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lmkirche's Avatar lmkirche 07:17 PM 10-31-2008
I think my ds who will be 3 in December has some imaginary friends - Tonce and Case. He has made make-believe cupcakes for them and sings songs about them. He was telling me about them dancing together.

I know that imaginary friends are normal and show imaginative thinking on the child's part, but it seems too early for him to have imaginary friends, and I don't even know if these are truly imaginary friends. He goes to preschool and the teachers say that he is just starting to play cooperatively with friends instead of just parallel play. I looked up some information on the internet and it says that children develop imaginary friends between 3-5 years. He has all of a sudden developed an incredible imagination and pretend play is VERY big for him right now with puppets, trains, cars, and creating things from every day objects.

I am just going to watch him and see where this goes, but don't you think this is just a little bit odd??

sunnmama's Avatar sunnmama 09:24 PM 10-31-2008
My dd is 7.5, and has had the same imaginary friend since she was 3. I think it is wonderful and really cute! Why do you think it is odd?
Avecilla's Avatar Avecilla 10:29 PM 10-31-2008
My daughter will also be 3 in December, and she's had imaginary friends for about a year now. I do remember finding it a bit odd at first just because it was unexpected. I had imaginary friends as a kid too though, so I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise.
Sierra's Avatar Sierra 11:13 PM 10-31-2008
I'm unclear as to why you find it odd, especially since the things you've been reading have said it is normal to develop imaginary friends beween 3-5 years old. December is only a few months away. It makes total sense if your kido is starting to be big on pretend. Yeah, a little early, but definitely seems within the range of normal to me. By the way, I had my childhood imaginary friends for a very long time, and probably started a bit early as well. Mine had really funny names like "Bookie" and "Mattress" and "Stampy."
ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 11:23 PM 10-31-2008
DD (29 mo) tells me about the moose who are visiting every day. She is constantly telling me to not sit on them or step in their poop! I was a little surprised by it too, and was asking about it here, but I realize now it's pretty typical. According to that 3-5 age range they are starting it a bit early, but in my case that doesn't surprise me based on dd's pretty early verbal development.
isaoma's Avatar isaoma 07:35 PM 11-01-2008
Dd (26 months) has an imaginary friend named Hamma. Hamma has been around for awhile (2-3 months?), but a few weeks ago she showed me a picture of Hamma from a book we had just gotten at the library It was a cartoon picture of a bearded man smoking a cigar (a butcher in a book giving scraps of food to the dogs). And, no, we don't know anyone IRL wh looks anything like that. I thought Hamma would look like a fairy or something else more fanciful.

I agree with pps that its quite common for young toddlers to have imaginary friends. The site listed below said that imaginary friends usually make their debute when your child is around 2 1/2- 3 years old. I wouldn't be so stuck on the exact age your lo started having imaginary friends, it seems well within the normal range.