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ElisMomma's Avatar ElisMomma 05:06 AM 12-01-2008
And I don't know where else to ask. I apologize in advance but I feel like you're a group of unjudging people that I can trust.

Anyways, I haven't received AF since my 14 mo. old (BFed) was born. I went for a pretty vigorous horse ride today (only the 2nd time I've been back on my horse since birth) and when I got home, I had really dark brown almost black discharge. I realize this is "old" blood but from what? Does it happen to coincide with getting AF back? Oh and I have an IUD.

Thanks for any help and sorry.

quietserena's Avatar quietserena 11:56 AM 12-01-2008
It could be that your IUD shifted a little.
VOBetz's Avatar VOBetz 03:36 PM 12-01-2008
I agree - your IUD probably shifted and caused a little old blood to come out. I wouldn't stress.
veganone's Avatar veganone 02:42 AM 12-02-2008
I would see your GYN - if the IUD shifted (what it sounds like) I'd get the placement checked... Just in case...