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I have a 2YO son. We're having on-going health problems with him, and I'm beginning to think they're food-related. The doctors we've seen have said there's nothing abnormal going on, but my instinct say there is.

Our son will get a runny nose and get pretty whiney. It looks like allergies or a cold, but then he will begin to run a fever. He'll stop sleeping. He will take an hour nap and then sleep from about 8:30-12 at night and then he's up. He doesn't fuss - just stares at us or wants to play. Then he stops eating. We take him to the doctor, and we get an antibiotic. He usually has something infected - ear, throat, etc.

Then he gets diarrhea that doesn't go away for a few days. I don't think it's the medicine because the timing's not the same every time.

In December, he stopped eating altogether, and we had to take him to the ER. He turned blue and was despondent. He got IV fluids, but all of the tests they did came back fine.

I know I'm not crazy. Maybe I'm just too worried, but something's going on. He's very small and hasn't gained weight in months. He's just now getting back to his old weight from the illness in December, and he's sick again.

Allergies come to mind as a possible culprit. We have cats, so I wonder if he's allergic. The bigger question I have is whether it could be related to a food. We've been traveling and eating fast food and convenience foods at home. Is it possible that he needs a more natural diet? Right now, I don't know where to begin, but I want to do the right thing for him. I'm just not sure where to turn.


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What about a dairy allergy?

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I read somewhere recently that food allergies are the #1 health problem that is underdiagnosed by doctors and overdiagnosed by parents. So even if the professionals are saying no, if your gut is saying yes, then I'd push harder for allergy testing or try eliminating some common allergens from his diet.

Its also possible that all of then antibiotics he's been are on making his body work hard to right itself again, reproducing all the good bacteria that our body needs. Its certainly possible that eating fast and convenience foods are making it harder on his body too.

Its also posisble that his has a digestive problem in the sense that his body can't metablize or make use of the food he does use properly. That might explain the no weight gain, but I think its not uncommon for kids to have little weight gain anyway at that age. I am no expert in this area but those are things that come to mind.

Refusal to eat is common when kids experience a lot of pain or discomfort. Is that a possibility?
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I would try some probiotics to get his gut flora healthy again, with all of the antibotics that he has taken it could only help and not hurt, also look into digestive enzymes, got to your local health food store and see what they have to offer. If I were you I would go see a natrophathic doctor, ours is wonderful and has helped with any issues we face with our ds. Good luck to you mama, and way to trust your guy!

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My youngest has 16 different food allergies. She was always happy, but had horrible eczema (itchy rash) that would get infected. Kids with allergies can be more prone to getting ear and other infections so you might be on the right track.

I would get you child tested. Make an appointment with your doctor and see if they would be willing to do the blood test or if they have to refer you to the allergist. Claire's doctor could draw the blood work so we didn't have to wait for an allergy appointment. You want an ImmunoCap Blood test. It won't be a finger poke, but will be an actual blood draw. Claire fussed at having to hold her arm still, but was fine once it was over. You will want to do an extensive food panel as well as adding an environmental panel too (that will test for dog, cat, mold, dust mites, grasses, rag weed, etc). Make sure the food panel includes a complete nut panel too. We added that on once we found out she was peanut allergic because we now know she isn't allergic to tree nuts and could have those in her diet.

We also started her on the probiotics. They are a good idea, but if your little one is still being fed things that he's allergic to then you are fighting a losing battle.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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if you end up taking ds off of dairy, you can still cook your own yogurt.

just make sure to cook it 24 hours, that'll remove all the lactose.

I'd recommend cutting out dairy, wheat, corn, soy, eggs, peanuts. If there are still problems after 2-3 weeks the other nuts and dried fruits (preservatives) should go, and then slowly add in one food at a time back in.

We've been round and round. Our dd reacts to apples (organic) of all things in addition to most of the common foods. We've had some success with heavy heavy doses of probiotics.

Liora. Best way to reach me is FACEBOOK, search for "LioraP2". Jewish and Frum In Beijing, Mom of Three (mother of 3: #1 was vaccine injured at age 2m later dx with PDD-NOS, healed in 3 years with biomed. #2 unvaxed and healthy boy. #3 unvaxed amazing girl with Down syndrome using Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) since infancy)
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We've seen suggestions for probiotic before and probably will try that. It may be that he's just never getting completely healthy in between each time being sick.

When we originally gave him cow's milk, he had a reaction but only if he had large quantities. We went to soy milk and then gradually made the switch over. Perhaps that's rearing its head again.

Michelle, when I had allergy panels done (18-20 years ago), they involved a straight edge and 100 or so drops on my arms and back. Is that still the way it's done? I don't think we could get Jayden to sit still for that. I will ask about allergies. He has to go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for a follow-up visit.


Edited to add: My biggest concern right now is his eating. When he's "well," he eats really great. Otherwise, he barely touches his food. At lunch, he had maybe 3 bites and that's it. I worry that he's going to lose too much weight.

It's us: DH , DS ; DD ; and me . Also there's the . And the 3 . I . Oh, and .
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I just read in an older issue of Mothering about the Feingold diet for children with behavioral/health problems. You might look into that. Try an online search.

Also, has your child had any vaccinations? THere could be a reaction to those, expecially the mercury.
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