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MilkTrance's Avatar MilkTrance 01:46 AM 09-01-2008
What would you buy for a small boy's fall wardrobe?

We're talkin' 15 to 19 months; wet, Pacific-coast weather. We're talkin' playdates where he ought to look "nice", but also days when he's going to be splashing in mud puddles for the first time. It may snow. It usually doesn't, but when it does, it's wet, cold and miserable. He's a cloth-clad lad, as well, so the pants have to fit over his fuzzy bum. He's probably 30" and around 25 lbs. He's bald. Hats would be great.

In your experience, what would you buy for the fall season? What worked for you and what didn't?

How many sweaters/sweatshirts? How many pairs of pants? Rain boots necessary or should I go for broke and buy snow boots? Rain jacket worth the price? How many warm pairs of PJs do you have for your toddler?

It was so much easier to dress him when he was a baby -- he spent most of his time in sweats and sleepers, and asleep.

dove's Avatar dove 02:01 AM 09-01-2008
at that age ds wore a lot of overalls. makes me smile to think of the cute little bear he was back then. yep, overalls - he had a few pair - couple cord pairs and a couple jeans pairs. a couple sweaters, a couple hoodies.
he loved hats and we had a few...
rain boots are quite fun, and worth it, imo. nice to have a thick pair of socks underneath - we loved utn thick organic ones or soft wool ones.
also he had a few long sleeved t's and t-necks - mostly ON and Gap - thick and soft and warm.
over top it all went a thick wooly zip neck... not great for pouring rain, but it repelled sprinkles. hth! and thanks for the trip down memory lane!
elisheva's Avatar elisheva 03:42 AM 09-01-2008
We also live on the Pacific coast... We're trying to cut down on ds' wardrobe since we have a tiny house (we're trying to cut down all our wardrobes...) and no storage.

For fall I've made sure ds has:
5 long sleeve play shirts
1 nicer shirt
2 pairs of play pants (ds is also in cloth and wears a 2T or 3T in pants with the cuffs rolled up - I've gotten some great deals at the GAP)
1 pair nicer pants
1 sweater
1 pair puddle stompin' boots
1 Muddy Buddy rainsuit
a mess of same-color socks from Old Navy (so I don't have to match them up)
1 pair shoes

I'm really trying to go minimalist in favor of doing laundry more often since I'll be running a load every day anyway...
Wittyone's Avatar Wittyone 04:00 AM 09-01-2008
definitely yes to the rain boots - so fun for puddle jumping

look for rain coats in consignment stores/used - seriously, we've gotten rain jackets for $5 that are in great condition, and I just can't pay $40+ for a one-season coat

cords are great b/c they look nice and they are warm

we had a fleece jester hat from old navy - was super cute, ds loved it, was plenty warm and pretty water repellent

we get a ton of hand me downs from an older cousin, but if I was buying in anticipation of messy play I'd head back to the consignment store - no need to buy new clothes to play in the mud, kwim?

oh, the BEST thing that we had for west coast fall/winter was a vest - excellent for layering over a long sleeve shirt and not as bulky as a jacket for playing and being in the car seat

ETA - elisheva I'd never heard of a Muddy Buddy and just looked them up - those look great! Have you used one yet? That would be perfect for my little "mud bucket"
jocelyndale's Avatar jocelyndale 11:52 PM 09-01-2008
I like fleece-lined pants, preferably with a wind/water-resistant outer layer. For chilly days, cords + babylegs or tights with feet tucked into shoes/boots.
sparklett's Avatar sparklett 04:19 AM 09-02-2008
We bought lots of overalls for DS, and also picked up a TON of great deals on Gymboree sweaters with matching caps on Ebay. Most of the sweaters we bought came with a nice knit cap, and since DS is still bald as a butternut, caps are a must. We also have some flannel button down sweaters.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 05:27 AM 09-02-2008
Okay, ds is 3 and we live in the PacNW.

He has 1 pair of jeans, 3 pairs of other pants for day wear.
Probably 10 or so shirts plus he can still wear his summer t-shirts indoors
He has 2 sweaters
And a million jackets, for some unknown reason people keep giving him jackets so he's got a ton
He has a winter coat
and we will be getting him a raincoat
rain boots
2 pairs of shoes
4 sets of jammies (he's in diapers at night and sometimes pees through)

It is a nice collection and will last a while between washes.
Biscuits & Gravy 09:55 AM 09-02-2008
I love pants with elastic waists, no buttons, snaps or zippers. Easy to get on and off for diaper changes, and nothing to get in the way during potty learning. I buy a good chunk of DS's wardrobe at the Children's Place because they have sturdy, yet comfy cargo type pants with elastic waists. I find their clothes to be generously cut in width as well. Plus they always have great sales on top of already reasonable prices. My guy does not fit in Gap or Old Navy pants because they are too long and lean. I also find a lot of good stuff at Target.
BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 11:54 AM 09-02-2008
I'm a huge fan of overalls and one piece outfits for little boys. I love, love, love them, and their life span is fleeting, because it doesn't really work with learning to use the potty. So, pretty much, for the winter ds was 15-20 months, he wore overalls.
eepster's Avatar eepster 12:39 PM 09-02-2008
Originally Posted by dove View Post
at that age ds wore a lot of overalls. makes me smile to think of the cute little bear he was back then. yep, overalls
Originally Posted by BetsyS View Post
I'm a huge fan of overalls and one piece outfits for little boys.
Loved overalls at this age. DS was much less likely to be suddenly and unexpectedly naked if he was in overalls. They were also much more flexible size wise than regular pants which tended to be too short at the same time that they were too loose around the waist.
april77's Avatar april77 04:54 PM 09-02-2008
Another vote for overalls. DS wore a lot of overalls and long-sleeve onsie-type shirts last winter. Some of the shirts I bought in a bigger size, or we used those extenders so the shirt fit over cloth diapers. When it was colder we added babylegs underneath. I also like the Children's Place for pants, they seem to be cut bigger in the behind. Ds mainly wore Fuzzi Bunz and I didn't need to buy a bigger size to accommodate the diaper.

I usually end up having to get rainboots new but manage to find snowboots super cheat ($2-$4) at consignment stores/sales. It doesn't snow very often here, but I wants the kids to be able to get out and play when it does.
morganeldi's Avatar morganeldi 05:09 PM 09-02-2008
I live in the PNW too. Here is what I have more or less and we have a similar lifestyle.

He will not wear hats, and doesn't have much hair...but I just let that go for the most part. On REALLY snowy/cold days I will try to get him to wear a hat so I have one or two knit hats that cover his ears for winter.

I just stocked up on a bunch of "cheap" sweatpants and sweatshirts from target. I got one in each color they had (did this last year too) so about 5 or 6 pairs of sweats and shirts. They are about $4 each.

Plus a few "nicer" sweats/fleece sweats from old navy and a few pairs of nylon running pants-- these are nice for being outside on rainy/muddy days.

Then I have about 3 pairs of jeans in different shades, a pair of khaki pants and a few lightweight pants, like lightweight cotton for warmer days.

Then I have a few sweatshirt zip up jackets in a few colors, a few hoodie sweats, lots of lightweight long sleeve shirts.

And a few nice sweaters -- this year my son no longer fits in any onesies but last year when he was that age we had some long sleeve onesies and polo style onesies for layering or just to wear under jeans.

And a rain jacket, and rain boots. Other shoes for fall/winter are a pair of brown "hiking" boots, and sneakers.

And a heavier jacket for cold days/winter.

On a day to day at home/park basis he wears the sweats and hoodies and then when we are going somewhere nicer we do the jeans and sweater/polo onesie or khakis/sweater.

ETA after reading replies-- I could never get my son to wear overalls, the straps always fell off...
nummies's Avatar nummies 05:43 PM 09-02-2008
We have
5 pairs of track suit type pants. All cotton though.
10 Long sleeve T-shirts (he wears these to bed too)
5 sweatshirts
2 pairs of nice pants
2 long sleeve button up shirts
1 zip up hoodie

Pretty much it. I want to get a couple vests for him but other than that I am done with the fall wardrobe. I will need a few more things for winter though.
Bohemian Squash's Avatar Bohemian Squash 08:22 AM 09-22-2008
I just bought some fall basics at Hanna Andersson, they are having a sale!! Plain organic l/s tees, corduroy pants....