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goldenwillow's Avatar goldenwillow 11:47 AM 04-15-2011

Hi Mamas!


My moon came back after 3ish years of being free of that last month.  I am expecting it any day now and I am finding that it is painful to nurse.  It almost feels like DS is a newborn again, he is 22 months.  My breasts seem to be really full and all he wants to do is nurse. 


Anyone have any experience with this?  I am sure it is "normal" but was looking to hear from others. 


Thank you,


Andrea Mae

Anna Phor's Avatar Anna Phor 12:19 PM 04-15-2011

I have problems with my supply dipping in the second half of my cycle. My son cries at the breast like he is not getting enough milk and also wakes frequently in the night. I also get tender nipples. I haven't figured out all the ins and outs of this yet and I'm still experimenting, but I have found drinking mothers milk tea helps with the supply problems--BUT it seems like I need to start drinking it well in advance of my period beginning--around 2 weeks before?


But your problem sounds like the opposite--you feel like you have too much milk? 

goldenwillow's Avatar goldenwillow 12:32 PM 04-15-2011

I do feel like I have a ton right now.  Not too much that makes me super uncomfortable but my bra is tighter than normal.   I thought that was from the extra 5 lbs that have suddenly appeared from all the changes going on. 


I too felt last month that my supply was down mid cycle.  Interesting.  I am also trying to figure this out. 


I have really been blessed with a wonderful experience BF'ing.  I have never had an issue, except for discomfort in the early stages, naturally.


I have some mothers milk tea that was given to me early on as a gift.  Thank you for the suggestion mid cycle.  I forgot about that. 



averlee's Avatar averlee 07:16 PM 04-21-2011

Maybe it's a long shot, but whenever I hear pain nursing, I think, thrush. The changes during your cycle can make you more susceptible. You could try globbing some yogurt on your nipples and see if that helps.

woodchick's Avatar woodchick 07:53 PM 04-21-2011

With both of my girls I got my period back at 20 months. I found the first 3 or 4 cycles to be the worst.  I had nipple pain leading up to menses and during, nothing terrible, just there. Kind of like the nipple pain during early pregnancy.  I also felt like I had more milk- perhaps because I was ending our nursing sessions a little early due to the pain?


It seems like after a few cycles my hormones have balanced out again and I am noticing much difference between normal and when I'm menstruating.


My girls are still nursing at 2 and almost 5, fwiw.


It also could just be a coincidence that your DS is nursing a ton.  Maybe he's hit a growth spurt right as you've started your period again?  The other mamas here have good suggestions as well.

goldenwillow's Avatar goldenwillow 08:56 AM 04-22-2011

Thank you for all the suggestions.  I agree with the growth spurt. 


I am totally confused, no doubt.


My first period came a month after we got married in Oct 2010.  Thought it was from some extended family stress.  Then came last month on St. Patricks Day.  Now, nothing. 


Don't get it. 


I have been testing, testing and testing as we are not trying to conceive.... all negative. 


Just feels weird. 



QTRANDI's Avatar QTRANDI 02:35 PM 04-29-2011

I get it - totally get it.  I got my 1st cycle 3 months back I think and it is VERY uncomfortable to nurse from about ovulation until my period - to the point where I cringe everytime! :o/  I read on KellyMom to take Evening Primrose Oil (helps nerve endings) -- I just started last month when my cycle came so am curious to see if it helps.


Gear up for a growth spurt of sorts....Rudy was awake at 4am - slept from 6:30-10am and fell asleep again at 12:30ish. WEIRD!  Mama is utterly exhausted and we've done nothing today. I am glad it is Friday and Kauleen is home to help.


Missing you and hope all is well.