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trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 05:46 PM 02-29-2012

So DD2 is 13mo now and my DS weaned at 14mo and DD1 didn't nurse long. She isn't weaning any time soon and I intend to let her lead the way as to when we should wean. Up until now we have always called nursing "MILKY BOOB". I just realized that eventually she will know how to talk while still nursing. I'm not sure if yelling for "MILKY BOOB" across a public place is something I really want to experience from her. Maybe I need to call it something else? So I am curious what experienced long term nursers have to say on the subject? What does your family call it? Has that become an issue once your child learned to talk?

3girls1boy's Avatar 3girls1boy 12:46 PM 03-01-2012

When my oldest used to just ask for milk, but my brother once got embarrassed when he realized she wasn't talking about the stuff he had in the fridge. She was about 2 and so I said, "Let's call it M.M. for Mommy Milk," and she said, "K.K." and I said, "No, M.M." and she said, "K.K." and so that's what it became and that's what I called it with her 3 younger siblings.  Only much later, that I realized, she was probably just answering me with "Okay."

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 04:27 PM 03-01-2012

so you called it KK?

3girls1boy's Avatar 3girls1boy 08:28 AM 03-02-2012

Yes it became KK and also used that term with her 3 younger siblings.

Mama4life14's Avatar Mama4life14 08:39 AM 03-02-2012
That is a funny story 3girls1boy! When you said "I realize now she was just saying "okay" I laughed out loud. That's so cute!

My son nursed til he was 22 months old. We always called it "milk" but he could never pronounce it right.. So he called it "what" I still have no idea why.. Even now, he comes to me and says "what empty now" haha. He's 27 months, and still doesn't pronounce milk right. He still says "what".

I also taught him to sign milk. (The squeeze your palm motion) so he would do the sign and say "what"
You could always make up your own sign for it, with no words!

Happy nursing! smile.gif

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sere234's Avatar sere234 08:56 AM 03-02-2012
My 18 mo calls it "muh" or generally "Mama, muuuuuuuuuh!!!". He used to call it "tiii" I think because I over pronounced the k in milk. It sounded like he was saying "tit" so I started stressing the m in milk. smile.gif So now he safely calls it "muh" though he can say the actual word milk when we talk about cows!
claras_mom's Avatar claras_mom 01:57 PM 03-10-2012
dd1 called it 'ana'--dd2 calls my breasts "the anas" but when she asks it's for 'mommy milk'. Cows' milk is 'moo milk.'
trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 02:17 PM 03-10-2012
Thats so cute. I have been trying to teach her the sign for milk with a hand motion but so far she hasn't caught on
katelove's Avatar katelove 04:52 PM 03-10-2012

My LO is 21 months. For a while she was just saying "Molk" but now she says "Mummy Milkies". I didn't really teach her that although I probably asked her if she wanted mummy milk a few times.



P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 03:37 PM 03-13-2012

I started this thread some months ago, maybe you can get some more ideas from there: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1328331/for-fun-what-is-your-childs-word-for-nursing


We call it boo-boo, not sure how that happened but that's just what it is. I'm American but live in the EU in a non-English speaking environment and I often forget that in American boo-boo is a kiddie word for a small cut or scrape. I always have to giggle when I hear an American say boo-boo in that way now....because for us boo boo is a way of life, not a little cut, lol!

kanga1622's Avatar kanga1622 03:48 PM 03-19-2012

I always asked if DS wanted "milks" and even progressed to using the sign for "eat." He decided at 23 months to finally ask for it by saying "num-num." We just roll with it. Nobody notices it when we are in public when he asks or if I ask him if he wants milks.

MichelleZB's Avatar MichelleZB 06:48 AM 03-25-2012

In my family (with my mother) we called in "meep". I was the eldest and I think that's just how I said "milk" for awhile, and it stuck. She used it with all of my siblings, too.


I've been calling it "Mama milk" with my son. He can't talk yet so we'll see what he comes up with.

Margot Dawson's Avatar Margot Dawson 04:01 PM 03-25-2012

Ha ha, we call it Milky Boob too!  My 15 mo can say Boob (more like "boo").  I was thinking about changing it too, lol.  I like the "mommy milk" idea.  Or maybe just "milky"...  I probably won't change it until he can say other words better though.  Its nice for him to be able to communicate "boo" to me right now, and he only really can say m, b, and p sounds right now...

nstewart's Avatar nstewart 04:05 PM 03-26-2012

DS (20 mos) sometimes signs "milk" (he used to only sign) and for the last month or so has decided on "Mamma Moot" (a mis-pronounciation of "Milk" obviously).  But I like the "Moot" because it makes it more discreet!  So, he either wants "mamma moot" or "moo moot" (cow milk) but you can guess which one he prefers...thumb.gif

trekkingirl's Avatar trekkingirl 04:34 PM 03-26-2012

I love all these nicknames! Thanks for sharing. I'm still trying to teach DD the sign for milk but she will only do it if I help her with her hand.

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