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baltic_ballet's Avatar baltic_ballet 05:53 PM 12-14-2010

Excellent article by Mayim Bialik thumb.gif





Sorry if this has already been posted.

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 06:41 PM 12-14-2010

thanks - that's an excellent read - good rational explanations thumbsup.gif

haydn'smommy's Avatar haydn'smommy 06:41 PM 12-14-2010

That is wonderful. That last paragraph gave me chills.

myk's Avatar myk 08:00 PM 12-17-2010

awesome article! i can't believe she's got spraying and forceful letdown when her son is that age - i stopped that long before DD1 was a year old, but still had plenty of milk til she turned 4 :) the human body is really a neat thing when you think about it.

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