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LessTraveledBy's Avatar LessTraveledBy 01:55 PM 04-06-2007
If there is a place with good prices or a discount code that sells more than one brand, even better.


Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 02:56 PM 04-06-2007
Target has their own brand of soft leather shoes.
Flor's Avatar Flor 03:00 PM 04-06-2007
I don't have any great suggetions. I only know about Preschoolians and Pedoodles and as far as I know they are only sold by their own websites. See Kai Run is sold in stores and on other websites. I did a search on their websites and I was surprised to find a couple of stores about 30 min. away that carried them. Sometimes you can find them on ebay.
crazydiamond's Avatar crazydiamond 03:42 PM 04-06-2007
www.endless.com is a new store on the web and they sell Pedipeds. I didn't see any other brand of soft shoes, though. But they have a deal now with free overnight shipping plus $5 off your order!
paniscus's Avatar paniscus 05:25 PM 04-06-2007
Zappos sells See Kai Run and they have free shipping both ways (in case you need to return them). I just bought a pair and they were running a special that upgraded to free overnight shipping but I don't remember how long the sale was going for.