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bamamom's Avatar bamamom 03:25 PM 01-06-2007
Originally Posted by mcs View Post
bama- do you still have the link to that funny cat web page? i have a friend who needs a laugh and i think that would be purrfect.
I have it in my favorites, here it is..


dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 07:15 PM 01-06-2007
Also speaking of poo...one of the cats climbed in the litter box yesterday morning and had very LOUD diarrhea. I KNEW I was going to have to immediately scoop out the box (he STANK). So, I brace myself, open the lid of the box, start to scoop....

....and barf.
In the box.
On top of the cat poo.

Seriously, worst morning I've had in a looooooong time.

It was 70 here today! Been at the park all day, now nak.
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 07:49 PM 01-06-2007
Emmy, jealous of 70 and being in the park. Not jealous of puke litter box.

I have the girls busy decorating brown paper bags for DH's birthday presents. It's a nice quiet activity. Messy with cutting up bits of paper to tape onto it for decorations, but they are being peaceful.
anabellee's Avatar anabellee 08:46 PM 01-06-2007
Originally Posted by dynamohumm6 View Post
Also speaking of poo...one of the cats climbed in the litter box yesterday morning and had very LOUD diarrhea. I KNEW I was going to have to immediately scoop out the box (he STANK). So, I brace myself, open the lid of the box, start to scoop....

....and barf.
In the box.
On top of the cat poo.
glad i haven't had to clean our litter boxes in a long time (we have 4, one per cat)
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 11:20 PM 01-06-2007
EEEWWW Emmy, you get the gross experience of the YEAR Award, and its only January!!
mcs's Avatar mcs 01:09 AM 01-07-2007
we too- what a very un-winter day! it is a strange feeling, a little eery even- people are out in summer clothes doing summer things and i don't feel like christmas just passed. eisa and i spent the day at a beach with some friends- she had such a great time running and running and waving at the waves. after we went to a family night at the brooklyn museam. a very nice winter day.
i am happy to report that i don't have any poop stories.
thanks bama for the link.

mclisa's Avatar mclisa 02:09 PM 01-07-2007
The fun weekend continues. I thought I would stop at Krispy Kremes today as they have a drive through so the kids wouldn't have to get out of pj's. They were so good all day yesterday and deserved to have something extra today. I drive past the place and it is closed. Try to explain the concept of "closed" to a 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old. Not good. So I ended up taking them to the grocery store and that went OK. Glad I didn't keep my pj's on or we would have headed for home with a lot of tears than I had at the time. Hopefully that is my crisis for the day.
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 11:13 PM 01-07-2007
oh no mclisa....how terrible.
well, for you anyway...lol.

And I had to take ds to the freaking hospital AGAIN today...this really sucks. He had a huge blood red poop today..looked like blood running down his legs. It turns out its his freaking antibiotics. GRRR you'd think they'd tell a mama at the ph armacy..btw...its gonnna look like his butt exploded in his dipe, but no worries, its just the medicine!!:
anabellee's Avatar anabellee 01:30 AM 01-08-2007
geez bama. sorry for the scare! i would have flipped out too!
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 11:33 AM 01-08-2007
geez, he seems fine today. way to go red poop:

And fwiw...I have the stomach bug AGAIN!!!!! But my mom is coming up today, so hopefully she'll be well enough to help me out a little.
mcs's Avatar mcs 01:14 PM 01-08-2007
woa bama how scary! great that your mom can come to give you a break. feel better soon!
melissa- when does dh come home? sounds like you girls are having a good time.

hilger is sick and i have in and out sick feelings. i don't really want any coffee and that is a bad sign.

a question- should our babies be able to tell colors by now? a friend acted confused when i said that eisa got a toy that she couldn't use yet b/c she doesn't know colors. confused like "hmm, i won't say it, but..."
this comes later, right?

i cut my hair myself yesterday. don't worry hilger fixed it. now it is short but cute. how old am i anyway?
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 01:21 PM 01-08-2007
mcs?? Colors?? are they freaking kidding me???

My dd was 3 YEARS old....could speak english, 5 words of spanish(and knew what they meant), count to 20, dance, sing, and didnt pick up colors til last.

Colors are NOT something a toddler that age s hould know. Your friend is weird.
mcs's Avatar mcs 02:08 PM 01-08-2007
oh thanks bama- i was thinking " i havn't even started teaching colors yet..."
hattoo's Avatar hattoo 02:26 PM 01-08-2007
mcs - a friend of mine was teaching her daughter colours at this age and now she knows them. She'll be 2 at the end of February. I think that's exceptionally early, but the competitive side of me has started working on it with Sage!!
hattoo's Avatar hattoo 02:27 PM 01-08-2007
TMI - I'm going for a brazilian wax today. Wish me luck! I've never had one before and am getting a bit scared. I'm worried if I end up having another c-section and they shave me, I'll get ingrowns in my scar again. I have a feeling I'll be holding frozen corn on my crotch for the rest of the day!
fuzzypeach's Avatar fuzzypeach 02:50 PM 01-08-2007
Elaina knows colors. She can say brown, black, red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple... and can identify them correctly with varying success. She definitely knows yellow! So she's not 100% on the whole concept, but she's getting there.

She knows lots and lots of words. I was keeping track of the new ones each month but I gave up as it was just too much!! She puts them together in sentences too... she's very verbal I guess.

Bama - red poop. omg! They should've said something about that, yeesh. :

Hattoo, good luck with the wax!

I can't believe how far some of you pg mamas are... crazy!! Can't wait to see pics of your new babies
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 03:10 PM 01-08-2007
Heather, take an advil before you go, and, if you can, help the asthetician by holding your skin as tight as you can.

That'll minimize the pain.

You still run the risk of some ingrowns, just exfoliate in the shower a couple times a week, to keep the follicles open. (i use a sugar scrub ) (if you can reach, of course. )

YES, voice of experience
Meli65's Avatar Meli65 03:47 PM 01-08-2007
Good luck, Heather! You are brave. I got a regular wax "down there" when I was pg with Miles and found the area to be more sensitive than usual :

Danny doesn't know his colors -- but he can point to his nose, ears, mouth, hair, etc. I've been happy to find that all that stuff just comes with time -- I honestly can't remember teaching Miles anything.

Winter is here today -- it's cold, gray and windy. I forced the kids out for a little while just so they could get some fresh air -- we are all in cranky moods. wish me luck! I am taking Miles to see Charlotte's Web this afternoon --he hasn't been to too many movies and usually finds them too loud, intense, and/or scary. I'm hoping it doesn't bum him out too much. I saw Little Children yesterday afternoon and it was the Feel-Bad Movie of the year!
fuzzypeach's Avatar fuzzypeach 04:05 PM 01-08-2007
"I saw Little Children yesterday afternoon and it was the Feel-Bad Movie of the year!"
Really Meli? I've been wanting to see that one... I'm a Kate Winslet fan.

Elaina knows lots of body parts too... instead of saying teeth though she kind of gnashes them and says "nyi nyi nyi" Hard to describe but funny and cute.

So I'm feeling like a dumb/bad mama.. for a few weeks at dinner Elaina has been saying 'more more more' but she has food on her tray... it's been kind of perplexing us, but we just let her self feed usually and it finally clicked that she wasn't getting enough at a time... so we've been spoonfeeding her more and the 'more more more' has stopped. I feel really stupid and badly about it that's she's been going hungry, compounded by the fact that I learned at her ped visit the other day that she is in the 10 -25% range for weight... 65% for height and head circumfrence and healthy and happy... but not getting enough to eat apparently. :
hattoo's Avatar hattoo 06:06 PM 01-08-2007

I'm going to have to do that more often so it doesn't hurt as much. At least everything's maintained. I almost lost the soap the other day!
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 06:26 PM 01-08-2007
wow I cant believe some of these babies can do colors!! I either have really dumb kids or I'm a rotten teacher!:

I guess its just having a baby who operates on an infant level (around 9 months average) it shocks me what other babies his age can do!!

LMAO at the Heather wax incident...that does hurt! But....its nice and Smooooooth now huh?? Do what SA said..exfoliate!

I want to see Charlotte's web...but I'm phobic of 8 legged creatures! I heard that it can be a little scary if you're phobic b/c they do a lot of close ups of charlotte...

Fey..dont worry about the feeding thing...geez, schuy cant even comprehend that a spoon belongs in hand...goes to mouth....he just bangs it!

I got some newer pics...you guys can see him in his new backpack..and i took pics of the backpack to show how small it is next to my hand! That sucker is worth nearly $3000!!!!!!!!

And a few booty pics...he managed to walk out of his pants the other day, and I was running behind him taking pics of his booty !

And one or two of his button .,,they're not graphic, but it shows what it is...

and check out the baby playing with blocks pics!! THe cover picture...notice his hand..he actually turned his hand to sit that block upright...he thought about it and did it!!

SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 06:50 PM 01-08-2007
Bama, he is sooooo cute.

Heather. Sorry it hurt. But, you're right, if you do it more often, it hurts way less.

I haven't had mine done since before I got pregnant. But I used to go once a month.
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 07:50 PM 01-08-2007
bama: hugs out to you. If something could happen it seems like it happens to your poor ds. Was he on omnicef?

COLORS: if you look at the developmental charts it says one color by age 4. I think most kids know colors sooner than that but more in the 2 1/2 - 3 year old range.

hattoo: I've always wanted to get at least a bikini wax, but just haven't ever made it a priority.

Here's my crazy story for today. I seriously felt like I was at Target on the day after Thanksgiving sale. No, I wasn't off shopping with my kids, I was standing in line to register for preschool! I was #79 and there were people behind me to the curb. Fortunately my dad is still off work so he watched the smaller two so I didn't have to drag them out at 7:30 in the morning. I had thought about just waiting until 9 when I had to drop off Ellysia to preschool, but it's a good thing I didn't because then all of the classes were full. As it was I go into the second choice. This is plain crazy. I'm kind of glad that Claire is too young to go. They do have a 1 day a week "class" for 2 1/2 year olds that is basically a supervised playgroup. I can see why parents choose to do this though, then they are returning members and can sign up for early registration like I did today. Claire is essentially too young for the class. My sister (a teacher) was trying to convince me to do it, but I think with all of her food allergies it would be wiser to hold her back and hope she grows out of a few of them before sending her somewhere on her own. At least if she's a year older she'll be able to verbalize why she can't eat something and will remember to eat the snack we picked.

off to go look at backpack pictures...
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 08:18 PM 01-08-2007
yep, omnicef

Meli65's Avatar Meli65 10:30 PM 01-08-2007
Those are really interesting pictures, Bama -- the wonders of medical technology!

Glad you survived, Heather

Mclisa, that sounds terrible! I hate standing in stressful lines like that -- glad you at least got your second choice.

Fey, it wasn't a bad movie -- I would totally recommend it if you like Kate Winslet and/or are a independent movie fan. But overall the mood of it is melancholy, if not just plain depressing. There's the pedophile angle. And the bad mother angle -- you know, the mother who would rather read than play with her child. Oof. It's a good movie -- but I would not recommend it to someone who is pregnant and/or in a gloomy mood to start with.

Charlotte's Web started off well -- but Miles and I were both crying when Charlotte died and I thought to myself, "was this a good idea?" He turned to me at the end and said, "You never should have brought me to this movie."

And I think Danny has pink eye!
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 11:26 PM 01-08-2007
Only 4 more hours until DH comes home.

In case anyone is interested:

bama: first, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with toys covering the living room floor. second, I think it is so cool that you are taking pictures of your ds and his button and backpack. I had congenital hip dysplasia and wore a large brace for many months. My parents never took any pictures of it or me in it. I've always been curious about it and wished they would have. We just take more pictures today then back then.
mcs's Avatar mcs 12:12 AM 01-09-2007
well, i guess i better get to work on colors! i don't know, it hadn't crossed my mind yet. she can do body parts- even funny ones like cheek and knuckle. her middle name is "green" so i'll start there. ha!

speaking of lines- i had a line for parking at the grocery today that ended in an argument. this guy was screaming at me b/c he couldn't get passed while i waited for a woman to leave. he said "*&^$$!@# there is plenty of room to park on the street..." so i said "yea, well, go to he.. they have plenty of room too"
pretty good ah? i was shaking mad when i went in, but real proud that i had been so clever, not thinking of what i could-have-should-have said.
anyway, this dumb city is getting to me again- i feel like there are no nice people around. our neighbors have our park bench in their back yard right now (in peices) where we can see it from our window, but refuse to admit it, our landlady is just making eternal trouble for us, and on and on..
ready to go to florida.
oh, i think i forgot to mention that hilger got a second interview! it is in just two weeks.
melissa- how bout' those bucks? we are listening to it on the radio.
michelle- i tried to look at the link, but it didn't come up. i'll try later.
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 12:28 AM 01-09-2007
yeah, we take loads of pics, and also yes..there are always toys here, and I rarely think to clean up the lr before taking pics..i always just notice later and say...ooooh that looks bad...lol
anabellee's Avatar anabellee 01:10 AM 01-09-2007
heather-wow, you're brave. if i knew of a good place here i would have it done too though, i can't reach anymore to "maintain" myself

bama-feel better soon! S is so cute he doesn't look that tiny. how big is he now? i swear he looks the same size as Spud.

mcs-we dont' know colors here either. he does do body parts though. i should really try to get a video of him doing the "head, shoulders, knees and toes" song. it's too funny. he does it along with the kids on the Baby Einstein DVD. he still can only verbally say "eye" but can point to everything else. dh is teaching him "penis".

meli-i want to see Charlotte's Web but i'm too afraid i'll start bawling. i know i will too, stupid pregnancy hormones...

michelle-yes, we always have toys on the floor here too. it's like a maze. and, to laugh at my prego brain, i thought you said you were waiting in line at Target to register for preschool. : can't get the link to load the pics either...

my classes started again today. this will be interesting. i've also eaten half a bag of those Necco valentines day conversation hearts. i think my teeth are rotting out of my skull...
hattoo's Avatar hattoo 01:18 AM 01-09-2007
Thanks for all your kind words everyone. I'm doing okay now. Didn't have to break out the ice packs! There is some bruising though, because she didn't want to push or stretch my skin as she was scared to hurt the baby. She finally asked me to do it for her. Ouch.

Bama: Love the bare bum pics!! I'm obsessed with getting pictures of Sage's bare bum and they always turn out so cute, cause she's running away from me! He looks like such a happy, mellow little guy.

Michelle: I haven't been able to see your pictures yet, but will keep trying!
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