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Gray's Mommy's Avatar Gray's Mommy 04:25 PM 05-04-2009
He started off with "this", then "need to nurse", now he is on "nursey."

notwonamesalike's Avatar notwonamesalike 04:35 PM 05-04-2009
My husband referred to them as "Bubs" once. One time only. Don't know why.

It stuck with the kiddo. He's asked for "bubs" since he was about 12 months old. But he says it like "Buuuuuuuhs. Buuuuuuuhs. BUUUUUUHS!!!!!!" Always drops the last b.

And lately, at night - if I'm turned onto my side he'll nudge me awake and say, "Move. Buuuuuhs." (Move?! where on earth did he learn that?)

It goes like this:

Him: "Move. Buuuuhs!"
Me: "Bubs, please?"
Him: "No. Buuuuhs."
neetling's Avatar neetling 05:13 PM 05-04-2009
Both my older girls said nurse or nur nur. My youngest started calling it nur nur, but when he could say drink (dee) he started calling it dee dee.

He will also ask to nurse or he will ask for mama milk on occasion. But by and large it's dee dee.

Be will ask to touch or hold it and sometimes calls them boobs, but I don't really like it and correct him to say breast.

(it's funny he asks me to nurse his dee dees too - I nibble him until he giggles.)
Lynn08's Avatar Lynn08 05:47 PM 05-04-2009
My sister and her kids were visiting this past week and at one point her 3yo ds referred to her breasts as "milks" for the first time. Sis didn't like the way it sounded, so she asked him and her 5yo dd (weaned) what they should call them instead. Her dd replied without hesitation "Straws!" :::

I'm totally using this!
hollytheteacher's Avatar hollytheteacher 06:32 PM 05-04-2009
nuh-nuhs and swish-sigh when he wants to switch sides.
laneysprout's Avatar laneysprout 11:30 PM 05-04-2009
anewmama's Avatar anewmama 04:49 PM 05-05-2009
She calls it Na based on me calling it nursies.
CatsMom129's Avatar CatsMom129 07:46 PM 05-11-2009
Here's a new one:

The other day my 2-two-old was looking for the hammer on her hammer-and-peg set. Then she said:

“Mommy, can’t find my hammer anywhere...."

She thought for a moment, the said something like, "I know...ask super-nana’s! Nana’s know everything.”

Wow! Wish the nana could live up to that one!
Vancouver Mommy's Avatar Vancouver Mommy 07:52 PM 05-11-2009
My 2yo now says loudly "sit down peez mama, I nurts right now!!". He says it often.
nolonger's Avatar nolonger 09:51 PM 05-11-2009
It wasn't exactly planned, but the closest thing my breasts have ever had to a name is "what goes in the mouf." It came from my saying "Where's your little mouf?" when I was trying to latch a baby on in the dark and has sort of evolved from there to where ALL of my toddlers have been nicknamed "Moufy" and any public discussions about nursing with a "shockingly" old child are easily mistaken for discussions about talking "too much" and looked on approvingly be people who think that toddlers shouldn't talk "too much".

I'm not a big fan of baby talk, but "mouf" just sounds so cute coming out of a toddler's mouth and it's nice to have a pleasant sounding word to describe nursing, so food and toothbrushes go in the mouth but the nameless things on my chest go in little Moufy's MOUF.

I was so thrilled when the current Moufy, age 15 months, said "mouf" this week. :
Dreamy's Avatar Dreamy 12:14 PM 05-14-2009
OMG this thread is too funny.

I've been thinking of this alot lately. I've been thinking ahead to what word I want him to use for it in public, so I've been asking him if he wants "num nums" at nursing time (though I'm loving the "nanu" suggestion above!). He doesn't really have a word for it yet. He runs over to me saying "mumumumumum" (that just might be because he wants me though) and buries his head into me, and if he's really insistent he'll lift my shirt and giggle, he LOVES nursing :
erratum's Avatar erratum 04:10 AM 05-17-2009
ha, mine says "side" too.
"side side? milk-milk side"
AutumnAir's Avatar AutumnAir 09:12 AM 05-17-2009
Yay! I can finally post to this thread!

DD's 16 months and on the late side for talking. She's only just started making some sounds that we can readily identify as words in the last couple of weeks. And one of her first 'words' is 'mnam-mnam' for milk/nursing. The first time she said it she was in the middle of nursing, latched off, looked up at me with a big smile, licked her lips and said 'mnam-mnam' and then went back to nursing!
Otidea's Avatar Otidea 09:30 AM 05-17-2009
It's meant to be "milk".
velcromom's Avatar velcromom 05:32 PM 05-19-2009
I have always asked dd (22 mo) "do you want to come and get cozy with mama?" when inviting her to nurse, so she calls it Cozy, which currently is pronounced "co-eez". She also says mama milk.
rrible's Avatar rrible 05:45 PM 05-19-2009
Nursie, or when he's a little congested "duhr-shee". And at 4 in the morning, "other side", as if he's been imagining nursing in his sleep (we night weaned and stopped nursing to sleep 8 months ago) and wants to switch sides.
enigo's Avatar enigo 09:41 PM 05-20-2009
My son called it Boo-Joo. Short for Boob juice
hibana's Avatar hibana 11:12 AM 05-21-2009
"Zurse". Also "udder side?" even when she's not switching.
Sarah_Lee's Avatar Sarah_Lee 11:15 AM 05-21-2009
Num nums, nummie nums, lol i get udder side? too
mrsdocmartin's Avatar mrsdocmartin 04:00 PM 05-21-2009
I love this! DS's first real word was "nigh nigh nigh" for nursing. Then he moved on to nigh-nee, and now recently he's started to say "nurt", it is so stinking cute!!
readytobedone's Avatar readytobedone 04:40 PM 05-21-2009
i've always called it milkies, or nurse.

for a long time, it was just the milk sign when she asked.

now she calls it "MUK, peese" ...also "dis side?" while pointing to her choice of breast.

but, since she recently went through a biting phase (thankfully it's past), sometimes she just asks by crawling onto my lap and saying "no bite?!"

other times she just walks up and says "MORE!" as if i'm supposed to know what she wants more of at all times

it is cute, though :::
amy9798's Avatar amy9798 05:08 PM 05-21-2009
I always called it "milkies" (as did my mom when she nursed us) but my son started calling it "mulk" at around 18 months so that's what we call it now
mommy13's Avatar mommy13 07:33 PM 05-21-2009
I call it "Mommy Milk" but for some reason my 18 month old says, "Peas, Mommy that" LOL
rollergirl's Avatar rollergirl 12:58 AM 05-23-2009
he used to use the sign for milk. then he would say "mama i want to NURSE". and then "nurse side". and then "fitch sides." and then "nursey nurse". and now he just calls it "nursings". and just the other day he said "what do you have in your shirt mama?" and then he answered for me "nursings!". and then he proceeded to me that both he and his papa have in THEIR shirts -- "not nursings".

this is such a cute thread!
dollysods's Avatar dollysods 07:41 AM 05-23-2009
My almost 15 month old calls my breasts "bub" and nursing "neh, neh" but mostly she just dives at my chest and wrestles to lift my shirt!
LokiPuck's Avatar LokiPuck 10:31 AM 05-23-2009
DS calls it "na-na."

It is the first word out his mouth when he wakes up in the morning. I've also heard him murmur it in his sleep...so sweet.
kblackstone444's Avatar kblackstone444 12:14 PM 05-23-2009
My son callesd it "boobies". "Want boobies".

My cousins called it "nursing". (They're my son's age.)

My sister's kids call it "nummies" or "tatas".
prancie's Avatar prancie 09:40 PM 05-24-2009
20 month old ds calls it "yee yee"
jocelyndale's Avatar jocelyndale 11:31 PM 05-24-2009
Boob. Boob juice. Boobies. Nurse?

Lately, "Dis boob. No dat boob. Dat boob go 'way. Dis boob. Nurse it."

And when I'm feeling touched out, we count to ten or twenty first. So sometimes he comes up and said, "Nurse? Mommy count now!"
HappyFox05's Avatar HappyFox05 10:27 AM 05-25-2009
Our 18 month old has called it "Bee!" for several months now. (As in boo-bie.) She'll whack me on the arm at 1am and say "Bee!" She'll whack me on the chest in church and say "Bee!" Cracks me up.
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