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Title pretty much says it all. My DD will be 3 in October and doesn't ever want to sit on the potty, even for a second. She's still in diapers full-time. I sort of passively aggressively started leaving her wet for longer to see if that would encourage her to use the potty, but she doesn't seem to mind being wet at all. Or dirty, for that matter. If I don't smell her poopy diaper, she will wear it for a very long time without telling me she's dirty. I know she's still young, but I can't believe she's not even interested in trying to sit on the potty, or starting to be bothered by being extremely wet or dirty. Anyone else have experience with this?
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Yes! My kid is 29 months and won't sit on it, either. We do nakey days and she will hold it from 7am - noon (when she gets a dipe for her nap)...then hold it again from when she wakes until bedtime. I can't get her to just pee on the darn toilet!

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We're having potty training issues too. DD is 3 and just recently she started asking for her poopy diapers to be changed. She still had no interest in using the potty, so we "ran out" of diapers the other day. She wasn't too pleased, but we just finished day 3 of wearing panties (and pull ups at night) and we're making a little progress.

She hates sitting on the potty too. She has such bladder control, that yesterday she held her pee from 3:30 - 9:00 when we put her night time diaper on.

I hate, hate, hate potty training. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
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My DS will be 3 in November, and we have tried several times and he has NOT been ready at all. We are trying again this week (I started a little yesterday) to see....he is slowly getting the concept and actually remembered to sit on the potty twice yesterday...
I have been one that refused to do the "timer" method...where you take them every so many minutes. I know it works for many parents, but it's not a method I wanted to use. I wanted him to actually understand what was happening so that HE could decide when he was ready and needed to far, so good!
I have been letting him run naked since yesterday....
He is the same as yours though...he could care less about having a poopy we are trying to eliminate the diapers completely and see if it will work!!

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My daughter is gonna be 3 and she isn't interested in using the potty. She drives me insane!
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My 2nd son didn't have any interest until age 4. Now at age 4 1/2 he is very independent with using the toilet. When they're ready they let you know.

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DD1 demonstrated that she was totally "able" to use the potty, and we let her lead the way... which meant for most of her second year she was in and out of diapers as she sometimes wanted to use the potty and sometimes didn't. We tried "pushing" (we were in a situation where we might need a temporary daycare situation and they required potty training) a bit and it backfired... thankfully we ended up avoiding the daycare issue. And we backed off potty learning completely.

However, on her third birthday I told her that the diapers were all gone. I spent the next few weeks being very active (in terms of suggesting potty breaks, talking about "listening to your bladder", generally talking about elimination) and doing a lot of laundry (tough with a new babe on the hip). There were a lot of accidents (we called them "surprises" to remove any stigma) and near misses. But I stayed really upbeat and encouraging and totally avoided any suggestion of bringing back the diapers. She turned 3 in early April, by late May the only accidents were at nap time/morning, and there hasn't been a nap/night accident in about a month (knock on wood).

Oh! may not help, but my dd1 always wants to know why we do things. Explaining where urine/feces come from (we chew up the food, it goes down our throat, etc) and WHY it was important to put it in the potty (we have a septic tank, I explained plumbing and explained that the pee/poo goes into the tank and that it feeds the plants/trees/flowers) really got her excited. It did lead to some amusing converstions on her part though... for a while she'd yell out the bathroom window "Hold on trees! I have yummy poop for you!"

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Yup, I went through this with one of my kids. That child learned to use the toilet fairly easily when she was ready- at almost 4yo. By the time she was emotionally ready, she'd been physically ready for months and things went rather quickly and with very few accidents.

I suggest backing off- she'll let you know when she's ready.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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My three year old uses the toilet in the day, but not ever while sleeping. I was actually surprised that he decided to go ahead and learn sometime around his third birthday because (1) he had figured out the pee thing at one point earlier, and then quit and showed absolutely no interest, and (2) he has developmental delays and we were expecting to do a lot of teaching and for this to take a much longer time.

However, I have a 2.5 year old (so I guess not a three year old) who is developing ahead of the curve in many ways. She isn't NOT interested in the potty. She's interested in playing with the potty, in going in and out of the bathroom all day to goof off, etc. etc.

But she isn't at all anywhere near ready, and I know a lot can change in a half year at this age, but it is just so hard to imagine her being ready by three. We have her sit on the potty throughout the day at times she normally needs to go, we have her diaperless frequently (and lately we've also not been using a diaper cover when she is in a diaper because she's more likely to let us know if she's gone). But she really does not have the body awareness yet to use the potty. She just has no idea when she has to go. She doesn't even do that go somewhere and squat thing when she has to poop. Plus, she seems to like sitting in a mess in her diaper because it is hard to get her to tell us when she has gone.

She should be an interesting kid to teach to use the toilet. Not really looking forward to it.

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My first 3 didn't potty train until after they were 3 years old. I knew they understood the process; they just didn't want too. After many unsuccessful trials with underwear and pull-ups I told them "Here are the underwear. There is the potty. When you're ready to use it you can wear them." I would rather change diapers than clean up tons of messes from a child who just wasn't interested.

Amazingly enough my 4th has been using the potty for 3 days now and is only 23 months old. I'm NOT holding my breathe - lol.
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DS was just like that. He's the type if kid that needs a kind but firm nudge to take new steps. When I finally told him it was time (no more diapers during the day), at 3.5, he learned pretty quickly. He now only wears diapers during naps and nighttime. Getting him to use public toilets is the next step.

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DS1 will be 3 in a month and has zero interest in the potty. He knows how - a couple of months ago he had a bad diaper rash and had lots of nakey time, and spontaneously learned how to use the potty during the day. No accidents or anything! Then he suddenly decided he'd rather wear diapers again. *Sigh.* It's a little comforting knowing that he CAN go in the toilet; hopefully when he's emotionally ready, we'll have a smooth transition. For now it's not a big deal. With DS2, I have to change and wash diapers anyway.

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