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nrae74's Avatar nrae74 03:26 PM 09-14-2007
Hi! sorry I dont visit this board that offten but I wanted to come here for this..............I really think I want to nurse my baby till she is 2 or so, but this last week, she turned 1, got her two top teeth which in itself would be no big deal except when I try to fix her latch she gets super mad and yanks away scraping her teeth : So...........any suggestions?? I guess I should mention, she has never had a very strong latch.....not sure how to explain a weak sucking, I call it lazy with a bit of a fluttery tongue that is quite irritating if she is just tired or comfort nursing.

Anyway this morning I got so irritated that I stopped her, gave her juice, and went and cryed: I think she might self wean if she keeps seeing me get irritated I don't really think I want her too but these last few days are really getting to me. How do fix the latch in a 1 year old

TIA for any suggestions!!

ETA: She is my 4th nursling so I am really at a loss with all my "experience"

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CathMac's Avatar CathMac 03:38 PM 09-14-2007
Wow, 4 kids. I think I've filled my quota at 2.

I have been very lucky that I haven't had any major problems. But from what I've read on these boards the trick with biting (not quite the same thing but close) is to anticipate the bite and pre-empt it by gently breaking the latch with a finger. Then firmly, but gently, say "no" or something along those lines. If you aren't fast enough you gently reprimand them with a "no". You may reach the point where you need to wait a minute or two to re-latch to reinforce the point.

It stinks because it means that you can't vegetate while reading a book or watching TV. But the key is consistent, gentle persistence.

Good luck, ~Cath
damomma's Avatar damomma 03:48 PM 09-14-2007
I had a similar experience with my dd, still do on occasion. I tell her 'Hun, your teeth are hurting momma. I need you to let go and try again so you can have some milk.' It took a few times for her to totally understand and sometimes we would have to re-latch 5 or 6 times to get comfortable. Now (at 16 months) she completely understands what we are doing and is not concerned that her milk is being taken away. If I am getting overly irritated I tell her 'The nah-nah's need a short break' and I play with her for 3-5 minutes then try again. For my dd the key is knowing that its just a break and she can have more milk in a few moments. When my lil one is tired, just gotten hurt, or sick none of these methods work.