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lmkirche's Avatar lmkirche 04:55 PM 08-05-2008
My ds is 2 1/2 and almost potty trained - He is beginning to initiate it himself. However, he still sits down. I have shown, gently encouraged, and he has seen his friends standing up - He has even tried it himself out of interest! But the boy can't go. He stands up. . .tries. . .and then sits down.

I was wondering what other mothers have done to teach their boy to stand up. He will be attending preschool soon and I don't want him still sitting to pee. (I am afraid of teasing)

Any stories to share? Or should I just keep gently encouraging??

malibusunny's Avatar malibusunny 04:57 PM 08-05-2008
I waited until he was tall enough and then just told him he could. No "teaching" necessary. :
Alyantavid's Avatar Alyantavid 05:09 PM 08-05-2008
My oldest decided on his own when he was ready (and tall enough). And he was in daycare full time. My youngest really wants to stand but he's still too short for it. He can go outside standing up though.
AllisonR's Avatar AllisonR 05:11 PM 08-05-2008
Mine learned in school I think. He's nearly 4. He's always sat or squatted, and prefers that. A few days ago he came home and peed standing up. Believe me, more hit the floor than the bowl. Now if he wants to stand, I prefer he use the grass. Your DS will learn soon enough. In my mind, I'd be happy while he is still sitting.
Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold 05:20 PM 08-05-2008
I think it has more to do with height than anything else. Had to wait until he was tall enough. .....and my dh did grudgingly provide several lessons.
lmkirche's Avatar lmkirche 05:26 PM 08-05-2008
Now, Is this tall enough to go in a adult-size toliet or tall enough to go in a kid-size potty chair?
AllisonR's Avatar AllisonR 05:36 PM 08-05-2008
Originally Posted by lmkirche View Post
Now, Is this tall enough to go in a adult-size toliet or tall enough to go in a kid-size potty chair?
The "hole" on the kids potty chair is about 1/3 the size of a regular toilet bowl. Gotta say you son has to have a really good aim to get it in there!

DS tried standing up and peeing in the potty chair. Today actually. The carpet wasn't very happy.

But if you really think it is important that he pee standing, why not practice outside a bit first. Then go for the big toilet. He can use a step stool if he is too short.
white_queen_22's Avatar white_queen_22 05:39 PM 08-05-2008
Mine decided to by himself. He poddy trained with the help of a couple "poddy parties" with his dad which is what triggered the whole "I wanna Tand-up Mommy!" thing.

He uses the big toilet though.

Angela <><
malibusunny's Avatar malibusunny 05:49 PM 08-05-2008
oh, we never used a potty so I meant the actual toilet.
Stacey B's Avatar Stacey B 05:51 PM 08-05-2008
Believe it or not we had a toddler sized urinal that we were given on loan. I thought it was the dumbest thing when I first heard about it but ds loved it and actually started with that at 22 mo. Now he straddles the toilet backwards when we are out. I don't know who made it but it really worked.
MeepyCat's Avatar MeepyCat 05:51 PM 08-05-2008
My son (age 16 months) appears to have no trouble peeing standing up. He stood up in mid-diaper change and peed all over the changing table last week.

I would not sweat this one. Most of the other little boys at preschool will also be sitting to pee. Pre-schoolers are so new to using the potty, and so prone to potty accidents, that teachers should know how to handle any teasing concerning pottying if it occurs. They may even encourage all the little boys to sit down, to make sure they have a chance to poop if they need to, and because it's tidier.
rollergirl's Avatar rollergirl 06:40 PM 08-05-2008
Originally Posted by MeepyCat View Post
My son (age 16 months) appears to have no trouble peeing standing up. He stood up in mid-diaper change and peed all over the changing table last week.
yea i wish DS had a problem peeing standing up, because then maybe i would see it coming before i hear it all over my floor.. but i had been wondering about peeing standing up for the potty so thanks for this thread! i do remember when my brothers were small my mom would throw a cheerio or one of this little rice paper targets in there to encourage them to get it into the bowl. i was always so jealous! at least now i will get to get some for my son
Polliwog's Avatar Polliwog 10:17 PM 08-05-2008
I taught preschool for years. Some boys sit, some stand. Rarely an issue. They barely notice each other, especially since boys sit to poop.

My son learned from watching a friend at school. He came home one day saying he wanted to do it like Dawson. And that was it.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 10:22 PM 08-05-2008
I never bothered. He sits to pee at home. Then he went to school and noticed other boys peeing standing up, so he tried it once. Then he decided he prefers to pee sitting down.

I have no clue what he does when he uses the boys' room at school, and I honestly don't care.
MusicianDad's Avatar MusicianDad 10:23 PM 08-05-2008
Well my dad taught me by saying I couldn't go camping unless I learned to pee standing up. Apperently real men go in the bushes

I say don't push the subject, he'll do it when he's ready, or maybe not at all. Plenty of guys prefer to sit.
PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 10:35 PM 08-05-2008
I'm wondering about my son in a slightly backwards issue. He's not ready yet, but I'm thinking ahead. He pees standing up or sitting but only poops while standing as well. This could get messy.
Mom2Boy&Girl's Avatar Mom2Boy&Girl 11:02 PM 08-05-2008
My 3.5 yo (who's only been trained for about 2 months) preferred sitting until he caught sight of his dad in the bathroom. It never occurred to me that he'd be teased in preschool about it. I mean, at this age, they're pretty self-absorbed and are all very new at it anyway.
LisainCalifornia's Avatar LisainCalifornia 11:05 PM 08-05-2008
My son is now 14 and this is something we have never "taught" him. I still don't know if he does it or not, but it really makes no difference at all. Either way, the outcome is the same. He is old enought to try it himself if he hasn't already. Somethings just don't need teaching, and this is one of them.
MacroMama's Avatar MacroMama 11:57 PM 08-05-2008
My grandmother-in-law recommends giving them a jar to urinate in. How can any little boy resist?!
Nautical's Avatar Nautical 02:17 AM 08-06-2008
I was talking to my dh about this a few days ago, and he said that he had no intention of ever teaching any of our sons how to urinate standing up, that if they wanted to when they got older they would. Unless camping or in a gross public restroom, my dh never stands up, and none of the men in his family do either. Their motto is "why stand when you could sit;" they also wipe though.
utopia760's Avatar utopia760 02:38 AM 08-06-2008
men wiping after pee thats a new one for me

anyway i never taught my son he saw daddy do it while he was inthe bath and from then on he stood hes almost 4 and hes still too short for many public toilets lol what a shrimp