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"I love Daddy. I love (DD). But... I no love mama. I no love you mama!"

DS has said that a few times... he's 2 1/2. What's up with that? I assume he's just experimenting, but of course it bugs me. He never says he loves me or likes me, isn't very affectionate with me, and lately he's been saying this.
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He's 2....don't take it personally mama.

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What a little stinker! I can relate....my son jumps up and down "daddy, daddy, daddy!!!!" when we come in from being out....he just ignores me! It must be that mother-son complex relationship developing!

You know he really loves you though, right?

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I think all of my kids have gone through this... think about it: you are the one who probably does the most of the disciplining, esp if you are a sahm. sooo in a 2 yr olds brain - mommys mean because she told me not to do such and such and i dont love her. its just what 2 yr olds do.. he loves you and doesnt even really grasp what love means at 2 yrs old. hang in there..
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My son is 2.5 and I do not think he has an understanding of the concept of "love" in the sense that we love people no matter what they do, etc. - I believe at this point, he understands it as a temporary emotion & conditional upon behavior, etc.

When my son has told me that, I have responded "Well, I love YOU!" and just left it at that.

I did jokingly say once "Maybe tomorrow, then?" and he gravely replied "Yes, tomorrow. I can love you tomorrow." -- but I think I was reinforcing the idea of a temporary emotion and kind of dropped that kind of kidding.

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I wouldn't think much of it. Yesterday my son got mad at my husband (I think he wouldn't let him watch a movie or something like this) and he decided he wanted a "new dad."
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My DD (3 1/2) has started saying "I love daddy more" and don't you know that is like being backstabbed!!! Of course I know she's not serious, I mean he never even woke up when she was hungry and wanting to nurse for a yr+ or knows how to decipher her toddler language...I think he's conditioning her! :

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DS (2-1/2) would say things like "I no love mummy. Mummy go to work, please. Daddy come home." What is it they say about familiarity breeds contempt?
It used to bother me a lot, but now I kind of roll my eyes about it and try to remember that he really does love me.

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Eh dont take it personally.
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"That is okay. I still love you."
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Originally Posted by Demeter9 View Post
"That is okay. I still love you."
Well said. He's just testing his borders, his momma's reactions. And look, it bugs you - and actually, that is probably a good thing. You are aware, wondering, and slightly wounded by it. I think our children can send the largest daggers into our hearts, intentionally or not.

My SIL used to say to her DS "who do you love the most?" and she would force him to answer. Of course the "right" answer was mommy, not daddy, and he knew that and said it. How awful is that? Sorry for the thread hijack. Back to the topic. I hope your DS stops soon, until then I agree with Dementer9.
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