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Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 04:07 PM 09-16-2007
I need some new shoes for my lo and was wondering if anyone had any online coupon codes for some soft soled shoes?

Logan's Mom's Avatar Logan's Mom 10:28 PM 09-16-2007
at dandelionbaby they sell see kai run shoes and they have a code for 15% off your purchase - MWS15

preschoolians has a 15% off purchase for new customers

I don't know of any others right now.
Lupena's Avatar Lupena 07:08 AM 09-17-2007
I REFUSE to buy see kai runs, even though I adore the style and feel, since they are " made in china' ( designed by ' a seattle mom, blah, blah, blah, who really only wants to make more money by sourcing her leather based business out to a country which routinely uses cats and dogs for leather...) I mean, its not just the species of animal but the outrageously awful records they have for humane treatment... I wouldn't buy these at all, I think she ( the owner/mother) should be ashamed...

Sorry for ranting, but if you'd ever been there and seen the way that they treat animals you'd be ranting right alongside me....There are some people out there that consider ethics in business and this is not one of them...
zosiasmama's Avatar zosiasmama 07:27 AM 09-17-2007
You can get Robeez here follow my directions and you will get the discount

I have posted this several times before but it sort of comes and goes. This shoe place is great and has free return shipping. If you follow my directions it will give you $10 off of over $30 and free shipping!
1. Go to
2. scroll down toward the bottom right to the advertisement section
3. click on Shoe Sale: $10 off + free shipping
4. this will take you to the online shoe store
5. now shop away, i usually go to infant shoes. They have a nice selection of Stride Rite, Crocs and Robeez as well as many other brands! This sometimes lasts for a few days, sometimes for only the day, so check it out quick! Danni

Another mama wrote this too to get even more off!
"Don't forget, you can get an extra 10% rebate by going thru EBates too. Plus sign up as a member on Shoebuy & you get 10% off your 1st purchase, + 10% off each purchase made w/in 60 days of your last purchase!! That's like getting an extra 20% off, in ADDITION to the flat $10 off!!

Everyone always asks how to link thru eBates, if you have to link thru MSN to get the coupon, so I'll go ahead & share. First go thru MSN & link to Shoebuy & put the shoes you want into your cart. It'll show you the discount on your shopping cart page.

Then close the page. Go to & link to Shoebuy. Your shopping cart should be saved & you will see your order w/the $10 discount applied. Plus you will have linked thru ebates this time, so you get the extra 10% too. "
Hevyne's Avatar Hevyne 02:48 PM 09-17-2007
Logan's Mom's Avatar Logan's Mom 11:30 AM 09-22-2007
coupon code for pediped: parenting10 for free shipping