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asrapp1's Avatar asrapp1 08:53 AM 10-01-2012

I know there has been alot of here and I have been reading through your posts. Decided to post anyway.  So my son is 14 1/2 months old. He starts off in his now toddler bed we just got him, which is next to my bed.  He co sleeps part of the night in bed with me. So  about 3 now almost 4 weeks ago he started to wake up at 11/1130pm after going to sleep at 8pm.  I nurse him to sleep every night. We had him in a crib in my room but would scream bloody murder to get out. So that is why we got a toddler bed.  We dont do COI.  So he has been getting up at 11/ 1130 then basically nursing all night  He is sleeping with me and tossing and turning so I am not getting any sleep. he is not getting good sleep and wakes himself up then wants to nurse again.  I feel like we are both zombies and I feel like my  son is not getting good sleep he wakes up looking exhausted and so am I.  I feel like its not good for either of us.


So any advice what works for you. Did the Dr Gordon method work?  I am trying that now tonight will be night 2 first night was ok he cried when I unlatched him, but took his paci and went back to sleep. I think the hardest will be night 4-6 when he cant nurse at all.  I still want to nurse to sleep and in the morning, just feel that maybe this is the only way he will sleep. He used to sleep 7-8 hours a night and now I am lucky if he sleeps 2 hours in a row.  is this a phase?



leafylady's Avatar leafylady 08:36 PM 10-01-2012
When I was night weaning my son (12 years ago) I didn't nurse him during night wakings, but I did comfort him until he went back to sleep, usually holding him. He was still sleeping with us either in bed or in a crib next to the bed. It seems like it took about a week for him to adjust.

Yes he cried, but he was always in arms while crying. He's still a wonderful sweet secure intelligent boy at 12 1/2 years old.
leafylady's Avatar leafylady 08:37 PM 10-01-2012
I actually did the night weaning when he was right around a year old.
trimommy2009's Avatar trimommy2009 11:18 PM 10-03-2012

With my first kiddo, he did the exact same thing.  At 20 months I was exhausted and needed sleep, so I used lemon juice on my nipples.  :)  It worked like a charm, he would try to nurse, I would keep a bottle of lemon juice next to the bed and put a little on the nipple he was trying to nurse from.  He would just give me a look and curl right up next to me and fall back asleep.  It probably took 4 nights of this every time he woke up but there was no crying, no fussing, and no arguing, just sweet sleep. That being said, he started calling my milk sour and making faces when he saw my boobs so we were pretty much done nursing after that as he had already weened himself from nursing during the day.  :(  I wanted to make it to two years, but I had gone back to work by this time and needed my sleep as much as he did.