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chrissy's Avatar chrissy 11:01 AM 06-25-2007
hi guys,

so is lilah the only one of our september 04 babes still in diapers? ugh, it is driving me crazy, even though i am trying not to let it. i was sure she would be using the potty by now. i think part of it is that she doesn't mind being dirty. she loves to paint all over herself, dig in the dirt, or just be covered in whatever filth she can find, so it doesn't bother her to wear a wet diaper. oh well, i'm sure it will happen at some point.

she is taking a little ballet class and it is sooooo adorable. a whole bunch of totally uncoordinated, silly 2 year olds in little leotards and ballet shoes. she loves it. i'll have to post a pic when i get them developed.

anna, how exciting about at home internet!!

heather/3boobykins, it's great to see you again!

becca, i'm glad that you are enjoying eli so much! it will be interesting to see when your af comes back this time. after noah it took forever to get mine back, but i had a few depo shots and i think they took months and months and months to get out of my system (never again!). after lilah i got my first af at 3 months! but then it still took a while before i ovulated and had any sort of decent luteal phase. then even when i was able to get pregnant i miscarried a couple of times. i really think my body just isn't able to sustain a pregnancy while nursing. why did i write all that???? i don't know.

i think we are settling into some kind of a routine here. i am really enjoying my kids and my life right now, even though it is kind of crazy. after noah's (horrible hospital induction) birth i think i had a little bit of ppd, kind of like ptsd even. but after lilah's beautiful homebirth, and now rowan's it's almost like the opposite of ppd, it's like i'm on a pp high that lasts for months. ahhhhh! the trouble is that it makes me soooooooooo sad at the thought that i might never do this again. i know that, right now at least, brian is totally done with having babies. and i know just as much that i am NOT. oh well, no point in worrying about it now.

well mamas, i think i'd better go attend to these crazy beasts of mine.

3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 12:46 PM 06-25-2007
DH and I thought about moving to Colorado and living in a yurt at one time. Then he got a new job and it wouldn't have worked out at the time. But I loved the idea. Yurts are cool!

Waldorf schools and politics: Shankar (ds, age7) will be returning to the charter "Waldorf inspired" charter school he attended for kindergarten the year before last. His teachers wanted him to do the second year typical in Waldorf education (at his school some kids do, some don't, depending on readiness for first grade.). We decided to homeschool, as he seemed bored in K by the end of the year with the repetition of stories, circle time, etc. In retrospect I think he'd have had a good second year. It was good having him home and taking a break from the half hour commute, but we've had such a hard time finding friends for him. We belonged to a homeschooling group, but the kids were mostly preschool age and ds NEEDS friends closer to his age, and he NEEDS to socialize almost daily or he gets bored and terrorizes his sisters. And it turns out I'm not cut out for homeschooling, even unschooling, which was how we were doing it.

oops, I headed that paragraph with the word "politics" in it and then didn't mention them. Anyway, the school has its share of them, in various ways, but I plan to stay out of it, volunteer when I can, and make it about Shankar's experience. He loves to learn and is so excited to be going back.

Chrissy--don't worry about the potty thing! Bhavani is out of diapers but still misses at least once a day. She's my earliest pt'er. Shankar was LATE and Leela was over three and had accidents for many months. And it's wonderful that you're on a post-birth high! Enjoy it thoroughly.

Anna--yay for internet access at home. I think I'd go into serious withdrawal without it. I admit I'm online too much, but now I have a computer set up in the living area of our house, so it's at least easy to keep on eye on the kids. But I definitely neglect housework to spend time online. Sometimes here, often looking for new knitting patterns and sales on yarn.

Birth Control- As I said in one of my previous posts, we are most definitely DONE having babies. Dh and I were talking about this the other night. He doesn't want to get vas because of possible side effects, I am leary of complications some women have with the Mirena IUD--I know most women are fine, but when side effects do occur they're pretty bad. I would consider the Paragaurd (non hormonal) IUD. My friend has one and said her periods were heavy for the first six months but then normal to light and she really likes it now. My concern then would be the very slim chance of getting pregnant anyway and the possible complications that involves. So for now we're going with NFP (but I don't temp, just go by cervical fluid and ovulation pain), used very strictly--no unprotected sex before ovulation, and waiting 5- days after fertile stuff dries up.

So Ted (dh) edits audiobooks for a living. His producer, who is in LA (we're in Northern AZ) is looking for new readers and knows I was a theatre major (oh so many years ago now!). We're going to record a short demo of me doing some reading tonight and send it to Stefan (producer). If he likes what he hears he'll hire me to read. This means flying to LA, probably just for the day, recording in the studio, and then flying home, unless it's a long book. I'm both terrified and excited. I'm fine with leaving the kids all day, but I'm nervous about not being good enough, about the actual process. I know I'd be fine once I got into the book a bit, though. But the thought of actually getting paid to perform is thrilling.

I just previewed this post and it's really long, so I'll end before it becomes too long. Again, it's nice to be back and I hope everyone has a sublime day!

midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 02:07 PM 06-25-2007
Wow, Heather, have fun in LA! Let us know how it goes. That sounds soooo exciting.

Potty Learning; kids are so different.... you just never know, I guess. Cecilia was so painless and early (although not as early as some..) and I am COUNTING on that with Carl; so I'm sure this is the part where he decides to wear diapers until he's four! I swear by nudity, wood floors and big lawns for potty learning.

Birth Control.... AGGGGH. I KNEW something as easy as that VCF stuff would have a major drawback! You know, Carl was a 'hard' baby in my estimation, but I know I want more children, so it feels like 'whenever, why not?!' Plus, my wardrobe is either maternity or clothes that were in style 4+ years ago! Heather, have you considered having your tubes tied? My gf did it last year, laproscopically (sp?) and she said it was great. I know my dh doesn't want to mess around with a vs. My friends dh had one last year, and he's had nothing but horrible pain ever since.

Anna; congrats on the dial up!! It will be great to hear from you more often. Your posts are fun.

Kids and 'because I said so!': Well, it so weird parenting with your mom around. On the one hand, my mother gives Cecilia a 10 minute explaination on why she shouldn't try to get her own ice cubes out of the freezer, or why she can't eat m&m's for breakfast. I'm much more like "No, just eat your cereal!" I tell my mother she isn't owed an explaination for everything; some things are just NO.

But on the other hand.... I will also let Cecilia do just about anything she wants because I think initiative and discovery are so rewarding. If she wants to climb the ladder to the attic to see what's up there, I'm not going to stop her. I might warn her to pay attention, but that's it.

Chrissy; that's so great that you are enjoying the kids. It's such a great feeling... but it can be elusive! I feel like I'm just hitting my groove as a parent- it's nice.

Ashley; where will you be when we are in AK? We're in town July 11th to the 21st. I so very much want to visit with you and the kiddos, but you may be in the peak of the season. Or totally shut down and bored, who knows! PM me and let me know what would work out for you.
Yo Becca's Avatar Yo Becca 02:13 AM 06-26-2007
3Boobykins - I've been weighing the paragaurd vs. mirena also. I'm really sensitive to hormonal changes (mood, weight, etc - if there's some side effect, I get it) - so I'm leery of the mirena, but have also heard the hormones are *very* local.... I'm hoping I have months before i have to decide. GOOD LUCK with the potential gig. It sounds like a really cool opportunity!

Speaking of, I think I am going to apply to teach part time again. I enjoyed teaching at the technical college in Columbus, and there's one close to where we live now that is also part of the state technical college system (so, similar standards, curriculum, etc.). I'm going to submit my app. as soon as I get a chance to, hopefully to start working in sept if they need me. With no child care up here I would only be able to teach at night or on-line, but Clint totally supports it - he can come home early a few days to watch the kids, then work from home after they go to bed. If it works out, I'll have to dig up my pump again...

I've started looking into preschools for Robin for next year. The local Waldorf school would cost over $860 a month. That makes me want to puke. apparently that option is only worthy of the wealthiest around here (they do offer financial aid, but we are in that income bracket that looks good on paper, but still cutting corners to pay the bills...). If we wanted to go a montessori route, that would be over $615 a month. and she couldn't go to the awesome quaker school until next year, but it's tuition is around $1000 a month. There are other options, but the ones I was most interested in are already on wait-lists. I'm just so furious that the waldorf school is literally 3x the cost of other preschools - if you really believe in the model, why put it so far out of reach of the average, even the above average, family? My public school hackles are up!

In return for all my childcare volunteering at this upcoming conference, i get to attend for free - I'm not planning to go to much b/c technically robin is too young for the childcare program so I don't want to leave her there, but I am going to a workshop on popular education and education for liberation - which is what I used to do with community groups before becoming a school-based teacher - but the workshop is on marrying the two worlds, and I'm really excited.

Chrissy - the ballet class sounds super cute! I'm trying to figure out if we can afford gymnastics lessons for RObin - she would truly love it! Glad you are on a PP high. I feel similarly, at this point. Definitely a few tough weeks there after my MW abandoned me, the CNM's office tried to bill me $3k, the tear wouldn't heal, etc. I really expected PPD again, and those circumstances definitely would have supported it! It's amazing how chemical it is, at least for me. My brain feels totally different this time, for the better!
Gotta run - I've been staying up too late these days...
jaidymama's Avatar jaidymama 02:26 AM 06-26-2007
Ok.... well all I can say is WOW look at all the threads!! And no, I'm not going to be super human and try to read every last word of every post... no offense.

Me--I've been trying to branch out more in real life, and have started volunteering. I'm also nannying for 2 kids several times a week. I've taken some online classes from Virtual University, which seems like an online community school... you can take up to 4 classes per session for only $20. They say you can earn continuing ed credits for them (not that I need those)... But it was fun. I've been trying to catch up on my reading... seems there's not the same amount of time as there used to be. The big thing has been to think of ways to bring in extra money... so of course there's the nannying, and I'm also trying to rent out some space in my house (a bedroom and private bathroom)... so far no luck with that. I also signed up to sell Usborne Books, and haven't really learned how it all works. I've also been riding my bike to work (nannying) with Lukas in the bike trailer. I totally love it.

The other big thing is that my marriage has been totally on a roller coaster over the last few months to the point that dh is living at his office downtown. For a while he wanted it to be over, and I at least want to sort things out. Actually though, we both still love each other... I think we just both needed the space to cool off and readjust.

As for Lukas... He's been the best thing ever! He's totally funny and it has been too cool to watch him grow up and learn and discover. It blows my mind the connections he makes. He is 37" in tall and about 32?pounds. The 2T stuff doesn't fit or is too short... although there is always the odd sizing to take into account. I do have to say that his feet are size 10! As for his allergies, well we had him tested as per western medicine (regular allergists) and those tests only came back positive for Milk. Which is fine, except that I have seen him respond poorly to the other foods. I think it's frustrating that my experience with him and foods is different from the test results. Obviously there are many many theories about allergies, and ultimately the medical community knows very little about them. Anyways, I'm now introducing wheat products back into the diet to see how he responds... I don't think we'll do as much wheat as we did before... And I'll introduce eggs to him later.

Car seats--we have an Evenflo Triumph... I think it works fine, from what I had found it had good safety ratings and wasn't terribly expensive.

Ok... so I'm sending you all Healthy and Happy wishes... have a peaceful and enjoyable summer if I don't get back here for another month

3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 12:55 PM 06-26-2007
Megan--I haven't really thought about a tubal. We don't have insurance and I don't think we could afford it, at least not right now. Something to check into, though, thank you.

Becca--Good for you for going back to teaching full-time. I always thought I wanted to be a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, and that's it. And that's wonderful for any woman who loves it. I'm finding, as I wrote in an earlier post, that I want something a little different. As the kids get older I want something for myself, and I can see that now as loving myself and not being selfish or taking something away from my kids. It's a good feeling.

Preschools--I'd love to have both girls go to some kind of preschool next year 2 or 3 days a week. I work part time doing QC (quality check/control) on the audiobooks dh edits. Usually dh watches the kids while I work. It's usually only a couple hours at a time, but it's hard to fit it into his work day. I've done a lot of investigating and the only preschool-type program I feel good about is one run by this woman, Christina, out of her home. She calls it a playgroup, and it's somewhat Waldorf-based but not strictly so. We're on her waiting list and probably won't get in until next year, when Leela will be ready to start kindergarten, so Bhavani would go to the playgroup. I talked to Christina, and she's wonderfully down-to-earth. Her kids are grown up, and she's been doing this group for years. It's only $180 month for 12 hrs/week, and they cook, garden, do crafts, etc. I hope dd1 (Leela) at least gets in this year!

jaidy--good for you for "branching out"! Virtual University sounds cool. And I'm sorry you're having a rough time with your marriage. It can be so challenging! DH and I have had a challenging year, relationship-wise. We're certainly learning a lot about ourselves and each other, but sheesh, sometimes it's such a struggle.

We recorded my audiobook reading demo last night and emailed it to Ted's producer. I read from a Barbara Kingsolver short story and an Edith Wharton short story. I made the mistake of listening to myself, which of course resulted in me being hyper-critical and short of confidence, but dh thought I sounded really good. I guess we'll see what Stefan (producer) thinks. I really want it to work out!

Must go play with our puppy and probably should do the dishes from all three meals yesterday. Have a lovely day, mammas!
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 12:59 PM 06-26-2007
Just so you all know, the money you spend to send a kid to a Waldorf school isn't going to pay teachers (HA! that's for d*mn sure), nor is it going to pay for administration... it is really, primarily, truly, honestly going to pay for materials. I mean, look at Nova Natural Toys which is almost all Waldorf toys. $$$$$. To set up a Waldorf early childhood program is expensive; to maintain it is also pricey. For instance, the cost of the daily snack that is made every day. Are you going to walk the talk and actually buy the organic milk to make the butter for the kids' bread when the school educates children that the proper way to raise cows is to allow them to graze instead of keeping them in little pens and feeding them ├╝ber-feed with antibiotics and hormones? OK, there goes the price of your butter up $2 - $3 a pound. That adds up over the course of the year. Very rarely does a Waldorf early childhood classroom cut corners (except for off the corners off of papers, which I won't address here) - natural wood, silk, cotton, rocks, shells, etc. As I have found as a parent: good natural materials simply do not come cheap. Waldorf early childhood classrooms also rely a lot on volunteerism from the parents - to do laundry or bring flowers for the classroom, for instance.

And that's the big problem with Waldorf schools. They started out as the school for the children who usually went uneducated, the children of the workers. And now, given what they value and how they are run, and how the mainstream fears them as weird and wacky and cultish, they are unable to serve the ordinary person who values and treasures childhood. Unless your Waldorf school is old and established, they don't have the money to offer much in the way of scholarships. (Many older Waldorf schools have endowments that their alumni contribute to.) The teachers are working time and a half jobs on $25,000 a year - well, at least they are at my former school, even though the school has the ambition to get the salary up to $40K... that will be a while - but the schools try to offer all of the things that make a Waldorf school so great - handwork, 2 foreign languages, woodworking, art, choir, sculpting, music instruction...


This isn't an excuse, but an explanation.

Hoping it is cooler where you are (90+ and humid here), xo jen
StacyL's Avatar StacyL 01:36 PM 06-26-2007
Originally Posted by CatskillMtnMama View Post
I am in fear of having sex. Truly. I got preg so easily both times, I am afraid. Does anyone else have this? And there really is no ideal contraceptive. Except not doing it!! Hahahahaha.

Haha - ME!

I have this "problem" too. I am afraid of having sex right now too, as I do not want to get myself knocked up in July or August because my hubby will be gone for three months in '08, and that would put my delivery in that window of time. Any time after August would be okay, but I am sweating bullets for July and August. We do not practice any form of birth control.

Last month at Gabriel's one-year checkup, we weighed and measured Alex. He was 37 1/2 inches tall and 35 lbs. and he wears a size 9 shoe.
3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 01:42 PM 06-26-2007
Jen--I can see where you're coming from on the materials expense issue. We're very fortunate to have a "Waldorf-inspired" charter school in our area. I would say it's overall pretty faithful to the Waldorf model, including supplies used for handcrafts and the like. We Do pay some extra fees--I think around 150 dollars per year-- for materials, which are indeed high quality. Knitting is done with Lamb's Pride wool yarn--not cheap for mulitiple classrooms, Stockmar crayons are pricey, the Kindergarten snacks are high quality, etc. I consider the fees to be very reasonable, and they can be paid over time if necessary.
midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 01:49 PM 06-26-2007
Wow, Jen, what an interesting insight on Waldorf education. And how about the difference in prices.... Heather's got $180 per month vs. Becca's $860 per month.

I have a few resources for my kids; my sister has Montessori preschool experience, my childhood gf has free school/unschool experience plus an early education degree, my sisters bf is a local Montessor teacher.... I try to watch how they work and model that. I've picked up some cool tricks; mainly on just letting kids be kids! So here is my cheap program: 1. look for great toys 2. add them to my home 3. deduct the cost from my mothering 'paycheck' and 4. tell mom & Cecilia 'here; play with this.' Done! Hahaha. No, seriously, I am my kids preschool. They can look back on this time when I've returned to work when they are older and they have to make their own lunches.

Heather; oh I totally understand about the $ thing. But here is a thought if you back is ever against the wall. My good friend's SIL was having her 4th baby. They were/are dirt poor. SIL wailed 'no more babies!' and my friend suggested a tubal. SIL says 'but I can't afford it' and my girlfriend says 'what will they do; take it back?' So if you need to, just do it and send the hospital $20 for the rest of your life. I am currently using a high deductible plan for my health insurance. It's great- as long as I don't use it! Hahaha. But seriously, I pay the first $2,000 of my costs myself; so I get the insurer's rate but I pay it to the hospital. And the hospital doesn't charge interest, so I just pay in chunks as I go along. And it's still MUCH cheaper than if I was buying a $500 deductible plan that most folks have. I hate health insurance.

Heidi; Lukas sounds so fun- they really are great with all of their little thoughts, aren't they? for the rough times with dh- it's hard; I know. You sound like you are in a good place about it.
3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 03:27 PM 06-26-2007
Meg, good point. We are actually still paying for ds' NICU stay, have been for 7 years at $20 per month. We have considered a high-deductable insurance plan. I hate health insurance, too. We need reform in thsi county so badly!

So we spoke to our producer a few minutes ago. He listened to my reading, and he's going to cast me in a project that will probably be recorded in August. I'll be reading a couple of short stories for Best American Erotica 2008. They've done a bunch of these collections--I could be reading some pretty raunchy stuff--should be fun! He liked my reading overall--I need to scale back and "invite the reader in." I have a tendency to push it too hard and project too much--theatre background. But he said my characters (reading dialogue) was "spot on." I just need some direction, which he's willing to give me. So LA, here we come! I'm pretty excited! I might also be reading for a collection of Penguin's children's stories some time after that. I would love to make this somewhat of a career, at least a part-time one. I don't want to move to LA, though!
crazyeight's Avatar crazyeight 08:10 PM 06-26-2007
3bobbykins- that sounds incredibly fun!!! i would love to have an unnormal job that lets you go to different places without having to have a 9-5 job even part time. erotica huh??? will have to share some stories.... and then childrens books!!! ROFL!!!
banana girl's Avatar banana girl 10:00 PM 06-26-2007
Hey all!

It's been a rough weekend. Mielle has been vomiting for days and days and days! She seems to be improving, but is still quite whiny and clingy. It's hard to remain compassionate and calm after days and days stuck in a hot house holding a feverish whimpering child. She threw up like a dozen times a day for 3 days straight! I can't believe what a big girl she has been about it, throwing up into a bucket, carrying the bucket around herself. Poor like thing she has been sleeping a ton, asking for movies and then staring at the wall instead... it was like she just wanted the noise there. She's been very loving, stroking my arms, face and breasts. She was even throwing up breastmilk, which was frustrating because Jasper actually needs it! So, it was great to have her showing some energy and appetite today.

So, the new internet connection at home.... it keeps causing our computer to shut down. Yeah, super slow time consuming process (10 minutes or more!) of powering the computer on, connecting with dial-up... waiting for the peoplepc site to load to have it shut down as soon as I begin browsing the web.... over and over. I spent 45 minutes trying to get online yesterday. Jerome is trying to fix it, but so far, no real success. Hopefully soon i will be more in touch... currently using my mom's computer. I brought the kids here to get out of the house and out of the heat!

Well Jasper's howling at my feet and Mielle is whimpering in my lap... gotta go!
AugustineM's Avatar AugustineM 03:34 AM 06-27-2007
Poor, poor Mielle. And poor you!! Thor just got over that. For 3 days he threw up at least 5 times a day. The first day it was like 10 times. Oh, I felt so badly for him. He had rotavirus, I think, which I diagnosed by the awful smelling, watery poo.

Meg -- I laughed at your preschool method. Good idea!! There is a new preschool starting up here in Homer this fall and we're registering Thor for three half days. It's mostly because he doesn't know any other kids and we don't know any other parents, so we figure this is a good way to get some socialization for all of us and make some friends. If we were still in Seattle where I had a large group of friends (and friends for Thor) who we met up with 2x a week, I wouldn't bother with preschool until he was 4 or 5. The preschool here charges 220$ a month for 3 half days a week, and it's partly co-op, but mostly not.

Oh, and we'll be mostly down at the beach just south of Clam Gulch when you're here. That will be the real busy time, as you know, but honestly I'm starting to wonder really how much the kids and I will be down there versus only Tony. I mean, it's an exercise in danger -- there are 5 heavy equipment type loader things to look out for, plus a menagerie of junky beach trucks, plus 5 or more mangy dogs, plus large boulders with 10 year olds running around on them, plus often windy and rainy.... hmmm.... so you get what I'm saying... it's not very kid friendly and it's a LOT of work for me to keep them out of the way of everything. So we were planning on pretty much living there but I think I'm going ot have to break it to DH that I really don't want to be down there 24/7. A lot, sure, but not full time. So I bet you can come visit us at our little cabin on the river in Soldotna. I'll PM you our cell number and our home phone number. It will be so cool to meet you!!

Oh, and Tony feels the same way as you do. If you know you want 3, 4 kids whatever, why not just have them all now? I'm more of the mind of letting the older ones get a little older to where they can be helpful and then having another... I don't know. I can see the benefits both ways.

Oh, and boobykins, I love the idea of doing recordings of novels/stories. Seems like such a good, fun way to make money!
Almamiel's Avatar Almamiel 11:26 AM 06-27-2007
Been reading but not posting - so much so that there's a little note at the top of the screen that scolds me for not 'posting on the forum for several weeks'. What can I say, I go in spurts.

Just popping to suggest Juno, Anna - when we were using free dial-up, it was a great service.

Recording Erotica? Awesome!
3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 11:43 AM 06-27-2007
Danielle--yes, quite a contrast! And the erotica in this collection is very, umm...diverse? Something for EVERYONE. DH has done a bunch of these collections, and I've done Quality Check on all of them, and wow, people are interesting.

Anna--Poor Mielle--and you, too! Our 3 have had the pukes a bunch of times, always all at the same time, and sometimes dh and I have had it too. There's nothing like wiping up barf when you can barely keep from barfing yourself.

Ashley-That beach sounds stressful! And as for spacing of kids, I think there are so many factors involved. It's always easier in some ways and more challenging in others no matter what the spacing.
StacyL's Avatar StacyL 12:03 PM 06-27-2007
Alex peed for the first time standing up yesterday!

He has been potty-trained for quite a while, but always sitting down to do it. We went to the park, and after a few minutes he said he had to go potty and there were no bathrooms around so we went behind a tree. Yay!
midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 01:17 PM 06-27-2007
Originally Posted by StacyL View Post
Alex peed for the first time standing up yesterday!

He has been potty-trained for quite a while, but always sitting down to do it. We went to the park, and after a few minutes he said he had to go potty and there were no bathrooms around so we went behind a tree. Yay!
That's so cute!!
3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 02:04 PM 06-27-2007
Originally Posted by StacyL View Post
Alex peed for the first time standing up yesterday!

He has been potty-trained for quite a while, but always sitting down to do it. We went to the park, and after a few minutes he said he had to go potty and there were no bathrooms around so we went behind a tree. Yay!
We've "watered" lots of trees. Parking lots too, if the need arises and it's urgent.
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 04:56 PM 06-27-2007
T also needed to pee at a park recently and when we got to the port-a-potty there was a urinal, which he eyed curiously... he really wanted to know how it worked and I told him the only way we could see how it worked was if he peed in it! And he did!

At home, though, most of the time, he's a strictly-sitting pee-er. Which I don't mind much, it reduces the mess...
Yo Becca's Avatar Yo Becca 10:15 PM 06-27-2007
This is *SO* telling about what DH and the ILs are like - but MIL and FIL actually have a urinal in their guest bathroom. (they had 3 boys, so I can sorta understand it, but all 3 of them and FIL tend to pee more outside than in) Robin is so jealous that she can't use it! Congrats to Alex!

(but really, who has a urinal in their home? Weirdos)

I just found a coop preschool that looks so awesome - for about 2-3x what we were hoping/planning to spend. I do get that the costs are high partially due to their costs - but the effect of that is that 90% of residents in this city couldn't afford the schools that offer any sort of alternative model, so these schools are only available to the very wealthy. So that sucks for us, b/c we believe in the model and would love that opportunity for Robin. But not more than we love feeding her and providing her with health insurance. So we'll probably do a non-denominational church program a few days a week. Not perfect, but it'll work.

Heather - I do plan to go back full-time eventually, but not for a while. I'd like both kids to be in elementary b/f I go back F/T. But I'm definitely hoping to go back p/t. Congrats on the offer - it sounds fantastic!!!!!

Ashley - If the beach is as stressful as it sounds, I'd probably limit my time there also. I hope it's not as bad as it could be.

Anna - I'm sending some healthy vibes ya'll's way - I know they are in need. Hope mielle is on the mend, and everyone else is staying healthy. Good luck sorting out the internet issues. Have you tried spybot or other security solutions?

We spent the day vounteering with the social forum - and walked in to find a friend volunteering also. I haven't seen her in about 3 years, and was so glad to see her and be able to work with her again. She's an amazing early childhood educator (public schools, low-performing schools esp.). There are actually lots of folks attending/volunteering from my pre-baby social and work circles doing social justice/movement work, so I got to run into LOTs of old friends today. It's been so awesome for Robin to get to meet them, especially since now we're all scattered all over the country .

We spent the morning in the children's section, which included a lesson in Capoeira (the african/brazilian dance/self-defense method - it involved a bunch of fun movement), then participated in the very LONG and HOT opening march at the GA capitol. Now I need a nap! Tomorrow I actually plan to attend a few workshops in the afternoon, including one put on by girlmom about supporting young mothers and another on non-traditional education in public schools and universities.
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 10:56 AM 06-28-2007
woohoo, my friend (former Sept 04 mama badomama) had an unmedicated waterbirth last night and had a baby girl
midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 12:18 PM 06-28-2007
Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
woohoo, my friend (former Sept 04 mama badomama) had an unmedicated waterbirth last night and had a baby girl
zen-ozz's Avatar zen-ozz 08:12 PM 06-28-2007
I am off to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a weekend with my father and my two brothers. Just me and Eli. What will I do without 3-6 other children to keep track of? I fear I might lose my mind or have a total breakdown. It should be an interesting weekend I will see relatives that I have had little to no cnotact with over the years . . . my father's father and brother. They are just fine people, but my dad had some kind of falling out with them and I have only met them a handful of times. It should be interesting.

Jen ~ Congrats on your friend's birth. Sound like a great experience.

Take care!

banana girl's Avatar banana girl 12:54 AM 06-29-2007
Hey Jen! Give Steph our love and congratulations! Way to go, badomama!!!

Just popping in to say hi and complain about getting sucked into the world of modern medicine... I spent about 8 hours at the Dr's office and then the hospital dealing with Mielle's ongoing illness. So fun. She has been throwing up since last wednesday... 8 days. And she had a weird discharge in her dipe this morning (coulda been a diahrea squirt, but it looked more like a big green booger... eww.) We had blood drawn for some testing and then had her upper GI track examined by having her drink some funky "contrast" muck, which looked white when she drank it, but black on the screen. Kinda cool looking at her stomach digesting, but not fun making her wait 5 hours to eat or drink, just so they could do the test. Thankfully all tests support that she's just sick and getting better, no sign of infection or bowel obstruction, or anything super weird. So, end of the whole rigamarole, they tell me we can stay overnight in the hospital and push liquids, or we can go home and push liquids... which I leapt at. Yes, please let me take my kid home so she can get some sleep!
So, we are back to the common sense approach, but at least we eliminated some possibilities. I'm trying not to say "I told you so" too loudly or obnoxiously... it was Jerome that really felt she needed to see a Doc. I just wanted to get her adjusted by our chiropractor, which we never had time for today, because we were so busy dorking around the hospital! So, here's hoping she is way better tomorrow.... poor kid, she lost about 2 pounds since her last weigh in and she's such a skinny little monkey to begin with. (only 26 pounds when healthy)

And of course, she's turned her nose up at Pedialyte and Jello, I guess it's time for breastmilk to the rescue!

Love to all
MommyofPunkiePie's Avatar MommyofPunkiePie 01:30 AM 06-29-2007
Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
woohoo, my friend (former Sept 04 mama badomama) had an unmedicated waterbirth last night and had a baby girl
The vagina strikes again! :
midwestmeg's Avatar midwestmeg 12:55 PM 06-29-2007
Originally Posted by MommyofPunkiePie View Post
The vagina strikes again! :
Yo Becca's Avatar Yo Becca 07:49 PM 06-29-2007
Anna - that sounds like a sucky experience, but glad you eliminated some scary possibilities. I have a friend who when she was younger started throwing up a lot, not eating well, lost weight - turned out she did have a bowel obstruction, and sections of her intestines were being killed by it. So she had to have surgery to remove the section of her bowel. She still has IBS and other bowel/gut issues, although not as severe. but apparently the first sign that she had problems (which her parents didn't realize until after the problem became evident in a more severe way) was that she was always super small and super slow growing. they just assumed it was her body type, but it turns out it was b/c she wasn't really getting all the nutrients in her food. After the surgery, she shot up 4 inches in just a few months and finally hit puberty! Long story - just to say, good thing you went ahead and ruled out the scary possibilities, now you just have to deal with everyday sickiness! (Does that make you feel any better about dealing with a sick kid )

Congrats to Steph and her fierce vagina!!

Kristen - have an awesome trip. and let us know if a LACK of children causes craziness. I haven't seen evidence of such yet!

In the march we did on Wednesday, my friend Aileen, who is butch, was helping me push the stroller and check on the kids. There were several organizations in attendance who do work with and for queer families - and after the second or third time we got stickers and pamphlets and supportive comments, we realized that everyone was assuming we were a queer family. So now my new purple double jogger is covered with rainbow stickers!
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 08:00 PM 06-29-2007
Originally Posted by MommyofPunkiePie View Post
The vagina strikes again! :
and my friend was discharged from the hospital today and came home wearing a t-shirt our friend and doula bought at a thrift store that said "UTERUS POWER!" on it!

Her little one is so sweet and perfect and adorable we stopped by completely on accident, we were planning on just walking by their house and then friends of theirs appeared at the door, as they were just leaving. T's best friend saw him through the window and started yelling his name, and... well, we were invited up yay! The boys got some good play time in which was awesome.

eta becca - yeah rainbow stickers!!!!
MommyofPunkiePie's Avatar MommyofPunkiePie 08:15 PM 07-01-2007
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