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Jodi's Avatar Jodi 01:44 AM 09-23-2003
I am feeling really sad and rejected lately by my dd. She will be 2 next month. For over a week now she only wants her daddy and wants nothing to do with me except for naps and bedtime when I nurse her. She wants daddy to do everything - read her books, get her dressed, get her something to eat/drink, etc.. She wants me to leave when I come into the same room as them sometimes. I quit my job a couple months ago to stay home with her and I feel like we were closer when I did work full-time. I tell myself that I am being silly and I am not in competition with my husband, but it really hurts when she doesn't want me around at all. Can anyone relate with me about this?

CurlyTop's Avatar CurlyTop 03:24 AM 09-23-2003


My kids are a bit younger than your DD but I can imagine how you might be feeling. You're right (of course) that you're not in competition with your DH. I read somewhere that when a kid seems to favor one parent over the other, the "left out" parent would do well to continue to try to connect, and the "chosen" parent can help by always including the other. I think it is in "What to Expect the First Year" so it must be a pretty common experience!

Keep the faith, you're your DDs beloved mama and she is just trying on different behaviors. It's not personal.

earthmama007's Avatar earthmama007 09:10 PM 09-23-2003
I am right there with you. I hope your ordeal doesn't last as long as mine. I can do nothing for my son unless my hubby is gone at work or something. I hate it too! It makes me feel terrible. My hubby went away for a month (he is military), when DS was one and ever since then he has done this. I don't know for sure if that trip was the reason but I think maybe it is because he hasn't gone anywhere since. He will be 28 months Octobe 2nd. i am sorry you are gong through this. I know it hurts. Sorry I can't help you but I wanted you to know you are not alone.
angela&avery's Avatar angela&avery 11:08 PM 09-23-2003
Well, you know it could just be that you are with her more now, so she feels like she needs more of her Daddy's attention when he is home..... I have a son, so im not sure if its different because of that, but i know that when my husband is gone a lot, or working overtime, when he is home its all about Daddy, and i recognize that so it doesnt bother me, likewise he has always gone through mommy phases... and like i said, im not sure but gender wise ive heard about a theory of girls competing with mom for daddy's attention.... i dont have a daughter so i cant relate that to my life, and i wasnt very close to my dad growing up, but it could kinda be that too.....