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I try to offer him a variety of food throughout the day, but he just wants to nurse. Somedays i can hardly get anything solid in him. I'm worried, that he isn't getting enough calories. He is below the 5th percentile (weight and height) on the growth charts.
Any advise? Same experience?
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I could have written your post!! My son, who is 22 months, has never been a good eater. For the past year, his weight has been at or below the 5 percentile on the growth charts. He did not want to chew anything until well past his first birthday. It is still a struggle to get him to eat most foods. He eats ok for my nanny (although he refuses to eat vegetables -- lives on pasta, cheese and bread) but hardly eats anything from me or my husband, if I am around. He would much rather nurse, which he does all evening, night and weekends!! I have this theory that these type of eating issues affect toddlers that are still nursing more than toddlers who are already weaned, but I may be wrong. Good luck.

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My ds is not so small, but at 21 months and 25 pounds, he is not too big, either. He would prefer bm over almost anything (except french fries : ). One thing is that during a check up, it turned out that he had thrush, just slightly. After takingthe meds for 2 days, he really started eating. This thrush was subtle. That said, he still isn't a huge eater. I feel good knowing he is getting good nutrition (bm) at least a few times a day to make up for his spotty diet other times. I would feel worse if he had his current diet and no bm.
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We are also in the same boat. I didn't introduce solids until 10 months and he didn't want anything to do with them. Now it's hit or miss with solids. He weighs 20 lbs at 14 months. I have been putting flax oil in what he does eat to help add some fat. Everything he likes is low in fat. HEHEHE figures.

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Let me ask, are you and his father both smaller people in height and weight? If so, it may not matter how much he does or doesnt eat when it comes to his percentiles. I also am not a huge percentile fan since the obesity rate is rising in the US and also if a child is developing normally in other ways, who cares if he's a bit shorter or doesnt weight as much as another, if there werent babes below the 10%, then everything wouldnt even out.

Also, I am extreamly sypathetic since my ds eats like a bird and has for many years (he'll be 3 in July). I always tell people that his little sister (who is 14 months) eats more in a day than he does in a week, and its seriously accurate!

Is he a happy kid? Active? Not developmentally way behind? If so, he is doing ok. Are you nursing him as well? I always thank my lucky stars that ds nurses because I know he is getting the good stuff.

Hugs to you in the meantime!

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My boy is 17 mos and it seems like he doesn't eat much at all. He weighs maybe 22 lbs or so. I'm very small and always have been- my mom says I was consistently at about the 2nd percentile as a baby- but my husband is very much on the opposite end of the spectrum.

We try to offer snacks throughout the day. Also he has some favourite foods that he will eat alot of- strawberries and yogurt in particular, as well as lentils!- so we make sure he gets plenty of those too.

Best of luck to you and your son!
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THings that worked for us: location, location, location. DS would eat at the kiddie picnic table, and later at his little wood table, but not at the big table. Also maybe try booster seat vs. car seat. Have a picnic. Let him eat a bite, then get down, come back and get another. We pretend that dd is a "lion" and give her bites between the slats of the chair (yes, great table manners). I also love to feed my dd in the swing outside. She will eat a huge bowl of rice and veggies, or macaroni, or anything. She gets a bite, has to finish it. I push her. She is done swinging, she gets another bite. Oh, and no clean up LOL

Get different plates, different utensils. Feed him. Let him feed himself. Let him feed you. Line up cars, little people, feed each in turn and then a bite for him. One for fireman, one for Sonya Lee, one for Michael, one for ds. Ummmm, Dr. Sears has the "ice cube tray" trick leaving out snacks. I snack my kids all day long. They also get two breakfasts, one at 7 am and one at 10.

Good luck
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You can't make a kid eat if they don't want to. You can't make a kid eat something s/he doesn't want to eat. And there is nothing wrong with being small!

But I know how you feel. I still try to get my oldest to eat more. She has never been "on the charts" for weight, and stays around 3-5% for height. Some things that seem to help her eat more:
have healthy snacks out and available all day long.
let her eat at her picnic table in the den instead of sitting at the kitchen table.
Dips and sauces - for everything. We absolutely cannot run out of honey mustard, ketchup, or ranch dressing.
NO pressure! This just makes her dig her heels in and fight me.
when she was younger, bribes would work. I could get her to eat a few bites of dinner, if I give her a jelly bean (or popcorn, or whatever). Two more bites, another jelly bean. Some days that's the only way I could get her to eat anything at all!
Sometimes, if I can get her to eat anything at all, it makes her realize she's hungry, so dessert before dinner really helps on days like that.
Giving her a choice in what to eat, or how it's cut also helps. Like "do you want your sandwich in squares or triangles?" "do you want peanut butter or tuna fish sandwich?" Or to let her help me prepare the food - it's always better if she helped make it!
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Ds also likes to eat almost anything if it is out of my bowl. Yesterday after refusing yogurt, chicken, etc. etc, he crawled into my lap and picked at my salad with chicken. He ate a whole bunch (probably because I don't like him to eat lettuce since he usually gags on it) and then when I was done, he signed "more" and pointed to the kitchen.
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I was in the same boat. My DD was petite (DH and I are not) and a power nurser. I really expected her to slow down in her second year, but that didn't happen for at least another year. I think some of us who nurse past infancy can be surprised how strong the need continues to be in the 2nd year. Seems to me that it became emotional than physical during this year.

Watch your baby, not the scale. Is he alert, healthy, hitting milestones in a reasonable time?

You will never win a fight about food, so don't pressure your child into it. Your responsibility is to offer a variety of healthy choices. That's it. Only your DS can choose to eat. He will take what he needs. If he's not taking in a lot of solids, you can sometimes sneak in some extra calories - a dribble of olive oil on pasta or veggies, avocado, pureed beans or tofu in soup, etc. I have felt and continue to feel that food should never be used as a reward or bribe, and I really try to avoid making a big production of whether she has eaten or not (although DH does not). I don't want her to eat to please me, I want her to eat because she's listening to her own body. We women have enough head trips about food without me instilling it in my child!

Both DH and I were glad to see that DD continued to nurse so much while she was a light eater. We were confident that at least she was getting her baseline nutrients from my bm. Weaning her or cutting down on nursing was no guarantee that she would eat more solids. She has slowly, ever so slowly started to cut down by her own choice since Xmas (she just turned 3). She's had a big growth spurt and we are amazed by how much she can put away at times!
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my 12 mo. old is a total boobie monster who eats very little in the way of solids. he's quite big for his age, but i always was, too, and dh isn't small. i'm trying to just offer things and not make a fuss. it's hard sometimes when he won't even taste anything!
so i'm going to : here and see what ideas i can pick up. he loves being outside, so maybe i'll try feeding him outside.....

good luck, buesi!
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