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Up until now, DS slept from 9:30-11:30 in the morn, 7:30-5:30 at night. This week, he skipped a nap, napped once for only an hour, then skipped his nap again. I can deal with a skipped nap now and then but he just seems to have missed a lot of sleep lately.

I usually nurse him to sleep (when I'm home). The two days he missed, I nursed him, he got super drowsy, then popped right up and started chatting away, wide awake. There was no getting him back to sleep. Weird.

I thought it was too soon to drop a nap. Is that how toddlers transition out of a nap or is this just a weird phase? It wouldn't bother me too much if I thought he didn't need it, but I can see his sleepiness in his eyes. He gets more frustrated at things too when he doesn't nap (enough). I don't want it getting in the way of his nighttime sleep. I do believe lack of sleep makes it harder for kids to wind down. I know I feel that way myself!

Any insight would be helpful!

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My DD has pretty much been a non napper since 23 months, some kids have so much energy there is just no time for sleeping like her. She will now only nap if she is totally exhausted, so maybe once or twice a week. At first we had a major battle and I would try to lay with her and she would kick, scream, and hit me until she was exhausted. That just had to stop, it's become a non-issue for me. I'd rather have her be a wreck at 6:30 than go through that because it was horrible and made me feel like a bad mom. She now sleeps pretty much from 7-7, some nights she goes to bed at 8(like tonight). She also sleeps much better. Not all kids fit the mold of napping until they are 3-4 years old, my DD has too much energy and is too busy to nap most of the time. The other day in fact she was watching a cartoon in the afternoon and fell asleep leaning with her back on the couch and her feet on the floor. I couldn't believe she basically fell asleep standing up. I am the only person I know with a child like her who does this, all my other friends have kids who nap, I have a flaming ball of energy.

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yep, my dd1 dropped her nap shortly before turning 2. she's just a busy kid and won't wind down for a nap. it's really not a big deal for us, and it kinda makes the day easier cause i don't have to plan around her nap time anymore. my mom said my sister did the same thing, and to this day (she's 25 now) she doesn't like to nap.
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same here. ds dropped most naps around 22 mo. He seemed to need it, so we'd nurse and try over and over until I realized that he was getting a second wind some days from this routine...so, we started just doing that instead. He seemed better for it actually and that lasted for a while. I am 14 weeks prg and when I started feeling first trimester exhaustion midday, he actually napped with me even though he didn't seem to need it - I was shocked. I think he just got bored b/c I was so pooped. But, then he took forever to fall asleep at bedtime, but still slept well and usually until 7 at least with only 1 waking during night, and dh had to take over as it was just too tiring on me and my breasts!

Ok, so fast forward to now, he has been going to bed around 8/830 ish and waking up between 5 and 6 am everyday - so he seems to want to nap again because he is up so early and is going on only 9 hours of sleep total! And, now I rather him not nap tbh. He is a nightmare after he wakes up. He starts off whining and acting tired still, regardless of how long he naps, cries hysterically for no reason and for the first time in my mama life, I can't seem to cheer him up. He NEVER cries if he doesn't nap. This is a crazy transition (hopefully thats all it is)

He plays SO hard, though...I mean, he is in a whole other category of active toddlers. He never slept 12 hours altogether at night, he never slept in the car as a baby, he always took FOREVER to shut down and fall asleep at naps and bedtime, he dropped two naps down to one at 8 months, he never sits still, he doesn't sit for a book, for tv, for meals, for nothing! He literally never stops moving...even in his sleep. His picture should be in the dictionary next to the word "active". I fear him ever going to a school setting

Some kids are just this way. Every once in a while, I do meet a mom who describes this early nap dropping about her child, too, and it seems they all have the same personalities in common - very active, very hard to shut down, never tended to need lots of sleep, etc. I say wait it out and see how she does with maybe just a lay down rest with nursing...not actually sleeping? Some just need to rest and regain their energy and you may find her going to bed earlier and being happier for it.

wow, sorry for the book...this is just a huge issue for us right now too.

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My kid stopped napping at 15 months!! Just when I got pregnant with number two and most needed her to nap.
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DD did the same for about a week at 21 months, but she NEEDS her nap - she's a crappy sleeper, always has been, and it's just too long of a day for her (and me!) without one. I basically just kept doing what we normal do at naptime, and honestly I told her "It's naptime, and you will sleep now. You're tired" and went out about our normal rocking and singing (sigh) everyday until she slept. It took about 3-4 days of her resisting and me insisting for her to get back to her regular routine. She takes a 2-hour nap everyday, no way was she ready to drop it!
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My first two kids suddenly stopped needing their afternoon naps at about that age. I remember feeling really disappointed about that at the time--afternoon naps are such a nice break for a mama!

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dd dropped her nap at 18m
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Yup - we had huge nap stuggles with our twins at 2.5 years old. Every day was a battle because they were still cranky enough to make us think they needed it. If they'd nap, they'd take for.ev.er to go to sleep at night. I realized they were getting the same relative amount of sleep by skipping the nap because they went to bed earlier and slept better (i.e., not waking me up several times a night, sleeping later in the am). There are some days that they obviously still need a nap, some days they get to bed too late or wake up too early, but most days it's actually not so bad to not have a nap. It's certainly better than struggling with them to do something they really really didn't want to do!
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