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crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 05:08 PM 09-27-2011
I am really stuck on this.

DS is 2.5. He was a voracious nurser until he turned 2 and then suddenly he started eating real food and we both felt comfortable with some limits on nursing (though there were tears on his part on & off) and we cut down a lot. Just recently, I cut out his morning nurse-a-thons, and he is now only nursing at night. Cutting out the morning nursing was really easy & he didn't even cry -- in fact, he cried LESS than when he was nursing! So I am not sure if I should take advantage of this easy time and just wean him all the way? I sense that he will be OK with it, and he said he would be sad but then he'd be happy again if we stopped. I feel like he is sort of ready, though I don't think he'd stop on his own right now without encouragement.

However, I always wanted to CLW. I never even thought of any other option, to be honest! But when I say he was a 'voracious nurser', I mean to the extreme -- he nursed several times an hour, both day & night, for almost all of those first 2 years... 20++ times a day. Every day. I have never met another kid who nurses even half as much as DS did. So I'm a bit... burnt out, I guess... hence all the limits the minute I felt he was ready for them! But I'm not sure I'm ready to be done. I'm afraid I'll regret it. I also would love to get him through one more winter. But he's at such a good stage for it right now, and I'm worried it will be harder for him down the line, if I did end up deciding to wean him instead of letting him self-wean.

IDK, why is this such a hard decision?!?!?!