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19 mo dd has been calling nursing 'boobie', which doesn't really bother me
because we are living in Germany and many people don't understand what 'boobie' means. However, we will be going to the States in April to visit my family, and there everyone will understand and know what she's talking about.
Granted, we'll be in Northern California (SF Bay Area) so it's a relatively BFing friendly place but I want to change our 'code name' just to be sure that we don't shock anyone.
I've been going back and forth with myself about this one, because on the
one hand I don't want my BFing to be something I'm embarrassed about, or
ashamed of. But we're getting to the point where here in Germany some
friends/mommas have written me off because sometimes dd demands to BF
during a playdate and I suppose it grosses the other mamas out. All of this
in (what I thought was more or less BF friendly) Southern Germany.

But is there anyone who has successfully been able to change the code
name for nursing? If so, any advice?


Single mama to a 5yo and 8yo

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My dd has always said "nursey" except she pronounces it like "nooooosey" and I don't think anyone knows what she's trying to say :LOL . Still, when she was 2.5 or so I started saying 'do you want some milk?' and as I said that more, she would also say that. They are just such imitators, you know? I think whatever word you start using she'll pick up. First use them together, (boobie and whatever you want to switch to). The reason I went with milk is that she talks so clearly now (almost three) and now if we're in a mall or in a meeting or I just don't feel like it's a good time, (though we do nurse in public if she's needs to, sometimes I'd just rather not), then when she asks for "Milk" I might say - "I brought you a drink box with soy milk!" Or, how about we find you an apple juice and crackers when we leave here instead? Or, let's have milk as soon as we get home.

Usually satistfies her, doesn't make for an uncomfrtable scene.

Mama to my sweet girls: (2/02) and (2/08) and 3/11 and new baby (5/14)
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My DD (14mo) isn't talking yet but I started having problems with her just yanking up my shirt when she wanted to nurse. So I've started patting my chest just before we nurse and asking her if she wants pat-pat? She's just started patting me and may have said "pat" for the first time today so it seems to be working. She still tugs at my shirt first but as soon as I say pat-pat she switches to patting so I think we are getting somewhere.
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well, i live in the bay area, and lemme tell's noooo problem to have a toddler screaming she or he WANTS MY BOOBIES!!!! it's happened to me more times than i can count and i usually get smiles from everyone around (and a few knowing looks from mamas).

so fuggeda 'bout it!
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DS also used boobie to refer to nursing. It didn't bother me, to be honest, but we had my in-laws coming for X-mas, and I just didn't want to deal with the hassle. I don't think they know I'm still nursing. So the week before they came, we started calling it snack. Well, he had adapted to using snack before the in-laws (I usually call them out-laws, to be honest, since DH and I aren't actually married!) even arrived. In their hotel room the day we picked them up he was saying "want snack, snack please", and my MIL was running around finding things to offer him as a snack! It's turned out to be very discreet. it allowed me to say "oh, I'll just go get Andrew a snack" and take him away to nurse. Which I don't bother doing with anyone else, but with my in-laws, like I said, I just don't want the hassle, so I'd rather keep up the pretense. I know there are people here who will feel I ought to be educating my in-laws about the benefits of EBF, but it just isn't going to happen. I educate everyone else I come across by nursing pretty much anywhere and everywhere, but not them. Luckily they live out of town!

the only time we hear boobie now is if I offer him a regular snack when he'd rather nurse, he will inform me that "no want it, want boobie snack!".

So, yes, you can change what you call nursing, and it amazed me how quickly we managed to do so.

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MAYBE if you start calling it something different so will your dc. I always used the word ninny but it didn't work. My ds calls it mimi or mima. Two words that I never came up with. Good Luck.
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My DD1 learned the word "boob" from my sister by hearing her say it and immediately started yelling it out of an open window. But fortunately I was talking about nursing and babies, and she spontaneously started calling breasts "baby boos" - which has come in handy now and then as a code word.

I like the suggestion of using "snack" or patting your shirt - those are great ideas!

Mom "D" to DD1 "Z" (15) and DD2 "I" (11) DH "M"

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I taught DS the sign for milk, and he's always used that (since about 1 yr old). He's 20 mos now, and has started saying voo-voo for booby, but i just try to respond with the sign, and say "do you want milk"?

Signing is great, and somewhat discreet, and I'd think you could transition to it pretty easily if it interests you.

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My ds calls it 'Milch' (german for milk) as we live in the UK noone knows what he means.

I think they pretty much adapt to whatever you call it. So, I'm sure you could change it to something else before you go to the US, but like another poster said it might not even be necessary.
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