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Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy > I have fever from 3 days and scared to feed my 1.5 yr old DD- plz help!
chetuk3's Avatar chetuk3 09:37 PM 09-01-2011

Dear mommas,


I have had fever since the past 3 days which goes anywhere from 100 F to 102 F. It reduces after I take fever reducing meds. But I am concerned that my DD who is 1.5 yrs old will get my infection. I have a doc's appt today- but I mostly know the doc will prescribe some heavy meds and advise me to stop bfeeding.


I a SATM and DD is used to on demand bfeeding - right now we are trying to avoid her being close to me, but she is crying a lot and I end up bfeeding her to calm her down.


Anyone who has faced a similar situation? Neither DD nor I are ready to wean and I was hoping for her to take the lead.

Please help!!!!



katelove's Avatar katelove 02:27 AM 09-02-2011

I wouldn't worry about it too much. You breast milk will contain antibodies to whatever infection you have which will protect your DD. She may still get sick but it is likely to be a much milder version of whatever you have. Or she may not get it at all. And the more you feed her the more antibodies she will get. Also breastmilk contains lots and lots pf phagocytes which are the cells that engulf and destroy bacteria/virus cells so she will get that protection as well.


As far as the antibiotics go, most are safe to take while breastfeeding. Obviously it's not ideal to take ABs and breastfeed but if you're sick and need them then it's not a disaster. Ask your doctor to check

Dr Hales' book or website if s/he is concerned about the drugs. It is the gold standard for medication in breastmilk advice.


All the best. I hope you feel better soon.

dejagerw's Avatar dejagerw 01:27 PM 09-02-2011

Are you sure it's bacterial and not viral? If you've got a virus, there's not meds to take, just time to get better. I had a killer bug a couple weeks ago. I had a fever for 4 days, and was really wiped out. My toddler got a milder version of what I had, and my baby didn't get sick at all. They both were nursing.


At the doctor, if they feel you really need meds (not just giving them out just in case), be sure to request something that's safe to nurse with. There are plenty of drugs out there that are safe. Do not stand for a doctor telling you to wean because of a bug. Nursing is the surest way to protect your LO. Rarely do mothers need to wean do to a medication they are taking. However often times doctors don't know any better and always just say to wean rather than them looking it up.

D_McG's Avatar D_McG 08:57 PM 09-03-2011

I just had a virus like that and am nursing a baby.  They gave me anti-viral meds and I took advil.  Nobody said anything about nursing.  I don't really understand why you're so worried?  Does your doctor have a history of overreacting to things like that?  

chetuk3's Avatar chetuk3 07:56 AM 09-04-2011

I guess I did over react. I feeling better and it was a viral infection which thankfully has passed. I had loads of Vit C , garlic, water and rest. Nursed DD as often as she wanted.  Thanks for the replies....

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 10:00 AM 09-05-2011

Glad you are feeling better. Your daughter was definitely better off being breastfed while you were ill. She would be much more likely to become infected with the virus or bacteria had she not been breastfed and fed the antibodies to protect her.