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Dd is 14.5 months old, and we just moved to a different state. Having a hard time finding a progressive ped here. There are two peds on our street, both are young, female and without kids. I've interviewed them both now, and the choice isn't clear. Help!

Dr. A:

-Just started practicing in March
-Says she supports EBF (but gave me a booklet with a bunch of bad info about breastfeeding in it)
-Says she takes a "family approach" to health by giving each family options and letting parents decide course of action
-Says she recommends starting solids at 4-6 mos. When I questioned her about the AAP guidlines of 6 mos, she said she'd be supportive of that. She did say most parents push for the opposite and want to start their babies on solids by 2-3 mos, and she has to convince them to hold off. :
-Didn't have a problem with us being vegetarian and raising dd this way
-DID have a problem with not vaxing. Now, we do vax dd but we told her we want to wait on MMR until she's school-age. She seemed to genuinely want to know why. We told her our reasons, and she said she "could work with us despite our decision to wait" but then also sent me home with a pro-vax phamplet by Aventis Pastuer.
-Only spends about 20 minutes for well-checks and 10 minutes for sick visits.

Dr. B:

-Has been practicing for 3 years.
-Is a D.O. but said she doesn't use homeopathy.
-Said she supports EBF but asked, genuinely, "Do you still produce milk? :
-Said she was fine with us waiting on MMR, but also said she "would feel VERY comfortable vaxing her child" (if she had one).
-Said she doesn't recommend solids until 6 mos.
-Was fine with us raising dd vegetarian.
-Said she spends 30 minutes to 1 hour at sick and well-visits.
-Said her impetus for becoming a ped was to help stamp out antibiotic resistence and sexual abuse.

Both were nice and informal but not particularly progressive. Dr. A seemed a bit more open to dialogue than Dr. B, but was also a bit less experienced.

Who would you pick?
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Well I think the most important criteria in choosing a doctor is one who you feel most comfortable talking to, who you feel listens to you, and is willing to work with you to find solutions that work for you and your family.

Based on the info you provided, I would choose B, but again, it would have to come down to who you are most comfortable with.
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I concure with oceanbaby. B sounds better to me but go with you gut feeling.
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I'd have to go with Dr B. And I'd send a ton of info Dr A's way to help educate her on the issues she's not familar with.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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Dr. B
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Has your DD met either? or both? What did DD think about them?

My feeling on pediatricians is that the most important thing is how they interact with the children. Parents and doctors are adults and can "manage" their relationship (and differences of opinion) more intellectually. Kids work from the heart and emotions. I'd rather my DD see a doctor that *she* seems comfortable around even if it means more "diplomatic" work for me... as opposed to a doctor I feel great with that DD doesn't feel comfortable with.

I would set up a check-up with both and see how they react to DD and, more importantly, how DD reacts to both before making a final decision. (This is my biggie.)

Also, how available are they during "off hours" for late night mommy worry emergencies? Weekends? (This is my DH's biggie.)

Good luck!
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B sounds better, but neither sounds good enough! Keep looking!

It is nice to have a doctor that is supportive of bf and non vaxing... but it is more important to have a doctor that is a good doctor and a good diagnostician. In reality, a pediatrician has no control over your life, whether you breastfeed, or if you vax. But, if your child is sick, you want someone who has "the gift" at figuring out what is wrong and fixing it.

This is harder to assess when looking for a doctor. Unless you can find some people to quiz about how their doctor's handled different types of sicknesses in children, you almost just have to pick someone and see if they work out. You could try asking them how they would handle a certain situation... like a situation that could be treated a variety of ways and see if they are knowledgable and open minded.
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I personally would have raised my eyebrows a bit at Dr B's question "do you still produce milk????" BUT after consideration I would probably pick Dr. B anyway. The added experience of 3 years is nice since she is also probably pretty current on a lot of information being that she has only been practicing for the 3 years. BUT I personally would call the office and ask about "off" hours and what would happen if you were just being a paranoid mommy and needed to hear that everything was alright with dd. Also, in my ever so humble opinion, it's really how the CHILD feels around the doctor that matters. My daughter's pedi is a raving lunatic when you ask anything about child rearing and tried to get me to put her in her own room in her own bed and let her cio at 4 months old! BUT my daughter is really comfortable with her and she is quite knowledgeable. She's just the type to follow the book all the time. She's an antibiotic pusher basically who frowns on my delaying vac's and not using antibiotics and co-sleeping. BUT I had to weigh my own differences with her as opposed to how M feels about her. M is quite comfortable with her and will go in and talk to her with a smile on her face and asking, "mummy, what's she gonna do to me?" So I voice my opinion loudly and quite often with her and let slide the things that would infuriate me from another person. I simply hand her brochures and articles and studies to educate her because my daughter likes her. So I would personally let your daughter meet both pedi's and see what she thinks also! Good luck. You probably won't find someone you completely LOVE but it's nice that you are interviewing a few.


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Can you contact moms from your local LLL? Just about all the moms who go to LLL around here see the same drs. The practice we go to is fantastic, in bedside manner, in their views towards BF, in vaxing issues, etc.

If there's no local LLL, ask other moms in the area. See someone nursing a toddler at the park? Introduce yourself, explain you're new to the area and ask for their ped.

As for your question about A vs B, I tend to make emotional decisions. When I find I'm writing out the pros and cons of two choices, I come to the realization that neither choice is right.
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Thanks everyone for the great feedback.

I did take dd to each consult, and both doctors were very sweet in how they interacted with her. It's hard to gage who dd liked best; she was pretty busy playing with toys throughout the consult, so she didn't pay much attention to any of us, LOL.

Both told us they return phone calls throughout the day, and what their office hours are. Since they both live across the street from us, they said we could always call them or come over any time if we have questions.

I do think I'm leaning toward B.
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