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gretelmom's Avatar gretelmom 01:35 AM 11-14-2007
I've been trying to find in our archives the Melissa and Doug mfring policy. I've seen it in here, but I can't find it. Anyone have it handy?? DS is currently surrounded on all sized by M and D toys!


goose1's Avatar goose1 06:57 PM 11-14-2007
FYI, I don't have the response anymore. But when the recalls started, I emailed M&D and asked them if anything was manufactured in China. They mentioned that one can have very successful manufacturing in China, but it is all about constant testing and monitoring. They said the test and monitor constantly, to ensure their products are safe. Maybe that will make you feel better...
nighten's Avatar nighten 07:35 PM 11-14-2007
You'd think that as a toy manufacturer, they would have a link on their site for safety testing. Hrmmm. I didn't see one, but you could email them directly here:

[email protected]

I remember reading something about their toys at one point recently, though, and feeing reassured that they were still safe.

I wish I could find that link though. Let us know what they say if you contact them, especially if they have a public link available (since copying a quote from an email is against the ToS here).
Blu Razzberri's Avatar Blu Razzberri 07:58 PM 11-14-2007
This isn't specifically what you've asked for, but maybe it helps. These quotes come from this site....

...It is true that most Melissa and Doug toys are made in China; however, this company is not involved in any of the recent recalls. Melissa and Doug state that they test each batch of toys twice (once in China and once in USA) before distributing them. The testing is not done by an outsourced company, but by Melissa and Doug employees....

...If you are boycotting Chinese toys because of safety concerns, then you may feel comfortable with Melissa and Doug...
Here is the Melissa and Doug official website, and their "contact us" page. Hope you find what you're looking for!

MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 08:10 PM 11-14-2007
I just emailed M&D the other day because of our concerns before holiday shopping. They wrote back with basically the same response as goose1, stressing their testing and how involved they are with the manufacturing of their toys. They basically alluded to the fact that there are *some* companies that just turn things over to manufacturers in China and don't care and then there are companies like M&D that are very careful about how their toys are made. I know it still takes a leap of faith, but I do feel better about their toys (though not thrilled about supporting a company that outsources to China, but in terms of good/bad companies to support, I feel okay giving M&D my money).
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