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Annie37's Avatar Annie37 04:29 PM 08-20-2008
My son is 14 months old & has mild cerebral palsy. I am looking for a good jogging-style stroller,that will be able to accomidate him for several years.I also need one that is good on all terrains,durable,and also easily manuverable for all those trips to the hospital,as well as to the park,lake,etc., so looking for a swivel front wheel. I have looked at zillions online,& am SO confused! Can anyone recommend one that is all the above,as well as inexpensive,as I am not working and money is very tight. Thanks!

Peony's Avatar Peony 05:23 PM 08-20-2008
I would suggest trying to find a used BOB in your situation. They fold very easily, I can do it one hand with a toddler on a hip. They steer like a dream, have front wheel that swivels or you can lock it, are very durable, and will fit your DS for years to come. My 5.5 year old DD1 is average sized and can fit in my BOB with the sun shade down still. They are $$, but I know people that have had good luck finding used ones on ebay, craig's list, etc...
atom'smama's Avatar atom'smama 02:19 AM 08-21-2008
I second the BOB. If you live near an REI they have then and you can try one out
Annie37's Avatar Annie37 02:22 AM 08-21-2008
What is an "REI" ?
Haven't had any luck on Craigslist,and the BOB's are sooo expensive.
LoveOhm's Avatar LoveOhm 03:08 AM 08-21-2008
I Love The Bob ----- It Will Last For Soooo Long So It Is Very Worth The Investment!!!
atom'smama's Avatar atom'smama 03:13 AM 08-21-2008
oops sorry REI a camping etc store
crittersmum's Avatar crittersmum 10:21 AM 08-21-2008
One vote here for a Mountain Buggy. Fair warning, though: to push one is to buy one!
angelachristin's Avatar angelachristin 03:19 PM 08-21-2008
I couldn't afford a BOB. We recently got a Baby Trend Expedition, this one:

and I LOVE it. It has the swivel wheel that can be locked for running. I am really pleased with it, and DS loves riding in it. That being said, you could probably go for the Baby Trend Expedition LX:

instead of the deluxe that I have because a lot of the extra features that make it deluxe don't work well for me, like the Mp3 speaker and the pedometer.

Anoter reason I liked the Baby Trend Expeditions is because they have a child tray. DS was terrified to ride in a jogger without a tray, but if he's got a tray he's all set, and it keeps his Sigg bottle and some snacks handy for him while where out running.
Eaglevoice's Avatar Eaglevoice 06:33 PM 08-21-2008
Keep checking craigslist for Bob's! I found one after checking everyday for a month and I got a great deal on it. Seriously after having my bob, I pushed another mom's stroller for her and I couldn't believe the difference. It's totally worth it!
myrmom's Avatar myrmom 09:03 PM 08-21-2008
I have the bob Duallie and love it!! Absoulutley love it!! That being said I could not afford a second BOB and I desperatly wanted a single stroller since my now 4 year old wants to ride his bike all the time. So I went on the hunt for a good single jogger that woudln't bankrupt me.

I ordered this one and it's awesome!!! Way less the price but just as good as the bob in my opinion...only difference is it doens't have the shocks and it has the smaller rear wheels..which i actually find beneficial for getting in an out of the trunk of my civic. Unless you are running over rough terrain you don't need the shocks. It goes up to 60lbs which should serve you for years to come.