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Regress while weaning baby off of breastfeeding

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What, if any, other strategies exist to try weaning the baby from breastfeeding?  We were successful going to almost 1-2 sessions/per day however she has multiple teeth coming in and wants to BF often for the last couple weeks.


Any help would be appreciated!

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How old is she, and what strategies have you tried?  Which nursing sessions has she not given up yet?

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She is over 14 months and has had some success weaning the lunch time nursing session as long as mom is away.  She eats solids very well and does good with variety and all sorts of foods from meats to veggies to fruits.  But with the massive teething, she still wants morning wakeup session and afternoon snack.  Bedtime has been a mainstay and wakes up at least 2-3 times a night for some BF.


Strategies were bottle when she was really young but she hated them and got very irritated so we have not revisited in a long time.  Also tried distractions and giving her more solid food and baby snacks to fill her up.  Keeping mommy out of sight does help and taking her out of the house/walks distracts her enough but we don't want to avoid not feeding her when she wants something so we do BF on demand when she "really demands" it.  


She also knows the sign language for BF so she is very capable of telling us when she wants it.

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I think sometimes weaning is one step forward and two steps back. I'm gradually weaning my 28 month old, but he's still nursing a lot at night, even though he had been night weaned. I think he's teething. It drives me crazy (he wakes more frequently than my 3 month old!) but for now I'm just trying to accept it as a phase that will pass soon, and then we can get back to sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. Is it imperative that you wean your LO now? Are you able just to wait the teething out?
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