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I just got done posting about yelling over a loud child....just to communicate....but then again, sometimes things like the following happen...

I am admittadly not the best with toddlers. Its just not an age I relate to or really enjoy all that much. I remember struggling when my son (4) was Ana's age (17 mo) A lady once told me that there will be an age where I just feel like everything is perfect and my children and I are on the same page. For me, its not the toddler years!!

My biggest pet peeve right now is that I cant get her to sit down in her high chair. I was finishing up lunch, and I buckeled her in (which makes absolutley NO difference unless I tighten it to cut off her circulation, LOL-which I dont) And she would not sit down. She stands up in her chair immedietly. I offered her a piece of cheese to entice her but she threw it on the floor. Then of course, she wanted it. Once its on the floor, she isnt getting it though. I am trying to break that habit. (throwing things on the floor and trying to get me to give them back to her. I think its a game to her.) So she stands up and I ask her to sit down (which is stupid because I know she isnt going to.) I ask her a bunch of times and then start to raise my voice. Eventually I put her in her crib and finished fixing lunch and then went to get her. (How stupid am I putting a 17 mo old in time out?) This baby is driving me nuts! LOL. If she had been on the floor she would have been right on my feet and she usually gets really disoriented and falls down alot and then crys and yadda yadda. I cant have her under my feet when I am cooking.

I also dont feel it is safe to wear her in a sling in the kitchen. To many dangerous things for her to get, plus she trys to launch herself out pretty often if I am not moving.

I just needed to vent...if anyone has any constructive suggestions, I would love to hear them!

I am not great at being a mom of a toddler.

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moving to toddlers
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dd does the same thing. she LOVES to stand up in her booster seat. it's irritating, but i figured that this is just a phase. i try to keep it light, and i sit down next to her and ask her to sit down please. now she even says "sit down" with a big smile on her face (while standing up, mind you), and eventually she sits. 17 months was when this was peaking and now at 18.5 months she does it less often. if she stands up, all i need to do is look at her and she smiles and sits again.

i realized that she does this a lot when she's bored, so i'll give her something else to eat or play with and that usually buys me a few more moments to cook or clean.

now if i could just get her to stop feeding the dog while she's eating, we'd be golden!
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I don't know if this would work, since you said she's standing even when buckled in, but we moved DD to a booster seat and it helped the standing-up-and-turning-around in the highchair thing for us.

Also, could you feed her at a child-sized table or somewhere where she could stand to eat? DD preferred standing to eat (we put food on our living room ottoman) for a while. If she wasn't in the mood to sit at the table to eat, I just put her food there. Sometimes she'll decide to join us at the table, other times, not. We also have a Learning Tower that we push up against our butcher block in the kitchen. She eats there a lot, too.
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As far as the kitchen goes, have you tried the back carry position with the sling? She'd be much safer on your back than underfoot or on your hip. It took my DD a few tries to get used to the back carry but it's great now. (I don't use it in the kitchen, I'm ok with child underfoot, but if I wasn't, I would totally use it.)

There are instructions for a back carry here:, but I've found that it really helps to start out with the rings about halfway down your back and tighten at the same time as you shift the kid around to your back.

I'm sorry you're having a frustrating time Contrary to what I thought would happen, I'm really enjoying my DD's toddlerhood. So far. It could all go downhill tomorrow, of course

Postpartum doula & certified breastfeeding educator, mama to an amazing girl (11/05) and a wee little boy (3/13).

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We had the same problem and still do sometimes at 24 months, but what helped for the most part was giving him more control. Don't know if it will work for you but we just started taking the tray off and asking him if he was hungry. Eventually he'll go over and climb in the seat himself when he wants to eat and it makes him feel good that he can do it on his own. He even puts his shoulder straps on and tries to do the buckle.
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Up till recently I kept a playpen in the kitchen (he learned to climb out: ) I now use a pack'n play which isn't as nice but has no hand grips. It works great as long as I'm talking to him. I tell him all about what I'm doing like "mommies going to cut the banana now. See, mommies making the pieces small so you won't choke." When the food is ready if he doesn't want to sit in his high chair I'll let him eat in the playpen instead (I may edit out the stickiest items.)

I never put him in it as a punishment. If he is unhappy I take him out as soon as it is safe (turned off the stove, etc.) I try not to let toys accumulate in it b/c he then finds it overwelming.

I don't feel comfortable with DS in a carrier in th kitchen he has a tendancy to grab stuff behind my back. Litterally not figuratively so backcarry doesn't work for us.

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This may backfire on me but for now, unless her safety is an issue, I am taking the path of least resistance most of the time.

Mara won't sit buckled in her chair, either, even if she is hungry. She just wants, like a pp'er said - control!

She's learned to climb up in one of our regular chairs and eat like we do. If I were her I'd want the booster, but I'm not her so I let her.

If she is really into something and hungry, I will let her eat standing up at a lower table. Sometimes if I know we need to go somewhere I'll follow her around with bites of stuff. I sound like such a pansy, but what I know 100% for sure is that if I strap her in and she gets upset no one is eating soon
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That was about the age we stopped using the highchair. We have a kids table that we use for lunch or we sit at the dining table with a booster chair. That feeling of being a "big girl" and not sitting in the highchair worked for a while. Now DD is older so we can reason a little more with her. The other thing we started doing was, "if you are throwing food, you must not be hungry" followed by taking the tray away. We would give her the opportunity to tell us that she was hungry and she could have the tray back. If she threw it again, we took it away again. This worked remarkably well with DD.
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Same here. We recently ditched the highchair for the same reason. She either sits in the booster seat or on someone's lap or just stands and I put her food on a chair so she can eat. No problems here with her throwing food and expecting it back...the dog takes care of that! She can now tell me when she is done, so that helps too. I also understand about them being hungry and tired and extra clingy on your legs when you are trying to remedy that by fixing them some food! But you got to love all the cuteness that goes with this age too!

Jill stillheart.gif Chris (7/96), mommy to 3 sweet redheads: jumpers.gif Matthew autismribbon.gif (12/02), Michelle (8/05) and Marissa (1/10). Nursing since 2002.
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We have Ana in a booster chair...those buckles are no match for my daughter! LOL. My dh will tie her in so tight I am like "Shes not going to be able to get any food in her belly!" LOL

I am trying to teach her signs for more and all done. She does the more alot, but only all done once. And then she freaked when I took her out of the chair. LOL

I might get her little picnic table out for lunch., but I prefer having all the family at the dining table for family dinners.

She does just want some freedom. She is very independant. Has never co-slept (boo hoo I am so sad about that) she just wants things her way!

The teen years should be fun. LOL. She is a "little" me. ugh.

Thank you all for the suggestions!

I guess there are some things in parenting we cant fix but we just have to get through and wait for the next stage. It sure is helpful to have a few extra tricks up your sleeve!

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