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My DS nurses at minimum 6x per night but often up to 12x per night. My period returned at 10 months.

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All 3 of my children are small and lean, started solids at around 6 months but were not huge eaters (still aren't for the older two), and nursed frequently at night. With my twins, my cycles returned at 20 months. They were both still nursing several times at night. I'm pretty sure I was ovulating for a few "cycles" before starting to menstruate. With my current nursling, who nurses many times at night (always between 2:30-3:30, right within your "window" although I've never heard of that before), my cycles started at 9 months. With her, I think I started ovulating a few months later (or was ovulating so close to the end of my period that I missed the cervical mucus).

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5-6 months with my first 3 babies. My 4th baby is 8 months and so far no sign of my cycle returning. Now that I typed it out, I better knock on wood huh?

I think its because he nurses a ton at night, to the point I'd almost say he reverse cycles. I'm actually kind of surprised that it is not back at this point because I don't really think that much is different this time in terms of nursing habits. I haven't really had any signs of returning fertility either which I did with the others for a few months prior to my first period. I'm only 29 and don't have any fertility issues that I know of, I think it is just luck this time lol!

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Night nursing kept my AF away for me...until DD1 nightweaned herself at 35 mo old...I got 1st PPAF 2 weeks later.

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8 mos for DD, 10 mos for DS. Both times, it was within a few weeks of my being gone from home more than one day a week.

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6 weeks.
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With my first he never went more than 2 hours without nursing at night or else his reflux would get really bad and he wouldn't sleep. My period came back at 5 months (and the next cycle was fully fertile).

Then I had a second 20 months after the first. I was co-sleeping with BOTH, both we nursing all day and all night, and I was following all the rules for ecological breastfeeding because I really wanted to be able to rely on breastfeeding for birth control longer this time. My period came back at 4 months.

Every on is different. Sudden changes are supposed to be more likely to cause your period to come back than gradual ones.

Sometime between 56 days post-partum and about 30 months your period should come back ;-)
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ok, I am in the same boat, sort of.
My dd is almost 18m and still no period, and we really want to ttc.
We nightweaned about 2 months ago ( with some periods where she would nurse again) and still nothing. I am getting sad. I started cutting back on day nursing a few days ago, she was still nursing every couple of hours. Let's see if that helps.
Anybody know how long it would take for me to ovulate now? She's only nursing morning nap and bedtime.

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18 months with no change in nursing habits
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9 months exactly. A little earlier than I had hoped (especially seeing as I'm STILL nursing through the night), but on the positive side it's been more regular than it ever was before and I have no cramps

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10 months to the day and we have always nursed at least 1-2 times during that time period. At 20 months she doesn't nurse that much during the day anymore - nap and a few other random times maybe - and eats very good regular meals but she still nurses all night long and I won't night wean because like yours I think she needs it - she's a peanut.
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With DD1, my period came back at 4m PP And she was a heavy nurser, all day and all night. I was SO not happy! LOL

With DD2, not for more than a year (probably closer to 16-18 months), but I was also tandem nursing and had lost a lot of weight because of DD2's allergies, so I don't know if the delay in the return of my cycle was because of tandeming or because of the pretty severe weight loss.

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