
nikirj's Avatar nikirj 04:02 PM 05-04-2003
HAHA, my son does this - he's 17 months old. It isn't our dog - it is my parents' - so we don't have a whole lot of control over where the bowl is. They keep it in the kitchen, which is the social focal-point of their house.

DS likes to dump the food into the water, and swirl it up. Sometimes he'll try to eat the dog food. The good news is, since there are always people there, he always gets stopped; it is just a matter of how much dog food the can mess with before we make it to him!
Ellie'sMom's Avatar Ellie'sMom 04:15 PM 05-04-2003
Here is what has worked reasonably well for us...the race for the dog food was the first thing that really got dd crawling at around 8.5 mos! I would always chase behind her and say, "We have to put doggy's food up!" and then put it up on the counter. We put it down for naps and at bedtime, and leave some water outside where the dog also spends a bit of time. DD is very verbal, and at about thirteen months she starting pointing to the bowls whenever she saw them down and yelling "up up up!!!" It's funny because she clearly wants to play with them, as she will almost run to get there before me, but she knows they belong "up" and can't seem to help letting me know. Whenever I put the food up, I make a big deal about saying "Thankyou Ellie. You're right. The food does belong up!"

So maybe if you make a big deal about putting the food and water up (the Dr. Suess book, Great Day for Up is what got her jazzed about the word in the first place) and get ds involved in the process he'll start to catch on and help.

Our dog is also quite skinny and neurotic. She too was used to always having the food available. She has adapted now. When we put the food down, we call her over and make crunching sounds to show her the food is there. She seems to be eating pretty well. I do worry about the water, but I just really try to make sure it is down as often as possible. I think it is easier because I don't have to remember to put it up, as dd always reminds me!

This isn't a perfect solution, but I hope it helps!
shelbean91's Avatar shelbean91 04:20 PM 05-04-2003
Both of my kids try to eat the dog food. We've had to only put it down during feeding times and keep the kids away. I also had to put my dogs on diets b/c leaving the food down all the time got 2 of them WAY overweight, so it wasn't too hard. We keep the water dish in the backyard and they can go out whenever they want. So, our solution wouldn't work for you.

Could you put in a doggie door to one room in the house or to outside so the dogs can get in and out, but not the baby. Or use a baby gate to keep the dogs and food separate? Just brainstorming- not sure if any of these would work.

Good luck.
moonlightinvt's Avatar moonlightinvt 06:40 PM 05-04-2003

I got a great laugh from this thread, especially Treemama (with the kid with dog breath). I needed a good laugh, although, I know this is a serious question.

My 13 mo dd has been doing this for some time--parents house and dog, so I have little control over situation as well. I think (????) she may be outgrowing the dash for bowl and water-- she will go over to them and say "no-no" and then pull her hand back (of course, as soon as I type this she will probably start putting the dry food in the water bowl and then stir it with her hands to make the dog some soup).

No suggestions, but thanks for the question.