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Ambivalent Dreams's Avatar Ambivalent Dreams 10:14 AM 10-17-2012

My DS is 2 yrs 1 month and nurses 1-3 times per day.  He doesn't have any attachment issues.  He is very comfortable with other people and has a nanny that keeps him during the work day.  Do you think that I would sabatoge our breastfeeding relationship if I went for a weekend getaway with DH?  I'd probably go 3 days without nursing, but I could pump.

Banana731's Avatar Banana731 10:30 AM 10-17-2012
What's the longest he's gone without nursing?

I don't think anyone can really say for sure if it will harm your breastfeeding relationship or if it will be traumatic for your son. The question you might want to ask yourself is how will it make you feel if it does affect it, or it is traumatic for him? Is it something you can live with? How important is the weekend getaway to you when you balance against that scenario?

If you decide that you aren't comfortable with what might happen, are there any alternatives? Can you make just an overnight trip instead of a weekend trip? Can you bring the nanny with you, but have your own room?

Ambivalent Dreams's Avatar Ambivalent Dreams 12:18 PM 10-17-2012

Thanks.  I don't think he'll care one bit if I'm gone overnight that long.  ...I might though!  And if I came back and he wouldn't nurse anymore, then, yeah.  I'd be upset.

Kate&Joey's Avatar Kate&Joey 02:51 PM 10-17-2012

I had to travel on several overnight work trips when DS was a baby.  When he was about 20 months, I had a four-day training session out of town.  By that time, I wasn't pumping anymore, but he was nursing in the morning and at night, as well as around naptime on the weekends.  The separation didn't phase him one bit.  Once I returned from the training on Friday afternoon, he woke up from a nap and had a nice nursing session.  love.gif  

Greenlea's Avatar Greenlea 03:02 PM 10-17-2012

When nursing DS2 was 9mths old I went to an out of town wedding for 2 days without him. I pumped while away and he did fine and nursed like a champ when I got back.


In July of this year, when nursing DS2 was 20 mths old, my older son broke his leg and we were in the hospital for almost 3 days.  He stayed with my mom & sister while I stayed at the hospital. DS2 did fine and again nursed like a champ when I saw him again.


I know all kids are different and your child could be effected differently by the separation, but I think he should be okay. Just make sure you nurse him right before you leave and right when you get back. 

nstewart's Avatar nstewart 03:06 PM 10-17-2012

I've left DS (now 27 mos) twice since he was 21 months for more than 1 night.  Once for two nights to attend a wedding, and once for 3 nights for a work trip.  I brought my pump and pumped once a day on the 3 night trip (more for my comfort than anything!) and didn't bother for the two night trip.


DS is still nursing just fine.  So, for me it wasn't an issue but every babe is different.  If he's still really interested in nursing I think it's way less likely that he'd just stop than if he is already starting to self-wean and is a long ways down that path.