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huggingmama's Avatar huggingmama 08:05 PM 05-10-2007
DH, DS and I are downsizing from our little house to a probably even smaller apartment. It is temporary, but that could mean up to a year or two.

We're looking at apartments tomorrow, and some of them will probably not have tubs: just shower stalls. DS is 21 months.

Is there any kind of portable thing we can get to bathe him? (Links are welcome!) Does anyone bathe her/his babe in a shower stall at this age? We don't have too many options financially and I'm wondering if this is something we can work with, or if lack of a tub should be a reason for ruling out an apartment.

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AlbertaJes's Avatar AlbertaJes 08:15 PM 05-10-2007
My DD isn't a toddler yet, but we have a stall shower and she's been showering with me since she could sit up at 4.5 months old. I just give her toys to play with while I wash myself, then I wash her and we get out. Saves tons of time and effort, and I'm one of the few Mommies I know who gets to shower any time she wants.

ETA: DD is now 10.5 months old.
donutmolly's Avatar donutmolly 08:46 PM 05-10-2007
We also have no tub -- we live overseas where tubs are rare. DD loves the shower, the only precaution we take is having a non-slip mat. She plays with tub toys, and doesn't get too much water in her eyes because either I or DH's body catches most of the spray. I would suggest a hose type shower head if you have the choice, makes it easier to wash hair.
meco's Avatar meco 08:49 PM 05-10-2007
Showers are fine at that age. If water is an issue in the eyes, use a foam visor thing. I also give my son baths in the sink and a small, plastic laundry tub if need be. Your local dollar store should have a small tub that would work fine.
jtbuko's Avatar jtbuko 08:50 PM 05-10-2007
There was a thread about this on the Berkeley Parents network at some point. As a recall some folks just bought a little tub that fit in the shower (I think like you would put beer & ice in at a BBQ), filled it with shower, let their kid play & wash in there, then dumped and dried. Sounded like a good idea to me.
jillmamma's Avatar jillmamma 08:54 PM 05-10-2007
I have done the toddler in the shower with me many times as well. Works great.
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 10:30 PM 05-10-2007
I've had showers with ds from the beginning ( a week old). Dh brings him in too. Its really easy to shower with him on my hip, and he loves to play in the water. I bath with him too, but I find showering is almost easier


ETA: There's a pic in my sig on the 8th page with ds and dh in the shower
Emmalina's Avatar Emmalina 10:39 PM 05-10-2007
My ds is 22 months and we have just discovered the joys of showering rather than bathing. It is so much quicker and means one of us can have a shower too if necessary. My ds is happy to go in alone, we just put a non slip mat down. He loves to water and gets much cleaner in the shower.

huggingmama's Avatar huggingmama 11:13 PM 05-10-2007
Oh, this is making me feel much better! Any tricks of showering effectively with toddlers?
alicia622's Avatar alicia622 11:16 PM 05-10-2007
I'd just get a tub of some sort to put in the shower stall and let him havefun. I have showered a couple times with G and I find it very difficultas he is sooooo slippery!
gmvh's Avatar gmvh 11:33 PM 05-10-2007
My two will often just climb into the shower with me - so much for a moment of peace! I like using a quart yogurt container when washing their hair. I can fill it with the shower spray and then get a solid dump on the head. They aren't consistent enough about keeping their eyes closed to wait for the shower spray to wash shampoo out. I can rinse hair with one or two cupfuls. They love to catch water in the yogurt cup as it pours off my body - have fun!
rere's Avatar rere 01:06 AM 05-11-2007
Yeh,if your toddler doesn't go for the shower you can always get on of those giant rubbermaid containers.Or even a small kiddie pool if that fits in there better.
Veronique's Avatar Veronique 01:25 AM 05-11-2007
We don't have a bathtub either. wE bought our son a large plastic tub and I stick that in the shower stall and he bathes in there. His daddy is too lazy to fill up the tub, so he has been showering him since he was 10 months old!!!
ewe+lamb's Avatar ewe+lamb 05:00 AM 05-11-2007
We have a bath but my parents don't I just let dd have a shower - she's nearly five and has been showering for 3 years, ds isn't so keen so we have a blow-up bath that I fill with water and he splashes about - the shower is SO much easier though!
rzberrymom's Avatar rzberrymom 09:01 AM 05-11-2007
We live in Europe and don't have a tub (not as many places do). DD is 27 months, and we use a laundry tub in the shower--just like a laundry basket, but without the holes of course. I think it's a Rubbermaid one, and we got it at a place that's sort of like Target.
sphinxie's Avatar sphinxie 09:31 AM 05-11-2007
Just want to mention, perhaps detachable shower heads would make this easier?
KayasMama04's Avatar KayasMama04 11:27 AM 05-11-2007
DD just stands in the shower and plays for a little bit then gets out.
AEZMama's Avatar AEZMama 12:34 PM 05-11-2007
DS has preferred being in the shower with dh or I since he could sit up. He does take actual baths, but that's mostly for bubble play. I make sure he has toys to play with, and he gets washed and we save on water.
Avena's Avatar Avena 12:40 PM 05-11-2007
yep my toddler likes to shower too! Detachable shower head is key along with toys!

Best of luck!:
zmom's Avatar zmom 12:42 PM 05-11-2007
Sadly, we are in the ranks of people without tubs. Our dd (2.5) has been showering since she was 10 months old or so and she does fine. For the first 6 months or so, she sat on the shower floor and played and now she does stand very carefully. We've explained slippery to her and she really seems to understand it so she's very careful.
Emma's_Mommy's Avatar Emma's_Mommy 01:37 PM 05-11-2007
i got one of those giant sponge things that go in the baby bathtubs and would let DD sit on that in the shower while i works very well and i can get a shower!
bobica's Avatar bobica 01:41 PM 05-11-2007
no tub here either. well, there's one in the house, but on the 2nd floor & we live in the basement apt so it's 2 floors up through my parents' house. fine for a special/time-killing occasion, but not every day.

dd showers with us since she's about 9 months old. she also sat on the floor for a while. gradually she started getting more into it & playing more. by the time she was 3, she'd stay in the shower stall with the water off for up to 30 minutes after i got out! :

she's 4 now & yesterday took her 1st shower by herself. she was very very proud. i'll figure out hair washing but we dont' do that too often so this is great for frequent washings.
ShaggyDaddy's Avatar ShaggyDaddy 01:57 PM 05-11-2007
DS(23m) has taken a shower with me with no special equipment in our shower stall since he was like 8 months old... shampooing yourself with one hand is hard but you get used to it... and by the time he was 14m he just stood there splashing on the floor the whole time.

Incidently you can't say the word "Shower" or you will have a VERY interested little boy pulling you toward the bathroom saying "Shaoooo! Shaooooo! OK? Shaoooooo!"
VOBetz's Avatar VOBetz 03:40 PM 05-11-2007
We recently bought a detachable shower head and now our son (23months) showers instead of baths daily. We do the occasional bath, but showers are so much easier and he loves it.
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 06:12 PM 05-11-2007
I lived in an apt. without a tub from the time my oldest was 15-21 mos. and we showered together, or I bathed him in the kitchen sink if I didn't want to get in the shower. And my 17 mo. old has been showering with me for a long time although we have a tub... he won't let anyone get in it without him so when his dad or I shower, he does too.
Equuskia's Avatar Equuskia 10:56 PM 05-11-2007
Does your dc still nurse? I take showers with my 1.5 yo, and she stands up and nurses while I kneel in front of her. I have a shower hose, and since as she nurses she's looking up, I can wash and condition her hair no problem! She loves to shower, and every time someone's in the shower, she wants to join in. She even knows how to sorta soap herself, it's really cute!
myjulybabes's Avatar myjulybabes 11:00 PM 05-11-2007
Originally Posted by sphinxie View Post
Just want to mention, perhaps detachable shower heads would make this easier?

Yes, yes, yes! Makes hair washing soooooo much easier, especially if the child has a lot of hair. We even use it for hair washing when they're bathing in the tub.

A sink with a sprayer also works depending on the size of the child and the size of the sink.
eepster's Avatar eepster 01:44 AM 05-12-2007
I have a tub but sometimes shower with DS just b/c that way we both get clean. Tonight we showered at the YMCA after family swim time.

It's faster too, unless DS decides to help himself to a snack.
Kailey's mom's Avatar Kailey's mom 01:54 AM 05-12-2007
Kailey just sits there and plays with her toys while I wash, then I lather her up, then hold her under the shower to rinse
bornbythesea's Avatar bornbythesea 02:44 AM 05-12-2007
We shower with DS every night, very relaxing and quick. We take turns, one person in the shower, the other person to jammie, dipe, brush teeth and read. Really nice bedtime routine!
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