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wildmansmom's Avatar wildmansmom 09:44 AM 07-19-2012

I'm so glad I found this post! It's hard to find BFing Mamas of 2 year olds who are actually trying to wean.  DS turned 2 in June and DH and I agreed that we would wean before he started pre-school in August.  We are stuck at bed time and early morning but he's still asking several times during the day. We night weaned a month ago and took 2 or 3 weeks before he stopped asking at night.  I feel so guilty, especially when he says "Please nurse Mama?" and I think that's what is holding us back.  I'm also 7 weeks preggo with our second child and although I know I can nurse through pregnancy, it's just one more reason to cut off these last 2 sessions.  I'm going to give the firm and guiltless attitude a shot and just deal with the inevitable tears.  If I don't wean him now I'm sure he would be nursing at 4 or 5, which just isn't going to work for us.  2 years was double my original goal of 1 year!

mamayogibear's Avatar mamayogibear 04:25 PM 08-09-2012

My dd weaned right around when she turned two and was gradual about it herself. Like she started sleeping through the night at 18 months and then was at daycare all day so she was basically only nursing once in the morning and once at night when she was almost two. My ds on the other hand is almost two and is nursing at least six times a day and waking me up at least twice at night! It is driving me crazy and I really want to sleep again, lol. I don't know if I need him to totally wean but I would love to just nurse when he wakes up and when he falls asleep instead of having him constantly ripping my shirt off of me. I guess for starters I am going to wear more fitting shirts and just not let him have easy access all the time and offer him a cup of hemp milk when he trys to nurse. I am thinking of trying to night wean and deal with his crying over the weekend but I'm afraid that Sunday  night I will just give in and let him snuggle so he'll be quiet and let me get a couple of hours of sleep...

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