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Kama82's Avatar Kama82 01:30 PM 07-11-2007
The workers at my daughters daycare recently expressed concern that she is pooping too much. They said starting about the 20th or so of last month she started pooping 4x a day or so. I have noticed she has been pooping more at home too. I don't count at home though and she has always gone through cycles where for a while she poops a lot and has less solid poos (from peanut butter to pretty runny) and then for a while she will have solid poops twice a day.
She doesnt seem uncomfortable or unhappy. She is intolerant to dairy, but we dont give it to her at home and they dont at daycare either. She is 18 months old and still nurses a lot. I figured the frequent nursing contributes to the less than firm poos.
Should she be having less poos and more solid ones by this age? She nurses about 3x a day on daycare days but still nurses every 2 hours or so when shes home usually, and I seem to still have quite a bit of milk.
So is this normal? Or should I be worried? (the pooping not the nursing )

RachelJune01's Avatar RachelJune01 03:12 PM 07-11-2007
My 27 month old poops usually 5 times a day. I wouldn't worry about it unless it seems extremely out of the ordinary (something she hasn't done before), smells weird or she seems to be "off".

Has she eaten a lot of fruit lately?
quirkylayne's Avatar quirkylayne 03:15 PM 07-11-2007
I think it is fine. My 13 month old goes from 2-5 times a day. No biggie.
Kama82's Avatar Kama82 09:46 PM 07-11-2007
she does eat tons of fruit. It also usually smells pretty horrible
She has done this in the past but she was drinking milk then and it got better when we found out she was intolerant and quit giving it to her. It is just recently she has returned to the 4-5 poops a day.
eepster's Avatar eepster 01:26 AM 07-12-2007
In general having frequent poops is very healthy. If it was unhealthy why would people buy metamucil?
noah's mom's Avatar noah's mom 01:23 PM 07-12-2007
yes, in general the more poops the better, indicates a healthy digestive tract - unless the poops seem unusual/"off" (e.g. diarrhea) I wouldn't worry about it.

DS is 25 months and still poops 2x/day on average. They're usually pretty soft still too (although not runny - sorry if tmi!)
Mama Coltrane's Avatar Mama Coltrane 02:28 PM 07-12-2007
My 4 yo DS poops a lot. Many times.
i think it is in the genes, because his dad is like this too.
I only go once a day- way TMI

TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 03:03 PM 07-12-2007
it's berry season around here, and that contributes to more frequent poops for us, too. has she been eating lotso f berries?

toyally within the realm of normal, though, especially with the frequent nursing.
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 04:40 PM 07-12-2007
My 18 mo. old poops about 5x a day still and is very healthy. I just wish he'd potty train so I didn't have to handle poopy diapers all the time (and carry them around with me when we're out!)
I got so grossed out with rinsing poopy diapers a billion times that I bought flushable liners to use in his diapers.
justmama's Avatar justmama 05:09 PM 07-12-2007
with frequent nursing, I would expect her to poop several times a day. your daycare is probably used to babies her age on solids and cow's milk, therefore, less poop. my daughter was pooping 5x a day when nursing, even at 22 months. She's now 30 months, weaned, and still pooping 2x a day.
cdahlgrd's Avatar cdahlgrd 08:36 PM 07-12-2007
My boys are highly allegic to bannanas, GRAPES, and mandarin oranges. If they eat a couple grapes, they have tons of BAD smelling, burning poops.

I would be concerned because of the smell. Try limiting fruit and giving NO juice (a common diarhea maker in kids) for a week and see if it is better. If it doesn't improve you might want to try taking wheat out of her diet for a couple weeks and then corn.
Kama82's Avatar Kama82 12:29 AM 07-13-2007
We have been eating a lot of berries, some of the poops have been diarreia but thats not the norm, I think she does have some food allergy issues going on she is very prone to break out in hives after eating. It seems milk or citrus related, its really hard to figure it out.
She doesn't drink any juice, just around 2 glasses of rice milk a day at daycare.
If I were to eliminate wheat from her diet too what would we eat? We already don't eat dairy (or she doesn't my husband and I have very little). If I give her too much straight fruit/veggies she gets the bad poos and a rash. We eat almost no meat, so whats that leave?
eepster's Avatar eepster 02:16 AM 07-13-2007
Originally Posted by Kama82 View Post
We have been eating a lot of berries, some of the poops have been diarreia but thats not the norm, I think she does have some food allergy issues going on she is very prone to break out in hives after eating. It seems milk or citrus related, its really hard to figure it out.
My sister breaks out in hive when she eats cheese and grapefruit. She is fine if she eats one without the other. They seem to interact in her stomach to create or releasse something.

BTW the Dr explain to my mother how this was impossible, but it worked everytime.
Kama82's Avatar Kama82 01:23 AM 07-14-2007
wow that is crazy.I guess we just need to keep experimenting until we figure out what is going on. I have just reconfirmed to myself she has some serious problems with milk. I let her have a little kefir this morning because she used to tolerate that ok and she has a bleeding rash tonight
My ped said it could not be a milk allergy only lactose intolerance, but she breaks out in hives and she gets such a horrible rash on her bum it just splits open and bleeds in spots. Does anyone know if this could be an actual milk allergy and not just an intolerance?
cdahlgrd's Avatar cdahlgrd 03:23 AM 07-14-2007
Your ped. is wrong. Lactose intolerance and milk allergies are very different. lactose intolerance is from your body not producing the enzyme needed to digest the milk protien and it leads to digestive upset.

Allergies lead to hives, welts, hyperactivity, etc. they are from the immune system attacking the food, usually the protien.

Hives means allergy. End of story. You need to have her allergy tested and benedryl liquid on hand at all times because she could end up with a serious reaction.

There is a fabulous site about kids with food allergies. I will post it tomorrow.
Kama82's Avatar Kama82 05:37 PM 07-16-2007
Thank you so much for your response, I am now seirously looking into milk allergies and attempting to figure out what is going on with my girl.
I would love to see the site too.