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tooraloora's Avatar tooraloora 10:52 AM 09-23-2011

Due to difficulties with breastfeeding and a general lack of knowledge and support, I only managed to breastfeed my DD for about 2 months. By the time my DS was born 5 years later, I was better prepared and we've had a fantastic breastfeeding relationship for the past 13 months. Shortly after his birth, DD got interested in breastfeeding and started asking if she could try. I turned her down at first because we were in a DV shelter at the time with no time alone and I was terrified of how people would react. A year later, she's still asking. Honestly, as she's gotten older and lost her "babyishness" I've gotten more uncomfortable with the idea, even though now there isn't the issue of having someone around judging. However, we've had issues with bonding from the beginning, and though it's gotten a lot better in the last year, I can't help but think maybe letting her nurse with her brother could help. Any advice?

pumpkinhead's Avatar pumpkinhead 10:59 AM 09-23-2011

If she were my child I'd offer to let her try some milk in a cup. I don't think I would allow her to nurse directly from the breast. I don't necessarily think it is wrong, but I wouldn't be comfortable with it myself.

blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 02:02 PM 09-23-2011

The longest I nursed is 60 months, but I think I would go ahead and let the child try it once.  Just be forewarned that she probably won't know how to latch very well.  Maybe tell her she can nurse from you just one time and then if she likes the taste of the milk you will express it for her to drink from a cup. 

prothyraia's Avatar prothyraia 02:10 PM 09-23-2011

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If she were my child I'd offer to let her try some milk in a cup. I don't think I would allow her to nurse directly from the breast.



She won't be able to latch at this point and she hasn't been nursing right along, so functionally it's not going to work.  I would be uncomfortable with it, personally, and if you are uncomfy with it I think you should honor that and not try to force yourself into that situation.


You might consider letting her pretend to nurse if she's really interested in it.


ChelseaWantsOut's Avatar ChelseaWantsOut 08:51 PM 10-06-2011
I agree that she probably won't be able to nurse, although if you were comfortable with it (and it's totally fine that you're not) I'd say let her try. Maybe you could offer to snuggle with her and feed her expressed milk from a bottle, if what she's looking for is closeness and to be babied.
tooraloora's Avatar tooraloora 12:53 PM 10-07-2011

Thanks mamas. I think I'm going to try the expressed milk route and see how that goes.