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moma justice's Avatar moma justice 12:13 AM 02-14-2010
and it is driving me nuts. i do not mind him still nursing....and maybe he is trying to fight off all the nasty illnesses that have come thru this winter (his big sister has gotten sick a few times this year and he has only gotten one slight illness) he is such a sweet heart and i love him dearly...but it feels like i can not even sit down around him or he will "nurse his boo boos" all. day. long!!!!!!!!!!

i teach at a morning school 3 mornings a week and at an afterschool program for a few hours each day....he had been totally enjoying playing with all the kids, doing the activities, and being a big boy....INFACT i thought he was almost weaned about a month ago...and suddenly it feels like he is nursing 100 times a day.

i still produce what he demands and it is wearing me out to make so much milk not to mention that i feel like i can not get anything done.

advice on how to help him move out of this?

wagamama's Avatar wagamama 11:22 PM 02-25-2010
I came on here to post something similar about my 26-month-old DD. I still enjoy nursing her, but I feel absoluted DRAINED by her "appetite". She wants to nurse every couple of hours, and doesn't like eating very much, although she does eat small amounts at every meal.
I have a nagging cold that I can't get rid of, and I feel it's because my system is being so drained by the constant nursing. I've actually been saying "wait" at times (when distraction doesn't work), which makes me sad.
I wish she could just nurse 3X a day -- then we could both be happy! BUt how to get there???
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 01:21 AM 02-27-2010
I'm going to move this out to Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy.
~savah~'s Avatar ~savah~ 04:05 PM 02-27-2010
My DD (26 months) nurses all the time also. We just recently night weaned and I feel like she is trying to make up for it during the day. moma justice, I don't have any other experience than my one little girl, but maybe your DS is getting ready to wean and he is just trying to get as much as he can before it is all gone? Sorry I don't have more to offer you, hopefully this is just a stage that will pass quickly.
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 02:21 PM 03-02-2010
Yeah my newly 24 month old DD is nursing constantly. I mean, I WOHM, so most weekdays I get a break, but lately, she does not want to be off. ALl night long, several times a day, and she wants to go in for those marathon lonnnng nursing sessions. At night too. Then, after both sides, she wants to start on the first side again.

It really is trying. I'm sure it has something to do with her cold and maybe her 2 year molars, which take forever with her, but my patience is getting short, and my nipples are kind of tender. Meh. I wish I had one of those barely nursing 3times a day kids. Ah well.