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Natalie143's Avatar Natalie143 09:16 AM 03-14-2008
do you have a pic of it? i wanna buy some shoes for my 14 month old... any recommendations would be great!

bdoody11's Avatar bdoody11 12:48 PM 03-14-2008
For my 13 mo DD we have Robeez. She's not walking yet and they are super flexible, almost like a really tough sock

When she starts walking and the weather is warmer I think we'll go to See Kai Run.
sunnymw's Avatar sunnymw 12:57 PM 03-14-2008
DS also wears Robeez... well, the ones we bought at Target. They don't seem quite as slip-proof but work well outside. He's been walking a little over a month. They are fine for outside, too. We plan on using these or similar (maybe pedipeds?) until he's muuuch older... since he just falls on his face with his specially-fitted, stage 2 Stride Rites (the soles are still a little too hard, and he also trips b/c they are rubber not leather and they "stick" when he takes a step... hard to explain).
Natalie143's Avatar Natalie143 12:58 PM 03-14-2008
know where i can get them for the best price??? or maybe discount codes?
riverundine's Avatar riverundine 01:10 PM 03-14-2008
the best price for the soft shoes is probably target. i think they're around $12. and they have some really cute ones. dd loved her soft shoes.
we also got her some knock-off crocks at payless for around $12 for running around in muddy areas or wading through the creek. she loved these cuz she could easily put them on and take them off and i think they were really comfy on her feet. she picks what shoes she wants to wear and she always chose the crocks.
Sparks*'s Avatar Sparks* 02:29 PM 03-14-2008
our son wore bobux until he could walk and then we got him some pedipeds. I love the pedipeds because they still have a soft sole so it's easier to walk in, but it's not so soft where I'm worried about him walking on rocks and the like, ykwim? I think once the weather warms up we'll get him some crocks too.
mzfern's Avatar mzfern 02:31 PM 03-14-2008
Pedipeds rock! And they just released their larger size line. Endless.com carries them and they have $-5 overnight shipping sometimes (they pay you $5 to ship it overnight
thefragile7393's Avatar thefragile7393 03:58 PM 03-14-2008
We have 2 pairs of Robeez that ds wears....I want to get him some more. They are awesome.
ryansma's Avatar ryansma 07:02 PM 03-14-2008
We love Pedipeds too. But ds had gotten too big for the Originals so I just got him a pair of Flex and I them. You can see them here. The only place you can order the Flex right now is from their website but I am sure that will change.
Ceili's Avatar Ceili 08:06 PM 03-14-2008
My ds loves his Livie and Luca elephant shoes. I can't say enough good things about them.
Erinz's Avatar Erinz 08:30 PM 03-14-2008
Pedipeds when he was first learning to walk, then See Kai Run once he was really booking it, and now we have SKR, Keen, Stride Rite. He likes all of them, although he likes the look of his Keen sandals and the way they have a little elastic thing on the top to tug on.

ebay tends to have some great deals on used shoes if you are willing to wait
OMama's Avatar OMama 08:59 PM 03-14-2008
Robeez, Pedipeds, and StrideRites. First we start with the Robeez, then Pedipeds for a little more support. Something with a solid bottom is needed around here with the rainy weather as well. We also get shoes from Target.
vermontgirl's Avatar vermontgirl 09:13 PM 03-14-2008
www.softstarshoes.com makes WONDERFUL toddler and childrens shoes of many styles. I have bought 3 pairs from them-two moccasins and one pair of regular shoes. The regular shoes are very soft and bend right in half. This is a great company with a good goal in mind-the environment. They sell leather and vegan as well.
ssh's Avatar ssh 09:28 PM 03-14-2008
My dd's feet are very wide. See Kai Run are the only shoes that fit. She finds them very comfortable. Here's a link http://www.seekairun.com/index.html . It seems you can order direct now. Ebay might be a little cheaper.