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TxMominCT's Avatar TxMominCT 08:50 PM 06-13-2007
I haven't tried goat's milk or soy, DH is anti goat's he thinks it gross, although I'm SURE he has NEVER tried it! If I make it to the store, I'll get some. I'll probably try silk first, since it's so readily available. She hates the milk at different temps. Thanks for the reply though! I have a little bit of a freezer stash, but I am sooo tired of pumping! I need a real break for lunch, pumping feels too much like work.
Comforting-Clara goes back and forth on which one she wants to comfort her if she can see both of us, she really wants to see both of us while she's upset. She is the most clingy with the parent she has seen the least that day!
Well I better go change her! Talk to you all later!

**Mia**'s Avatar **Mia** 09:10 PM 06-13-2007
popping in to say hi, crazy crazy days lately, and I'm off to get my hair chopped off, it's time for short hair again!

I'll try to get to personals tonight if I don't fall asleep with Selah.
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 09:32 PM 06-13-2007
No supplementing going on here. We are having enough problems with eating to confuse him anymore. Last night he turned down pizza when he used to LOVE it. I just don't understand.... Anyway, for Father's Day I got dh a pair of shoes from me and we are going out in the woods sometime this week and finding a sapling to give to him to plant somewhere closer to the house. So this way everytime he looks at the tree he thinks of his munchkins....I hope Then we have something to look back on as the tree grows too. gotta go dd is up an we are potty learning!!
mom2nat&will's Avatar mom2nat&will 01:23 AM 06-14-2007
hi dharmama its nice to see you again!

today has been rough, real rough! I feel like the kids get into things left and right the second I blink an eye, and even right in front of me! William is teething like crazy and therefore attached to the at night he is weaned, he normally wakes anywhere between 4 and 7 *this am it was7*and then nurses for 2 to 3 hours, to me the marathon morning nursing is worth it! our secret was me sleeping in another room! most nights William and Nathalie sleep with Daddy in our room; leaving me on the extra bed in Nathalie's room! Often times Nathalie will join me! Two nights a week (tonight being one of them) The kids and I sleep in my room *(usually causing William to nurse once in the middle of the night rather than not at all)! Anywhoo...I have found that night weaning just naturally worked itself into our house as I was becoming a very unhappy mama; to the point I was considering medication!

I have a question for those of you with older kids (my dd is may 04) So she's been potty learned for a few months and now has decided to poop not on the potty again, yesterday she actually pooped on the floor and I don't know what to do about it?!

Well I guess I should go tend to the kids, as I'm sure if I don't they'll get themselves into trouble!
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 09:41 AM 06-14-2007
Erika, did something happen to frighten her of the potty? We had big poop-on-the-potty issues for a while when dd3 was learning. Finally I brought out the little potty. She used that a couple times for poops, then on her own decided to use the big potty. Now she's a "super duper pooper"! (Yes, we talk & sing about poop a lot around here.) If you need more ideas, PM me. HTH.
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 09:44 AM 06-14-2007
Originally Posted by **Mia** View Post
popping in to say hi, crazy crazy days lately, and I'm off to get my hair chopped off, it's time for short hair again!

I'll try to get to personals tonight if I don't fall asleep with Selah.
How's the haircut? Are you gonna post before & after pice for us? I'd love to go short. I did it once & it felt so great, but unfortunately didn't look so great.
sheandaru's Avatar sheandaru 10:10 AM 06-14-2007

I'm still alive, I swear.

Simon is so busy these days and with my oldest finally out of school, I can't keep up with anything online!

Plus I'm finishing up some customs for someone and trying to manage my Creative Memories stuff at the same time. :

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!!
gnutter's Avatar gnutter 10:32 AM 06-14-2007
MCB--I read a lot-my fav book was the secret garden-but as far as books for little kids I second the 20th century childs treasury I have it and read to ds #2 out of it forever we are reading books for older kids now but he loved that book when he was younger and it had all my favorites in it-except for a book called "a hole is to dig" which is harder to find now.

Here is a picture of my niece-after my 3 boys we finally have a baby girl to spoil.

Mom2natandwill--pooping on the potty is one of those mysteries-kids will suddenly decide they don't want to-ds#1 pooped in the middle of the kitchen one time-ds #2 went for the longest time hiding and pooping in his pants and then hiding his underwear and he was about 4 1/2 then. I don't know why they do these things-kids are mysterious :

father's day is as of yet unplanned-I am a little po'ed right now so he may not get anything--not really but I am still trying to figure out exactly what to do.
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 12:01 PM 06-14-2007
Erika, we have just started the potty learning here so I can't help ya. I actually could use some help. DD will pee everytime on the potty but I cannot get her to poop on the potty. She actually hasn't had an accident it two days as far a pee goes but she has yet to poop on the potty. Any suggestions?

My favorite books when I was little are the ones I mentioned in my earlier post that happen to be in the 20th Century book. But as I got a little older I was an avid reader and spent any money I received at waldenbooks. I liked reading my moms old books like The Boxcar Children, The Bobsey Twins, and a couple others I can't think of the names right now. I used to buy Babysitter's club, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High etc. I LOVE to read. If I get a chance I love to read Janet Evanovich books especially the Stephanie Plumm series. It is SO FUNNY!! OK well dd is up so I gotta go put her on the potty.
Vortexing's Avatar Vortexing 12:22 PM 06-14-2007
Originally Posted by gnutter View Post

Here is a picture of my niece-after my 3 boys we finally have a baby girl to spoil.
Congrats! As a former Ohioan, I fully approve of the attire. While I've never actually seen an OSU newborn outfit, I think it is totally hilarious and very cute. I'm hoping we have a boy next for that same reason... the "grandchild" cohort (as in all the babies that DH and my siblings have had) that my DD is part of, there are 7 babies - all girls.

We've actually had stupid moments where we've half jokingly talked about getting preggo before anyone else so that we might have the first boy. lol What a dumb reason to get preggo huh?
Shahbazin's Avatar Shahbazin 01:04 PM 06-14-2007
Originally Posted by mamacatsbaby View Post
...So Hevyne's link got me thinking. What were some of your favorite books as a kid? ...
Oooh, don't know how I missed this one I've lots of faves - lets see, going from younger to older: Arm in Arm (Remy Charlip), Tikki Tikki Tembo, Where The Wild Things Are, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature (Martigoni), Dominic, The Phantom Tollbooth, Heidi, Black Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe, The Haunted Mountain (Mollie Hunter), Misty of Chincoteague (also King of the Wind, & other Marguerite Henry stories), The Juniper Tree & Other Tales from Grimm (Segal/Jarrell/Sendak), The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, The Jungle Book, The Black Stallion (the whole series), The Arabian Nights, Big Red (& other dog stories by Jim Kjelgaard), Lad, a Dog (& the other Terhune dog books), Little House in the Big Woods (the whole Laura Ingalls Wilder series), Have Spacesuit, Will Travel (Heinlein), White Fang, A Wizard of Earthsea (the trilogy), Dragonsong.
Anyhow, these are ones I particularly remember
mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 02:24 PM 06-14-2007
gnutter that baby girl is absolutely beautiful! Give her lots of smoochin'!

I'm loving seeing what you guys used to read. Ahhh memories...
**Mia**'s Avatar **Mia** 05:54 PM 06-14-2007
Okay, I have like 5 minutes so I'm going to try to get to a couple of things,

Max- I'm not in love with the haircut yet to take pictures, I'd probably have a pretty sour face until I get used to it, I think about 8 inches were cut off and I wasn't particularly fond of it, it was pony-tailed or clipped up every day since Selah is a hair puller, but I still need to get used to this look for me

MCB I'm a bit of a read-a-holic, not as much anymore due to time constraints, but when I was little I loved any and all Maurice Sendak, still do! Also, The Wind in The Willows, Grimm's fairy tales, a greek mythology book, roald dahl, just so stories and pretty much anything I read by Rudyard Kipling, as I got older I was also really into the Chronicles of Narnia, and all the Little House books, I also read probably every Nancy Drew and Hardy boys book too! If you want to check out about 1/5th of the books in my personal library you can go to see my books at LibraryThing. Hopefully the link'll work.

I can't remember what else I was going to say, but I'm off, I've got a ton of errands to run before my sister's graduation tonight.
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 06:43 PM 06-14-2007
Just a quick post. I just returned from a visit w/my GYN about the stress incontinence. It is much worse than I anticipated. In a nutshell, it appears that my uterus has slipped due to my pregnancies and that is causing my bladder to have slipped and thus it is not functioning properly. Also, she wants me to go to a urologist to see if there is a problem w/my sphyncter. The only way to correct these problems is w/surgery - which in the best case scenario would be just a sling to hold the bladder in place, and in the worse care a hysterectomy and a sling. The thought of the hysterectomy just has me floored. There is no way I am doing that at this point in my life. She said that at this point treatment is all for quality of life purposes. I could do nothing, and the incontinence would likely get worse over time, as would the uterus slipping. It seems inevitable that I will have to eventually do something about it all. But right now, while I am still nursing, I don't plan to do any form of surgery. I am going to do the lovely tests w/the urologist next, gather all my info, and then go from there. I really like & respect my GYN, so I am glad that I have her for this. I am pretty freaked out and just trying to get through this one moment at a time. My kids have a talent show tonight, so I am just trying to keep it together for that. Just wanted to share & get this off my chest for now.
**Mia**'s Avatar **Mia** 07:40 PM 06-14-2007
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 08:48 PM 06-14-2007
big Max I hope everything works out ok

I know there were some questions on here about my WAH business and I wanted to let you know that they are running a fantastically wonderful promo right now so if you were interested let me know so I can share it. Ducky5306 took the offer so to Stayin Home and Lovin It Jackie!!! and I know you are going to love working w/ us
mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 09:04 PM 06-14-2007
Oh max . My thoughts and prayers are with you mama .
mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 09:06 PM 06-14-2007
Oh yeah. I keep forgetting to mention that perusing the Toddler boards, it appears that the kiddos just go all with the potty whenever they feel like it .
NYCVeg's Avatar NYCVeg 09:36 PM 06-14-2007
*max*, big hugs. I hope everything works out.

As for books, some of my faves growing up: Little Women, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, loved the Paper Bag Princess, The Phantom Tollbooth. I really liked the Encyclopedia Brown series. The Little Prince. Everything by Beverly Cleary--loved Ellen Tebbits and the Ramona books. Where the Red Fern Grows. Island of the Blue Dolphins. A Wrinkle in Time and the sequels. I'll come back when I think of more.
ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 10:13 PM 06-14-2007
Max, that's awful. I hope you end up with a solution that isn't too disruptive to you and your family. And thanks for the reminder to see my gyno--I'm due for an annual and while I'm there I need to ask about these hemmerhoids that the midwives swore would go away after Phoebe was born.

Books: I don't remember many early books. I know my dad read to me all the time, but I was reading Stephen King in third grade, so I must have skipped a lot of what most kids were reading. I did love Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary. I read constantly as a kid, but I can't remember many titles! I read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever every Christmas and I loved A Wrinkle in Time and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (although I don't know why I didn't read any other Narnia books). Oh, and The Secret of NIMH. I remember reading that in one afternoon while camping. I guess I remember more books than I thought!

Phoebe started saying the funniest thing this week. We have a hamster puppet that we call Little Bunny Hamster (long story). That's a mouthful for her, so she calls it Booga Booga. And we crack up every time! We set her up to try to get her to say it because it is so cute.

I CAN'T WAIT for school to get out. I love my kids, but everyone starts to get on each others' nerves this time of year. Including (especially?) the staff. Since we are such a small school and everyone is so close, we really need our breaks from each other so we don't go loopy!

Phoebe is trying to rip my shirt off--gotta go!
TxMominCT's Avatar TxMominCT 10:17 PM 06-14-2007
Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post

Phoebe is trying to rip my shirt off--gotta go!
gotta love that!

Just saying hi! Hope you all have a great night!

(P.S. Max! That's awful)
Blue Lotus's Avatar Blue Lotus 10:25 PM 06-14-2007
to you max What an awful thing to find out!

Apparently Shahbazin and I read most of the same books when we were little I also read a bunch of Nancy Drew, Judy Blum, Richard Scary, Asterix, Rupert the Bear (from England), Babar, and a bunch of Art and Astronomy books (my mom is also an artist), and lots of sci/fi and fantasy...
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 12:11 AM 06-15-2007
Oh I loved Judy Blume when I was a kid...especially Ramona
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 03:39 PM 06-15-2007
Hey mamas. Thanks for all the hugs & kind words. I have been pretty floored by all this. This morning I was reading everything I could about my condition, and just generally being depressed & headachey. So finally I said "Enough!" and took the kids outside. It's a beautiful day here so we started some much needed gardening. That is good therapy! I feel much better.

So my plan at this point is to see the urologist to get a complete diagnosis of what is going on w/me. Then my GYN & I will sit down & discuss all my options. I also have an apt. w/a new DO who practices traditional osteopathy, so I am interested in her opinion on this, coming from a very different medical standpoint. I am positively not going to have a hysterectomy until if/when I absolutely need one and I will not have any surgery while LO is still nursing. That is where I stand right now. Jeez, and I thought I just needed to do more kegals. I never expected the severity of this.

Looking back, when I went into preterm labor at 32 weeks, I think that was my body telling me my uterus could not handle any more weight/growth. But instead we forced it to, which I am glad bc my LO was born very healthy, but she was quite huge - 9.9lbs. (And I am small, 5'2", 110lbs when not pp), so big she had shoulder distocia.

I just try to keep telling myself to be positive. It could be a lot worse.
mom2nat&will's Avatar mom2nat&will 04:01 PM 06-15-2007
Big hugs to you max I really hope everything works out well foryou!
Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 05:56 PM 06-15-2007
Oh Max, I've been thinking of you all day, since I read your post. Hysterectomy is such a scary word. It sounds like you have a good gameplan, though. And hopefully your doc was just giving you the worst case scenario in case.... Anyway, big hugs to you.

Re: books-- anyone else used to be an L.M. Montgomery addict? I read the Anne of Green Gables series thousands of times, as well as all her other series. So many good books out there!
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 06:10 PM 06-15-2007
Just wanted to send some more to Max since it sounds like you could use some. I hope there is a procedure that will not have to result in a hysterectomy. A friend of mine had this problem and she had to have one. She was lucky though because she was finished having children so that was one saving grace (if there is any in this situation). Well, I am thinking of you and sending you some good vibes!!

Have you noticed our posts to post views the past few threads....we have a lot of lurkers I wonder why we are so special...
mom2nat&will's Avatar mom2nat&will 06:53 PM 06-15-2007
This week has been really rough : I just wonder if it'll ever get better! I feel like I'm slipping as a mom, I just feel like both my kids have been so high needs lately, it makes it really rough on the mama! Besides the fact that its been nearly 90 degrees here for the past 3 days, and on top of it, I think something is going on with dh lately, he's just been a little evasive?! I'm hoping that maybe he's just stressed out about his surgery (on the 25th) and that once that passes it'll get better! I'm sorry to rant, but I needed to get that all off my chest!

ON another note, my Nephew's girlfriend gave birth to their little boy last night Kaleb Matthew was born at 11:04 pm, 3 weeks early and weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 10 and 3/4" long and is soo healthy, the pics I got on my cell are adorable! I wish I could be up there to see them (they are in Oregon) but we are gonna try to visit in August! I can't believe I'm a great aunt and am only 27 lol! my hubby says thats what I get for marrying an old guy

William is screaming at my boob while nursing right now, idk why but its pretty funny or loud!

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy father's day (to the dad's of course), I have to work tonight and Sunday, so I'll probably try and make dh a special dinner tomorrow night for fathers day!
**Mia**'s Avatar **Mia** 07:32 PM 06-15-2007
Originally Posted by Marylizah View Post
Re: books-- anyone else used to be an L.M. Montgomery addict? I read the Anne of Green Gables series thousands of times, as well as all her other series. So many good books out there!
OMG! I loved Anne of Green Gables- I so wanted to be her! My paperbacks fell apart with the amount of use they got, we even had all the movies!
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 10:53 PM 06-15-2007
Originally Posted by mom2nat&will View Post
I can't believe I'm a great aunt and am only 27 lol! my hubby says thats what I get for marrying an old guy
You think that's bad.....I am 30 and I am a Grandmother My lo and grandchild are only 3 months apart How funny is that
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