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~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 09:14 PM 11-01-2008
I didn't see a new thread up yet so I figured I'd start one. Hard to believe that November is already here.

We did lots of grocery shopping today and are hopefully set for the rest of the month. Liam eats constantly so I feel like we never have enough food in the house. I got some maternity shirts today also and I'm much more comfortable. We were visited by lots of trick or treaters last night and Liam loved watching all the kids and waving bye bye, he ended up crashing around 11pm.

I love the pictures, Jeanine!

Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 01:57 AM 11-02-2008
Here are some recent pics! (I have a few even sweet H'W pics coming, but not uploaded yet)

Faery baby
Family shot
I made this poncho
Babywearing group at the pumpkin patch

Chaya is walking.

We are nightweaning.

I am engorged

hope all are well. I think of you mama's often.

Jeanine ~ great pics!!
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 12:48 PM 11-02-2008
Thank you for starting the new thread Katie.

FaliciaGayle, your photos are so sweet! I am kicking myself for all I am not getting done! they are only babies once and I can do so amny things (though maybe not well) and I just can't find the time. Sorry, this turned ventish but I am a wee bit envious of the pumpkin hats I could have knit and the poncho I haven't made - Sorry.

If you are engorged you can pump to a point of comfort which could prevent other problems (mastitis and general discomfort to name a couple). If you want more info you can pm me or check out or

Linus has a cold so I am not wearing a black t-shirt today as they show snot so terribly. My house is neither clean nor disgusting. Not too much news here...
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 01:01 PM 11-02-2008
Thanks Mamajb
I often wonder how I'll get anything done if/when we have another baby. I can't imagine what it's like with FIVE! Be gentle with yourself

I woke up the other night soooooo engorged and uncomfortable that I did pump a bit - but since we are only trying to go from 1 am to 5 am w/o nursing (I'm trying to restore fertility) am I counter acting the whole thing by pumping? It's been so long since I used the pump I got all flustered. I was oddly disappointed with the amount that came out.
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 02:57 PM 11-02-2008
Thanks for the new thread, Katie.

- I'm glad to hear Jenabe's job has been extended for a little while. I'm getting very anxious to hear baby-news! Happy late anniversary.

Falicia - cute poncho! and cute faery!

- i feel like i don't get a lot done, too. i feel like i almost get the bare minimum done. anything above and beyond that means there's something else not getting done.

anyone who gives gifts in December - what are your ideas for your little ones?

Happy November Ladies!:::
ishyfishie's Avatar ishyfishie 03:32 PM 11-02-2008
This year is flying by! I can't believe it's November.

Lucy has taken her first "official" steps--as in, more than one or two at a time! We went to my aunt's house on Halloween and she took several steps while we were just hanging out, then today she took 4 more to get a ball away from dh. She's so steady on her feet while standing (and bending, squatting, turning, stretching!), I have a feeling she'll take off running as soon as she figures it out.

Holiday gifts: We're getting a play kitchen, most likely this one. We're also turning the Arm's Reach co-sleeper (in playpen mode) into a ball bit, lol, but I think my mom is in charge of that. I'm hoping to finish the three Waldorf dolls I've been working on in time for Christmas and we're looking at some wooden tablewear or tea sets to go with the kitchen.
SweetTexasgal's Avatar SweetTexasgal 09:41 PM 11-02-2008
Got a Wii Fit last weekend but just go around to setting it up. Lucy is in love with the balance board. The minute I put her down in the playroom she runs over to it and stands on top of it. She looks like she is surfing. She will then look back at me as if to ask "where are the people that are on the TV screen when you play it Momma?" It is fun, but I think I will just get to use it mostly on the weekend when she is napping....not enough time any other time....YKWIM? Even then I feel like I should be doing something productive while she is sleeping.
leanbh's Avatar leanbh 02:09 AM 11-03-2008
holiday gifts for the dd are to include:
toddler table and chairs
baby doll
a drum
the little people garage
cars and trucks.

things are going well here, but ro is getting more and more set on RUNNING everywhere. bumps and bruises galore.

she now knows that snakes go sssss, chickens go bokbok, and elephants go baroooooo! that, and she somehow learned what a panda was. and now goes around spotting pambaaaas. where she learned it, we have NO idea. we were passing panda express in a mall, and she pointed and said PAMBAAAAA! : where did she get that piece of info?
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 02:06 PM 11-03-2008
I am not sure what we are doing about gifts this year. We usually do give some but I am feeling like my kids have plenty and expect even more. A large part of me wants to dash their expectations and another part me thinks it is so much fun to them happy.

Michelle, we still enjoy the wii fit but finding time to play w/o Linus's help is hard as he really loves the buttons on the balance board. The kiddos find more time than I do predictably enough. The body tests are fun at least.

Lindsay, Ro sounds like she is just the smartest little girl. You should be proud.

Now that Lucy is walking does that mean I have the only crawling baby left in the ddc? I should be used to this by now as most of my others walked very late. Don't you think he would want to follow the others around on his own to feet though?

The time change or the halloween candy or something has us all discombobulated today. School work is mostly done but goodness there is some whining going on! : to me for the rest of the day.

Wendi, how is Kaija?
ishyfishie's Avatar ishyfishie 02:11 PM 11-03-2008
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Now that Lucy is walking does that mean I have the only crawling baby left in the ddc? I should be used to this by now as most of my others walked very late. Don't you think he would want to follow the others around on his own to feet though?
Well, she's definitely still crawling! I'm not sure how long it will be before she's actually walking instead of her gimp-crawl. My mom said my brothers and I all crawled around 15 months (or between 14 and 15) so Lucy's pretty much in line with that, since she'll be 14 months on Sunday. I wonder sometimes if she prefers crawling because then she's level with the cats!
~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 02:51 PM 11-03-2008
I forgot to set clocks....we somehow managed to be on time for everything today though.

Andrew had eye surgery this morning and is in bed sleeping. He is having quite a bit of pain and had a bad headache, but motrin and the numbing eye drops seem to be doing the trick. We all had to get up at 6am so Liam is sleeping as well right now.

I have no idea what to do for Christmas gifts. I'm thinking something like a rocking horse or a scooter or something that he can sit on and move around with, he likes to do this with objects that aren't exactly appropriate for that purpose. He needs some footy pj's and more socks, other than that I really haven't had time to stop and think about Christmas.

Here are some pics from pumpkin carving:

mommajb's Avatar mommajb 03:05 PM 11-03-2008
Now I remember! We are looking at aride on toy w/o pedals for Linus, maybe something by radioflyer? He could use it inside until spring and then take it outside.

Katie, Liam is so cute! We forgot to carve our pumpkins.
ishyfishie's Avatar ishyfishie 03:09 PM 11-03-2008
That reminded me, too! We picked up this bike for $12 at a consignment sale, that'll be one of Lucy's Christmas gifts.
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 04:09 PM 11-03-2008
That is so cute ishy! What a deal you got.
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 04:25 PM 11-04-2008
I just realized I never subbed here. I was wondering where you all were. DUH!

No baby yet. I did get woken up in the night with Kaija asking about when she should call the midwife. She was having ctx's about 5-8 minutes apart for a while and they were new and different. I suggested she didn't call the midwife at 3am and just try to get some sleep. Well she is still sleeping now. It is getting so close. : I am glad she is getting some sleep before the big event. I am going to meet my grandbaby in the next day or so. :

Dahlia is sleeping again so I am feeling so much better. I hate that 20-40 minute waking cycle that she gets on while teething or sick. Makes for one tired mama!

lactivist's Avatar lactivist 04:27 PM 11-04-2008
Oh Dear!! I just saw my new ddddc. :

mommajb's Avatar mommajb 04:44 PM 11-04-2008
I had something to say and know that I am here...POOF! It is gone from my head.

Linus is soooo clingy today.

I am feeling a bit of anxiety. I way overbooked this week because I never checked my November calendar I just kept on committing myself to more and more. I am having to cancel left and right and I feel like such a flake. Ugh. More awful phone calls to make now.
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 06:16 PM 11-04-2008
Originally Posted by lactivist View Post
I just realized I never subbed here. I was wondering where you all were. DUH!
I thought you weren't around because you were busy with Grandbabe. Keep us posted......
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 09:53 PM 11-04-2008
Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
I thought you weren't around because you were busy with Grandbabe. Keep us posted......
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 10:10 PM 11-04-2008
I would take a minute and post for sure if the baby came. She is back to bed. She has been contracting all day but not getting any more intense. I think we will get another shift after midnight. That has always been her time to shine! I am getting so excited to meet this little creature.

mommajb's Avatar mommajb 10:13 PM 11-04-2008
Your going to keep me up all night! This and election returns.

I'll have to check here in the morning earlier rather than later. This baby watch is so much more exciting when I am not going into labor myself!
beemama's Avatar beemama 10:56 PM 11-04-2008
: Blessed birth vibes for your little scorpio grandchild, Wendi.
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 11:55 PM 11-04-2008
Originally Posted by lactivist View Post
I am going to meet my grandbaby in the next day or so. :

:: ::

keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers

keep us posted!!

*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 12:19 AM 11-05-2008
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Your going to keep me up all night! This and election returns.
I know! What an exciting night!

Hoping all goes well for Kaija and the babe!!!!
~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 03:39 AM 11-05-2008
ELV's for Kaija, and so excited for you Wendi!

Andrew had eye surgery yesterday and is making a slow recovery, today he is doing much better and was able to be up and about without too much pain though. I ended up falling asleep downstairs waiting for election results and woke up just in time to see Barack Obama become president-elect :
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 01:26 PM 11-05-2008
Well, howdy there.....

: I missed you so much...... : I finally have internet (high speed) set up at mom's....whew.

I hope to be back more often now that things have settled down. Mom is doing better and better every day. She will never be the same but I see glimpses and that's enough for me. She voted and that was huge for her bc she was so upset she wasn't going to get to vote but she was able to. She won't tell me who she voted for though.

We are staying with her right now bc Dh and I have split. I don't know if it's temporary or permanent yet....taking it day by day. Lots of things just came to a head finally and it was just time to take the step I've been thinking about for quite some time. Something I should've prolly done 18 months ago when I first thought about it......but I chose to ride the ups and downs and lately there were way more downs than ups. So, here I am.

A single mama with 2 girlies. It's hard. But at least I have mom's to go to and I am blessed there. I am doing a bunch of work to the house so it's more habitable for the girls.....trying to get rid of the smoke smell, figuring out what to do about the carpet etc......

I've taken a month break from my childcare and thankfully I have understanding families.....the house just isn't ready for childcare there. I only have part time kids now so it's not a huge deal but now that I am on my own, I will need a full timer or much of my money is tied up in college savings for the girls I swore I would never touch, preschool 3 days a week for my oldest and I can't take that away from her bc she is flourishing so and totally in love with it (it's a Montessori/Waldorf mix and it's great and priced so well....) gives her some solace in this craziness right now.

I don't know what the holiday's will bring. Trying to save up a bit to get them a few things. We never did anything huge....just a few things......simple things.

I'm looking into becoming a doula....I have most of the work done...just need to figure some things out and get working on it. So that will be good and hoepfully generate a bit of income for me.

Dh was laid off during this so money is just as tight for him right now. Luckily when we moved in May we got in on a sweet deal for the townhouse so......that should be ok until at least then. ALOT will have to change for me to take myself and the girls back. We will by day......but I don't know. ALOT about him will need to change. I was basically a single parent when we were together anyways so....I feel awful he was laid off during this and we both knew it may be happening as his company has talked about it for a long time. He tried to plan for it but got busy doing other things. He needs to look down inside himself and find out what he really wants.....He has some job prospects which is good and that makes me happy. I just had to do what was best for the girls and I. We are happy and adjusting well but like I said, I was basically a single parent to begin with. He would work, come home, go to the garage to do his hobby stuff, ate dinner with us but would stand in the kitchen (eat in kitchen), go back out to the garage before we were even done, come in and go to bed.

Lilah is a walking fool. We went from tentative steps to I've been doing it my whole life. She is working on 6 teeth right now and they've all popped through thank's been rough. I adore her more and more each day.

I took her for her FIRST sick visit and only as a precautionary just in case. She had a sinus thing going on and no matter what I did, I couldn't thin out the crap in her nose so it just got stuck there and then goopy eye came. She's getting better and it's been 9 days now and she's pretty much on the med. I broke down and filled the ointment for her eye since NOTHING else was working and she's happier. She weighed in at 20 pounds 14 ounces. Such a peanut.

I need to find her some 6-9 footie jammies/play zippies....the Carters ones fit her perfect and the 9-12 gymbo/old navy ones fit her perfect. She is just enough off season from big sister that the sleepers don't fit but the tops/jeans do so......She had on the cutest outfit the other day complete with her big sister's old Stride Rite shoes and looked so old so I stripped her down to her Snappi'd prefold....hahahahha.

I'm having issues with dd1 treating her as if she's a doll and Lilah is starting to protest very loudly about it and her sister has just forgotten what no, stop, don't and please don't means these days. I've given some leeway bc of all that's been going on but I'm at my wit's end with the tenacity if that makes sense. It will serve her well when she's older though.....she got both her father's and I's stubborness.....loads of fun.....

gifts: i don't know what we will be doing this year gift wise. dd1 will get some of my old fisher price little people stuff mom kept immaculate care of and lilah will get a baby of some kind if i can get the money together and maybe some cute diapers? I have a bunch of fabric so I may make them Hanna style playdresses if I can find the time....there just isn't $ for anything else this year.

lindsay: @ Ro's animal sounds...I had a video that taught animals with abc's when dd1 was little so she was about 15 months old and knew all these offbeat animals and sounds....i loved it.

Wendy: Looks like I picked a fab time to return!! Many blessings for a smooth and easy labor for Kaija!! Big hugs to you!!!!

Katie: I scanned through the end of October's thread and I think you look great and I won't mention the T word. My friend Tanya was way bigger so early the second time around we thought it was the BIG T word but it wasn't. Just a bigger baby and she settled in and looked about right near the end!! So excited for you. Adorable pics of Mr. Liam. I have to confess that I haven't carved our punkins yet. Just got busy. Maybe tonight.

Jess: Hello. Howdy. Hi.

Hello to everyone else. I wish I had more. I'm just so : that I have internet again and can pop back in more reguarly......and I'm excited about that. :::

It's a new day...a new president.....a new beginning for the girls and I. Who could ask for more.
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 01:26 PM 11-05-2008
Healing vibes to Andrew

Easy labor/healthy babe vibes to Kaija

We have a new president! :

Now all we need is a new grandbaby! :::

Off to find the results of CA's propositions...
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 01:26 PM 11-05-2008
And my DDC is still here. : : :
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 01:31 PM 11-05-2008
Originally Posted by sunshine's mama View Post
I need to find her some 6-9 footie jammies/play zippies....the Carters ones fit her perfect and the 9-12 gymbo/old navy ones fit her perfect.
Hi Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some used Carter's sleepers I would love to send you!! PM me your mailing address if you want them.

I'm going to finish reading your post, and then I'm going to look for those CA results.....
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 01:52 PM 11-05-2008
Really? Yay! That saves me a trip out tomorrow with the girls. We'll go to the park instead. It's the last day of Indian Summer I think.....

And you will let me give you something for them right??? Guess I'll pm you with that info!!

I have friends all over Cali waiting for those results!!!!
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