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mrs.t's Avatar mrs.t 05:39 PM 05-04-2012

Lately my high needs toddler has been nursing ALL THE TIME. He's 24 months old, there haven't been any big changes in our lifestyle, and the only thing I can come up with is maybe he is getting his 2 year molars. His usual routine was to nurse until the milk flow stopped, then pop off and do whatever it is he was doing. He nurses to sleep for naps and bedtime. Now, he's nursing or asking to nurse every hour...then he will stay attached to the boob for 20 minutes or more, just comfort nursing. I am tired, touched out, and frustrated. I really want to let him self wean, but at this point I feel like he'll never be done with it. I do want him to continue nursing...but I am really missing time to myself. Anyone have a toddler go through this stage?

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 06:29 PM 05-04-2012

My toddler is not high needs at all, and just last month he was exactly like you described! Nursing ALL NIGHT LONG, staying latched waaaay after I was done, etc. He's 24 months as well, and a just in the last 3-4 days things have returned to 'normal' with nursing.


I thought it was his molars, but they didn't come through, so who knows what it was.


Anyway, you are not alone!

mrs.t's Avatar mrs.t 03:04 PM 05-05-2012

Thanks! I hope it's just a phase...I really don't mind breastfeeding for the most part but the staying latched thing is really too much. Glad to know it's not just my little guy.

P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 10:55 AM 05-11-2012

You are allowed to set limits, and still let him self-wean when he's ready. I know many mamas who set limits and gave up the "on-demand" system between age 1 and 2 (or later), yet continued to nurse for years after that, just within certain limits.

My son is 23 months and we cut out daytime nursing (except 1x when he gets home from daycare) and nursing while out when he was around 15-18months. Maybe if this doesn't pass soon it's time for you to keep the nursing for certain times only so it's not driving you crazy anymore.

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