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JuniperMama 08-09-2007 08:32 PM

I have been the Managing Director of a fabulous arts-based preschool for the past 2 years while completing my Masters Degree. I graduated in June and resigned the position so that I could find new work using this degree. The only trick is that my DS was going to the school where I worked. It's a great program that I absolutely LOVE. However, its only 4 hrs/day and its across town from where we live.

Ideally my new job will be part-time but I am resigned to the fact that, at least to start, it might have to be full time. Therefore a 4 hr/day preschool will not work. I need something that can be full day ASAP.

I found two programs in our area that both look pretty good. They're reasonably affordable and seem like they're also good quality. The only thing is, both require him to be fully potty trained. He turned 3 on July 21st and he is not very interested thus far. He will often tell me when he's poopy and needs to be changed but if we ask him to sit on the potty he says no.

Help! How do I quickly potty train a 3 year old boy? I don't want this to be a battle for us as a family and I need to get him into a good quality program where I will feel good about leaving him.

All suggestions most appreciated. Thanks!

JBaxter 08-09-2007 09:07 PM

My 3 boys were a little younger than 3 ( 26 -30 months) but what worked for me all 3 times was
Week of naked I told them all a few days before on day X we would not be wearing diapers anymore
Morning of day X we got up and tried to potty. I set the timer for ever 30 min if they didnt go and watched them like a hawk if they started to go I would scoop them up and run to the nearest potty. We also peed on the bush just out our back door. It took about 3 days to get really good but by the end of the week rare accidents. It took al ittle longer for nap/nights but thats what has worked for me 3 times.

OH if you "give" in even once you might as well hang it up. we did alot of if you go pee pee ( or poop) we can go to get <insert incentive> in our new undies. During naked week we only wore shorts when going "out" it took us to long to manage the elastic on both undies and shorts.

For car trips I found an empty shampoo bottle to pee in worked realy well.

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