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Jordan Wildman's Avatar Jordan Wildman 01:36 PM 10-16-2012
I love bf my 15 month old but I am so exhausted. he will not go to nap or bed unless he passes out on the boob which has recently started in the last month. he will cram and not nap which leads to exhaustion a good nights sleep that night then flowed by a day of no napping again. I am so tired. he was up at 1am and had a horribly nights sleep and I know he is exhausted. I nursed him to nap o laid him down and he woke and screamed.bloody murder until I took him out. I can't do cry it out he will scream for hours if I let him. I feel stuck in this cycle where he used to sleep on his own. he has crazy allergies corn soy day wheat and grains (going to allergistc tomorrow for more confirmation).

he is becoming so used to nursing to nap that no one else can get him to nap which is hard when I work some days.

randihope's Avatar randihope 04:25 PM 10-17-2012

I'm in the same boat. my 2 year CANNOT fall asleep without my breast. I can't figure out how to end this- hopefully someone here will have some suggestions for us.