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moocowma's Avatar moocowma 09:22 PM 05-13-2008
Originally Posted by pixilixi View Post
Just wanted to say that I envy your dilemma. Ds is 2 and still has only a wisp of hair. No haircuts required.

I love long hair on boys. If you make it practical, that's great! At the rate we're going, ds will be 5 before there will be any decisions to made regarding hair dos.

Don't worry ... My first was bald as a cueball and now he is like one of the Hair Bear Bunch; he has a pelt, really. Strangers come up and look at his hair and comment on the thickness, etc. And this is a kid that gets a "shearing" every couple of months.

zoebugsmom's Avatar zoebugsmom 09:41 PM 05-13-2008
DS has long hair and won't let me put *anything* in his hair. We just brushed it out of his eyes when it got in the way. It's just now getting to the point where it's almost long enough to tuck behind his ears and it usually stays out of the way most days. If he'd let me I would just pull the bangs back in a little elastic but he tweaks if I try. <shrugs> he looks like a ragamuffin most days but it doesn't bother him so we let it go.

Originally Posted by ctdoula View Post
Why? I just don't understand growing a toddler boys hair. If it's an older boy & that's what he wants, it's one thing. But why grow a little boys hair so it can be hot, in his eyes, sticking to his neck, in his food, so he's mistaken for a girl. Not my thing.
Becuase ds grabs his hair and screams NO! if we ask if he wants his hair cut. You couldn't pay me to bring scissors near him if he's unwilling. Someone would get hurt.
Phoenix_Rising's Avatar Phoenix_Rising 09:42 PM 05-13-2008
My 2.5 year old DS has never had a haircut or trim. Most of the time he just pushes it away from his face; it rarely bothers him in fact. Now, it does however bother his grandmother

And cjuniverse, your post was wonderful. Thank you.
zoebugsmom's Avatar zoebugsmom 09:54 PM 05-13-2008
I wanted to add some recent pics of ds. Yes, he's mistaken for a girl fairly often but he doesn't care. Neither do I. Generally his big sis will correct the offending person. "he is a BOY! Not a girl." lol



He's totally got that skater/surfer look going on. I think it suits him.
Ziggysmama's Avatar Ziggysmama 01:21 AM 05-14-2008

My little brother had the most gorgeous mop of blonde ringlets when he was a toddler... People were always saying what a cute girl he was... to which he would respond, to their horror...

"I HAVE A WILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
dawncayden's Avatar dawncayden 04:23 PM 05-14-2008
I love longer hair on boys as long as it's healthy looking and easy to manage. I have no problem with girls having short hair and boys having longer hair. But if ds had long hair and wouldn't let me brush it or wash it, I'd encourage him to let me cut it to a shorter length. But I don't have that problem so far as he loves his hair cut like dada's.
I really think the way your dh has their hair plays a part. Dh has really short hair, using electric clippers, so ds loves his hair cut the same way, and will request his hair to be cut when I'm trimming my hair or dh is cutting his.
I keep trying to grow out his hair a bit and when it gets to a certain in- between stage it looks really odd, like a fat mushroom , so I start trimming around the ears, and then with him squirming its just easier to take it all to one length.
If he did have long hair I would use electric clippers and a comb. It feels safer to me. Use the clippers like you would scissors. Pull hair up away from the head and trim. You can do this with scissors too. Wet hair, comb straight up, hold with two fingers and trim an inch at a time.
TessaG's Avatar TessaG 06:26 PM 05-14-2008

My sweet Parker is 3 and wears his hair long by choice. We just had to get through the "in your eye" stage - he'd push it out of the way himself. Eventually I could tuck it behind his ears, and he will often ask me to do it for him if he's eating and has forgotten.

I also just supply the correct gender if someone has assumed he is a girl. People have been nice and complimentary - even if they assume he is a "she".

The other day, a woman at a fleam market came right up to him - jjust enthralled and gushing, "Oh, you are such a beautiful little girl!" And before I could correct her she'd supplied him with a purse and told him he could have it. At that point it wasn't bothering Parker at all - and we didn't want to embarrass her, so we thanked her and left.

I'm sure in another year, Parker will be telling them himself - or we will continue to do it if he wants us to.

The biggest challenge for us so far is fending off "well-meaning" family. We've let our families know that we support his choice. For one person in particular, we also had to make it clear that it is not okay to bring it up constantly or try pressure him to cut it.

Best! Tessa

Mamabeakley's Avatar Mamabeakley 09:34 PM 05-14-2008
DS1 decided a year ago that he wanted a ponytail like daddy's. I wasn't enthusiastic about growing out hair over a long, hot summer so I got him to let me shave his head. DS2, then 12 mo, sat down in the chair afterwards and demanded that I shave his!

So now both of them have hair almost long enough to put in that desired ponytail. It is in their faces, but mostly food-free. It's started matting somewhat, and I told them both that they have to start letting me brush it (or brush it themselves, I suppose) or they'll have dreads like S___, not a ponytail like Daddy's. And they're letting me do it. (Not that there's anything wrong with dreads, it's just not what they said they wanted.)

Yesterday DH said we should cut it because it looks girly! Huh?!?!

At this point, I think they are old enough (4 and 2) to decide for themselves.
eirual's Avatar eirual 11:33 PM 05-14-2008
We cut DS hair into a shag cut a few mos after he turned two (first haircut). He refused clips, elastics, and hats and he was at daycare and I simply couldn't keep it out of his face (he has fine thin hair like his mama and daddy so mouse and wax didn't hold it out of his face either).

It's long and shaggy now and I'm not sure where we're going to go from here. It looks freakin' cute sticking out of hats now, and he does enjoy wearing them now, so we'll likely stick with hats and wait out the awkward stage again.

I had tried bandanas- he wouldn't keep them on.

Do they make camo clips?
Past_VNE's Avatar Past_VNE 12:14 AM 05-15-2008
DS's is thick, straight as a stick and his growth direction is straight forward. I keep it like you see in my signature. I never know if I should grow it longer, keep it like that or cut it shorter.

We use a hat rarely, occasionally some gel (at his request)...he loves to do his hair.

Any suggestions on how you'd keep his hair if he were your kid is appreciated.

ETA: Crud..those pics are older than I thought...let me find some current ones.
Here y'all go:
momoftworedheads's Avatar momoftworedheads 12:22 AM 05-15-2008
We use bobby pins and bandanas to keep hair back. Our boys are growing their hair out so their bangs are long.

My one son gets bobby pins the same color as his hair and pulls his bags over, he does not care what anyone thinks about it.

Carly-your son's hair is goregous.

Take care,
twinmom79's Avatar twinmom79 08:25 PM 07-22-2008
My son is almost 5, and has had long hair since he was a toddler. I did cut it short once, last year, because I found it was getting in his way for gymnastics. He has very thick, heavy hair.

After him sitting on the floor several times, sobbing, with a picture of himself, pre-haircut, I relented and let him grow it out again. It gets in his way sometimes, but I have a variety of bandannas which I use to keep it off his face.

For more formal occasions, I use hair putty to keep it out of his eyes.

Even though he's young, he clearly knows what he wants when it comes to his hair, and he's determined to keep it long, despite muggy summer days.

It gives him a sense of control, and he knows I value his opinion because I let him choose to keep it how he likes it.
Alyantavid's Avatar Alyantavid 08:41 PM 07-22-2008
We've only ever trimmed my 2 year old's bangs twice. He gets mistaken for a girl regularly and people tell me almost daily that he needs a haircut.

I'm all for letting my kids decide things for themselves. Even at 2.

We use a bobby pin and he'll ask for it if his hair is bothering him. Otherwise, its wash, air dry, wet in the mornings to help it curl and lay down and go.

This is how it normally looks, behind his ear. http://www.shutterfly.com/jsp/proces...6546&ps=1&rs=6

My 6 year old lets his grow out for awhile until it bothers him and then we get it cut when he asks.
Pumpkin_Pie's Avatar Pumpkin_Pie 08:57 PM 07-22-2008
My son's hair isn't "long" yet, but I have no intention of cutting it unless it gets in his way, or he requests it. I am not sure yet just how long I will let it get, but really, long hair on little boys is cute! I do childcare for a boy who has the sweetest white blond ringlets all over his head, and they have grown long enough to go over the collars of all of his shirts. I think I am going to cry when his mama finally cuts them off.
Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 04:03 AM 07-23-2008
I've only trimmed a bit of a mullet on DS, other than that, he's never had a haircut... and I probably won't give him one unless he asks for it, or it becomes a pain and I don't feel like dealing with it.

It's a constant thorn in my father's side, which I love. When he was younger he got girl comments, but it's pretty freakin' obvious that the kid is a boy, especially these days.

I don't worry about it, really. I brush it in the morning when it's sticking straight up, but other than that I don't do anything. Sometimes it gets in his eyes so he'll move it out of his eyes. It really hasn't presented itself as bothersome in the slightest, no more so than any girl's hair.

(link to pics on my blog in sig).
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