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EmilyG's Avatar EmilyG 11:13 PM 02-23-2011

So DD, who is 18 months old, has recently (6 weeks now) developed this aweful rash.  At first they thought it was a virus, but now her Dr. thinks allergies.  I haven't changed soaps or detergents or anything like that and she hasn't started any new foods.  The only thing I can think of is that I started weight watchers about 8 weeks ago and I'm wondering if something I've changed in my diet is coming across in my milk?

Does anyone know how much of that could come through my milk?  Like if I'm eating more nuts than I was before could she have a reaction to that?  My pedi says no, but I'm not sure.  I'm mostly just eating whole foods and watching my portions, but I do have a frozen weight watchers meal once or twice a week when I'm at work.  Could there be some preservative or something in those coming through my milk and causing a reaction?  I just don't know what else it could be!

ramama's Avatar ramama 11:31 PM 02-23-2011

DD2 was diagnosed with food allergies at 9 months.  Our pediatrician didn't want to refer her for testing because he just persistently refused to believe that it could be a food allergy.  Luckily, my insurance doesn't require referrals, so I went to an allergist anyway.  She was allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts.


She had a horrible rash on her cheeks (in hindsight, from where my breastmilk touched her face, especially after sloppy nighttime feedings) that was constantly oozing and bleeding.  Prescription creams did nothing to clear it up.  Two things that happened really put a fire under my butt to get her tested:  Hearing about the healing properties of breastmilk, I applied it directly to her rash.  It made the rash many times worse.  Second, at about 9 months, I started eating straight peanuts as a quick snack, grabbing a handful here and there.  I noticed a marked change in her rash, and she also indicated pain.  I also noticed random areas of rashes all over her body that corresponded to the places that I touched her.


My pediatrician didn't believe that food allergies could come through breastmilk either.  He was wrong.  DD was only 9 months and we (DH and me) had suspected allergies for a while, and therefore hadn't given her solid foods yet.  She was exclusively breastfed and had allergic reactions to allergens in my milk.  Plain and simple.

namistenicole's Avatar namistenicole 12:22 AM 02-24-2011

Allergens can come through breastmilk, it's really common. My daughter was allergic to dairy from birth and I couldn't eat ANY dairy products, not even a bite, until she was about 1.5 or 2. I don't know if it's the Weight Watchers meals or not, but it definitely could be something in your diet. Nuts, eggs, even things like broccoli can cause digestive problems.


Where is your daughter's rash? My daughter got a red, bloody rash around her anus (which is a common allergy symptom). It was awful...


I would definitely do some research into common breastfeeding allergies (like here). I would also try switching to super clean detergents and soaps, just in case it is contact dermatitis and not a food allergy.


Good luck, keep searching and you'll figure it out.

EmilyG's Avatar EmilyG 09:06 AM 02-24-2011

Thanks so much ladies, definatly calling tomorrow to get her refered to an allergist.

mamafever's Avatar mamafever 08:30 PM 03-03-2011

My guess is that the rash is from dairy products. Have you taken them out of your diet yet? Because your baby can definintely get allergies through your milk. My son had a horrible rash all over his body at about 3 months old and it took us a while to pin point it on dairy. But once I took it out of my diet completely he was totally better. Dairy can take up to 6 weeks to get out of your system completely so you do have to give it a little time to see if it clears up. And milk is in everything!!!!...including bread! just make sure you look at the labels. It didnt take long to realise that my son did not react to bread or if the dairy was baked in it. It was more of a direct dairy source. Just make sure you are taking your vitamins and getting enough protein and calories through out the day. It was hard figuring that out after relying on dairy for so much every day. Also a Gonstead Chiropractor might be able to help your child as well.