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SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 03:29 PM 02-12-2007
Getting to sleep routines are really flexible in my house, because Joey's changed it up on us a few times. When she was an infant, she'd fall asleep nursing and wake up a few times to nurse and that was it. It was great.

Then when she started crawling, she would NOT go to sleep for me. She'd nurse and nurse and nurse and then pop off and grin at me and start crawling around the bed, harrassing the dog and whatnot. Paul would hold her, facing away from him and shhhh her. She'd cry a bit, because she wanted to crawl around, but she'd fall asleep within minutes and then wake up a couple times to nurse and fall right back out. That was fine, too.

Then, she wanted to nurse back to sleep again, which I had no problem with.

Then, we started having to have Dada put her to bed again. BUT, if I was in the room, she'd just scream and cry and call out to me and reach out to me and not go to sleep. But if I stayed out of the room, she'd be out within minutes. Usually without crying.

Then all of a sudden, she started SCREAMING when DH would try to bring her into the bedroom. She called me, and I came in, because we always let her know that I'm RIGHT there if she really wants me. Then she asked for "molk' : So I laid down and nursed her. She popped off, put her bink in and went to sleep.

So, our current night time routine is: clean diaper, pj's, toothbrushing, say good night to Daddy and Baxter, and then we head to the bedroom. We turn on "the music", which is the Veggie Tales Junior's Bedtime songs CD, and we turn off the light. Then I pretend I can't find her because it got dark adn she giggles till I grope over to her and then we lay down, BAxter comes in and lays on my feet, she nurses, pops off, rolls around a bit and falls asleep.

This only works if she's ready for bed, though. If she's not tired, she'll just lay there with me and cry and try to get up and harrass the dog and whatever.

Sometimes she'll do that even when she IS tired.

Bed time is not terrible. Overnight nursing blows massive chunks, though. Because of the groping. She's getting a little better at it. I'm hoping she quits it altogether soon. It's really made me consider weaning her on more than one occassion.

Teeth brushing used to be a nightmare. One of us held her down and the other one brushed while she protested loudly. But, she's gotten better at it, and we have, too. Y'know, making it more fun for her. Yesterday, we bought her a Hello Kitty electric toothbrush. It's not a toddler brush, so I spent some time running it and wearing the "newness" off the bristles against a textured plate that I have, so that it wouldn't be too hard on her. She loves it, because DH and I have an electric sonicare that we use. So now her toothbrush is just like ours, except better, because it's got a "kitcat" on it.

dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 03:47 PM 02-12-2007
Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post

Bed time is not terrible. Overnight nursing blows massive chunks, though. Because of the groping. She's getting a little better at it. I'm hoping she quits it altogether soon. It's really made me consider weaning her on more than one occassion.
Same here.
ex-stasis's Avatar ex-stasis 04:44 PM 02-12-2007
Just a warning, Sha and Emmy, Istra is weaned completely and still gropes... so if you're considering nightweaning because of the groping also consider that the groping might not end when nursing ends.

Yes, it sucks.
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 05:25 PM 02-12-2007
blech. Thanks Selena. I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense, because she gropes even when she's not nursing. Sigh.

Is there a gropers annonymous we can send these kids to or something? :
angel04345's Avatar angel04345 05:38 PM 02-12-2007
Well Nolan and Alicia weened early IMO. I look back and I think it has something to do with the pill! I started the ortho tri cyclen lo with Alicia when she was 13mos and a couple of weeks later she quit. Then with Nolan I wanted to start the pill at 12mos and he did the same thing!

Onto bedtime routine. With both the children we go upstairs at 645 or 7pm and we get jammies on and read a story to each of them. We play with their bedroom toys. Then we brush teeth and Nolan gets to shut out his light. We sing this terriable little noley boy nighty night thing and then I move onto Alicia's room and change the song to Alicia and Justin finishes nolan up letting him gather books and toys to take to bed with him! Alicia gets put in her bed and ALWAYS gets back out and plays quietly with her toys and books. Then I shut the hall way light out a bit later and they both go to sleep. NO TEARS!!!

I don't know that any of our routines are really very differant at all!

So is everyones heat all fixed now?

Well I have to go pick up down stairs Justin is going smelting! WTHECK? Why go smelting so i need to get the house picked up I've been warned some men in dirty boots may come here because he wants to show off his new house to them and we are down the road from the place.

Well hope you all had a nice weekend! and Welcome Eva&Zoe!
dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 05:54 PM 02-12-2007
Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post
blech. Thanks Selena. I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense, because she gropes even when she's not nursing. Sigh.

Is there a gropers annonymous we can send these kids to or something? :
confession of the day -
several years ago, after I Samantha weaned, I was constantly complaining about my suddenly flat chest. My sister bought me (as a gag for mother's day) a pair of those fake boobs that you put in your bra. Silicone filled, complete with nipple.

In sheer desperation a few weeks ago, I pulled one of those suckers out and gave it to Cully, thinking he would twiddle that instead. He was interested for about 35 seconds and then he was back on the real thing. :
anabellee's Avatar anabellee 06:22 PM 02-12-2007

Spud still gropes and has to "check" to make sure "his" boobs are still there. this often involves yanking my shirt down in public even though he hasn't nursed for almost a year now. it should be interesting to see what he thinks of ds2 bfing...
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 06:26 PM 02-12-2007
Emmy omg : : : Oh I might pee my pants : I can't stop laughing :

That is SO something I would do!

If only I had a fake boob somewhere.....
eva+zoe's Avatar eva+zoe 07:17 PM 02-12-2007
hi again! well, i see that this forum is quite overwhelming so iguess i will just stick to this group here
i am active on two norwegian fora (1. natural family living, 2. babywearing) and it´s nice to be able to write some english here!!! (missing english, yes...)

Is there any thread somewhere that presents you guys? I mean it´d be nice to read some backgrounds... or should i count on getting to know you "only" from all that you write ??

It´d be also nice to know how many of you are **** BFing, how many do CDs, how many wear DCs etc. Any stats anywhere hihi.

to the topics: our bedtime routines are similar to everyone else here, it has mostly been dh´s job but recently we change in this... well, to put it this way, z wakes up between 5-6, usually 5am (!!!!!!!!!!!) so the parent that finally gets up with her is not putting her to sleep that evening she falls asleep all from 30min to an hour, with the parent there all the time. she usually sleeps through the night, but gets up SOOO early ...

toothbrushing -no problem, we brush morning and evening, I do it first (there´s a mirror in front of us so she is looking at me brushing her teeth) and then she does it. we dont use fluor toothpaste, but Weleda for kids and i dont give flur tabs but calcium powder also from Weleda.
(Do you have Weleda products in the US??)

uff--i have of course many more comments, questions etc.. but have to run to bed.... I am sure you will more from me soon
good night!

PS what did you do to the swedemom that she left ???????? (should i get worried or???) hihihi
twouglyducks's Avatar twouglyducks 08:00 PM 02-12-2007
We are still nursing, use CDs and I wear dd when I go out with all 3 kids. Otherwise, it's not really necessary. We don't go many places and never have to break out the stroller.

As far as night goes, dh works nights so it's all me all the time.
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 11:39 PM 02-12-2007
swedemom had some family issues that took her away from us for awhile. We hope to get her back soon!!

As far as it goes...I HAVE to get better at toothbrushing. Ds's neocate jr is like 53% corn s yrup solids: ...and I havent been brushing his teeth.

its gonna be Fun fun fun...

eva zoe..if you want some history...youcould go back and search someone's p osts way back into spring of 2005 and read from there...you would read about our pregnancies, and then starting late may the babies started arriving!! and the last one came in early july!

Speaking of which...Hey nanner!! Where are you?
anabellee's Avatar anabellee 01:48 AM 02-13-2007
so we got our first new heating bill today.... even though we used no more gas/electric than last month our bill doubled it's so sad. lots of the small businesses here are closing because they cant' afford the drastic raise. it makes me wonder how the gas/elec. company can do this with a clear conscious. :
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 11:55 AM 02-13-2007
Wow, I just went back to our old forum and read some of the threads from when we were all pg. Sniff sniff I want another baby.

I forgot to say WELCOME to our newest member yesterday! So, welcome eva+zoe!

I don't think it's a big deal for each of us to answer your questions by way of an introduction, right guys? And if you REALLY want to get to know us quickly, feel free to go peruse our old forum.

It´d be also nice to know how many of you are **** BFing, how many do CDs, how many wear DCs etc. Any stats anywhere
We're still BFing, we did CDs for most of her life, but she started rashing up, so we switched to sposies for a while. She's started rashing up in the sposies now, so we may go back to cloth soon. I've got a stupid amount of baby carriers. I wear her all the time. My favorite is my maya tie that my best friend gave me for Christmas.

In other news...did I tell you guys that Joey knows some of her colors?! I know we were just talking about this a couple weeks ago, but all of a sudden, she just KNOWS them. She has this little velcro fishing set she got for Christmas and all the fish are a different color. If you ask her to give you the blue fish, she'll look around, and then hold it up triumphantly, with a big grin and a "BYOU!" : And she'll do the same for pink, purple, yellow ("lellow"), white, black, brown, and green. The only one she doesn't know for sure is red, because we lost the red fish. :

She amazes me every single day.
dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 12:06 PM 02-13-2007
Ugh, I hate utility companies. I looked at our gas bill (the ONLY thing it powers is the stove) and there's a $10 "minimum charge" that's just there, no matter what. Then between all the "fees" and BS, you START with a $25 bill before they even add on the gas usage! The fees are higher than our actual usage cost. It's asinine. Highway robbery at it's very core.

When we buy our house, we are sinking a ton of money into it to get almost completely off the grid. Solar & wind power, and geothermal heat/cooling. It's a lot of $ to start, but MA gives all sorts of loans and tax breaks for homeowners that do it, and it'll be worth it to never have to pay those theives another red cent.

Eva - a small introduction:

I'm Emma (Emmy) almost-30 yr old mom to Samantha (8) and Cullen (June 11, 05). I live just outside Boston with my dh Alex. I work pretty much full time from home for a music/pop culture retail company, in the web department, and go into the office twice a week for a few hours for my grown-up time. Cully has a sitter that he adores for that. I also teach piano lessons, I have 11 students right now. Cully still nurses. A lot. I mean, A LOT. Sammy nursed til she was 2, and weaned herself. I wore both of them, although it's pretty much impossible in the winter because my pouch slings don't fit over giant winter coats. We cloth diaper about 80% of the time. I use disposables here and there, when I'm feeling lazy.
I'm a knitting fool, I love to read (just finished Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett's "Good Omens" which I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys good Brit humor ). I like getting tattooed, astronomy, cooking, and eating.
Anything else can be covered in my myspace:
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 01:54 PM 02-13-2007
Little intro for me...

I am a SAHM of 2 kids...a 3 yo dd, and an almost 20 month old ds who has some medical issues and is almost completely tube fed . He is growing, and looks like he's suddenly a huge toddler! We hope his head has grown as well...we'll see on the 28th! We live in The South, in Tennessee, and love it here. we're originally from Alabama, hence the username.

And guess who got his first hair cut yesterday??????

I cant get $%@#$% photobucket to work...I'll post pics later!
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 01:55 PM 02-13-2007
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 01:56 PM 02-13-2007
Oh, and...Michelle, I sent out your panties today! Well, actually, DH is mailing them. I put them in an envelope and addressed them, and gave them to him, because he's going to a meeting at the Edison post office. I asked him if he minded, and he was like, "No, I enjoy mailing panties to random women" :

I said, "It's not some random woman! It's MICHELLE!" Like he's supposed to know who michelle is. : Then I said "Ei-a's mom" and he knew who it was. Wacko.
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 01:58 PM 02-13-2007
oh gosh, schuy is so freaking cute. Love the haircut.

I was thinking of trimming Joey's back curls, because she's starting to seriously suffer from baby-mullet. : I'm sort of anti-mullet Paul might shoot me in the foot if I cut her hair though.
dynamohumm6's Avatar dynamohumm6 02:04 PM 02-13-2007
haha Sha, I trimmed Cully's little mullet off a couple weeks ago, because it was just out of control. We put it in a little ponytail and just cut it off. I trimmed it up in the bathtub last night because it was so uneven, but it's still just a disaster. The poor kid has his dad's hair which means he has like 7 crowns.
twouglyducks's Avatar twouglyducks 02:16 PM 02-13-2007
I cut Brody's hair around 16 months b/c his curls were getting lots of "mullet" comments. I was so sad, I really missed those little curls.
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 03:21 PM 02-13-2007
Yeah, I'm really considering it. Because I REALLY have mullet issues. I think I had a bad mullet experience in my childhood or something. : I DID have a mullet when I was a kid, I've got photographic evidence, heaven help me. I think I was traumatized.

Paul is very much against cutting her hair. Like I joked around about it and he stopped talking to me for about an hour : It's bad enough I just cut MY hair, you know.

'Course he went and SHAVED his head. So he can bite me.
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 04:18 PM 02-13-2007
Shoot, where I live, he'd be IN STYLE!! if I let him have a mullet.

My exact words to the hairstylist...

No redneck, no mullet, no buzzing, no clipping
twouglyducks's Avatar twouglyducks 04:32 PM 02-13-2007
Yeah. The mullet is one hairstyle that I just don't understand. At all.

I can't imagine Gwen having enough hair to cut... but it's funny b/c she has longer hairs than anyone else in the house.
mcs's Avatar mcs 05:28 PM 02-13-2007
yea, someone said to me one day (after i said she was a girl not a boy) "oh, i guess it is her hair cut." hahaha! i love my baldy. the idea of a haircut is too cute though.

another successfull night of only one nursing (and one when i got into bed)!
the problem is that she takes up the whole freaking bed trying to get back to sleep. hilger had to sleep in the extra bedroom and i nearly joined him. i try to move her into her bed (which is attached with the fourth side open) but she has a sort of sensor for crossing the line. we will tackle that next!
and, hilger put her to bed again. it was a lot of crying, but he is going to stick with it.

only annoying thing (i know, i am full of complaints) is that i asked him to do research and now, after one afternoon on the internet and 20 min. of reading a book, he is a sleep expert. he has decided that we need to look at the bigger picture- you know, get her on a schedule from the time she wakes up to her new 7-30 bed time. an earlier nap ect....I think that some of his ideas are reasonable, but I just want a break, not to have him planning out my day! and i want him to just focus on the task at hand. he will love it though- she fell asleep at 1 today instead of her usuall 4.

so, to introduce myself--- well, apparently, this week i am just full of life-complaints. but, somebody back me up- i am not usually so complanitive! just a tricky time. we still bf, but don't do cd anymore b/c we don't have a washer/dryer hookup available right now. i am a sahm and my dh is getting his disertation. my newest "hobby" is to design doll houses (i havn't started building any yet) out of reused materials. ny is full of great trash! i like to sew a little, and cook a little, and a lot of a little and nothing too much. humph. i like music. we are a dancing family all around (in circles and all included and all included in circles) I write some and do a whole lot of dishes. i am really good at that. i saw you over on the bi-lingual forum. we are too- my dh is german and we do the opol approach. seems to be going well and is helping with my german too. i lived with a norweigen woman once. she was a film maker and i saw a lot of footage of your country- amazing! i would love to go---in the summer.

and just in case nancy is secretly still following along..
come back! let us know how you are! maybe over on yahoo?

well, i am going to switch the furniture around.
mcs's Avatar mcs 05:31 PM 02-13-2007
oh, sharron anne- i am very excited! maybe since we live so close, they will even make it here by tomorrow!
SharonAnne's Avatar SharonAnne 06:18 PM 02-13-2007
I hope you like them! ANd that Hilger likes them! :

I liked them so much,I bought myself a pair too : :
eva+zoe's Avatar eva+zoe 06:25 PM 02-13-2007
i guess i´ll learn a lot here!! hihi, am i the only non-american here?? i have some more questions... the mullet-issue ????????? I mean i found what mullet is on the net, so i guess i know what it is, but what kind of issue is it???

practical question: i saw that almost noone here has an avatar picture?? i am used to avatars of the kids, should i not do it here??

ok, a bit of intro from me too...
I am a 29yo mom of one dd. married to an austrian-norwegian that i met in Egypt he is also doing his dissertation. I am SAHM but study a bit at the university... right now i am kind of on the cross-roads, want to get a job but am not sure in which field and it is difficult for immigrants to get a job here in Norway (although i speak fluent norwegian). Oh, I am originally czech.

Zoe was born 5 weeks too early and we had much trouble with BF. Took 5 weeks with pumping and bottlefeeding before it slowly started to work...
Now she has self-weaned at 18mths which i was sad over, practised dont offer-dont refuse so.... she seemed to forgot the breast after 3-5days... : on the other hand, it was ok in the end... even tho when i am reading your posts they make me sad!!! iwant to bf still!!!!! ....
we+re not planning a new baby yet, since i discovered after the birth that i have a neuromuscular disease, myasthenia gravis, that i have to decide how to treat before we TTC....... so i guess it´ll take some years before this happens, IF it happens..... s.a.d. but well...

we started with CDs only when z was 1yo, i had always wanted to try but i didnt know that it was so little work!!! i had thought it was like when we were kids!!! cooking and ironing!!!!!!!! but after 4-5mths with CD z became suddenly so sore, then it became a yeast inf so we had to go back to disposables again.... now it is almost gone, so when it´s totally gone, i want to try cds again....

z is quite in her own tempo, hihi, started to sit at 13mths, crawl at 15-16 and only beginning to walk now!! but well, as i said we have learnt to be patient....

---mcs-- yes, come to norway, it´s beautiful!
and well, we somehow practice opol, but it never works 100% I am not worried at all, I dont mind people speaking any language to her, so that she learns it... I mean I am not worried about late speaking, mixing and that stuff. She begins to have some words now...

Basically, my dd taught me that it´s she who decides when to start with things not the parents or other adults...

Ok --we have lived in Prague, Czech and Vienna, Austria and now the last 4,5years in Oslo, Norway. We+re quite happy here, though it can get tough for me, missing friends at other places of the world......


How is the potty training going, everyone???
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 07:19 PM 02-13-2007
well..lets see.

avatar...not free on MDC. you have to pay a few dollars. Go to your UserCP and click paid subscriptions.

Potty training..that's a laugh!! We dont do EC...others here do.

we arent nursing anymore either. Ds has health issues, and can only tolerate medical food .

we have some canadians here too!
mclisa's Avatar mclisa 08:13 PM 02-13-2007
Originally Posted by eva+zoe View Post

a bit of info, tho... z has self weaned at 18 months, unfortunately ... I had big plans, but well...
she is only now starting to walk and isn´t talking too much.. but all is well, we´ve learnt to be patient!!

Looking forwards to getting to know you here!!


My first didn't walk until the day before she turned 18 months. Frankly, I didn't mind at all. Once she walked, she walked well.
ex-stasis's Avatar ex-stasis 08:16 PM 02-13-2007
Hi eva+zoe... I'll do a little introduction now too I guess!

I'm a SAH-student mama to Istra, who was born at the end of May, so not techically a June baby! But she was "supposed" to be born in June. She self-weaned at around 17 months, probably because I'm pregnant and my milk changed. But I"m okay with that, because I don't know if I'd want to tandem nurse when new-baby arrives in May (yes, I'm due for another May baby).

If you'd like to see a picture of Istra there are lots here:

We do CD most of the time... oh, except at night. But we're getting the hang of the potty too. She does lots of poops in the potty and will go sometimes if I remind her... but sometimes she just refuses to go... and I don't think there's anything I can do about that except wait until she stops doing that! I think probably it will be a long road ahead for potty training because I'm expecting regression once #2 arrives.

OH, I'm not American... I'm Canadian... in Toronto, Canada if you know where that is!

Oh, she's awake from her nap... must go!
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