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jewel1288 06:25 PM 04-06-2012

I think I may be getting my period, as I had some mucus tinged blood today. I'm still nursing my 14 mo LO. A few months back, I felt physically and emotionally like I might be getting my period, but didn't. This is my first child, so everything happening to my body is new. I'm wondering what your experiences have been regarding when your period returned while you were still nursing your little one. My child still nurses throughout the day and night... so I'm really surprised to be getting my period. 


Any info you have would be appreciated! Thanks.

Mosaic's Avatar Mosaic 11:29 AM 04-09-2012
It might or might not be your period... nursing won't keep it away forever! smile.gif If you felt like your period may have been coming back before, you might want to take a pregnancy test just to be sure you didn't catch that first egg out of the gate. Other than that, you should consider watching your fertility signs to get a better feel for what's going on. TCOYF has a good section on how to track your fertility even while nursing. smile.gif
gitanamama's Avatar gitanamama 12:20 PM 04-11-2012

It sounds pretty normal to me to get your period back around 14 months. My cycle didn't return until 20 months after my son was born, but both my midwife and my gyn were surprised by that. My son breastfed on demand up until last week, so it wasn't a change in the feedings that caused my period to return--I guess it was just time! I wouldn't be concerned, but like the PP said, I'd pay attention to your fertility signs. 

RStelle's Avatar RStelle 06:28 PM 04-13-2012

I ebf, my daughter nursed a TON, every 2-3 hours for the first 6 months, every 3-4 hours after that, and I got my period 6 weeks after she was born, I've had it every month since. I was so pissed, but it is normal, there is a lot of variety in terms of when it comes back. I find I get much more exhausted now than I did before I bf, like it is just too much for my body to handle doing both at once. I take it easy and eat lots of iron rich food, but, yeah, I wasn't expecting to get it back so soon!

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