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KyleAnn's Avatar KyleAnn 07:17 PM 09-28-2010
So now that ds is back at school and I have too much free time, I have decided to finally get to work on the basement.
As of now it is "finished", but the previous owners using paneling over all of the walls in the large main room.
Before turning it more into an extra playroom for ds vs. the place we randomly dump big toys, extra toys and well, other junk...I would like to paint it.
It is a dark, gloomy dark colored paneling...I would like to paint it white to brighten everything up.
Any experience with this? I was told by FIL that I would have to prime it all several times first...sounds awful! Then apply multiple coats of paint...am I disillusioned about how difficult this will be for me to do by myself?
Any suggestions from someone who may have been there/done that? Thanks!

lifeguard's Avatar lifeguard 08:05 PM 09-28-2010
Most of our house is panelling - ugh. We've painted all of it. Some of it was still the original & some of it was already painted once - brown (why or why would you paint wood panelling brown?!). Anyway, we didn't bother with primer (in fact I pretty much never do) & it took 2 coats on all the walls - which is pretty standard imo, unless you are painting red which always seems to take more.

I would prep it first by give it a good wash down.
Delicateflower's Avatar Delicateflower 09:38 PM 09-28-2010
If you don't prime the paint will just peel off. It will be awful. You need to make sure the paint sticks to the surface of the paneling, by using a primer that will bond to it chemically, and by sanding to roughen up the surface.

Wash to get grease from fingers off, sand the whole area, then prime with an oil or shellac based primer, then paint with a latex top coat.Latex primer won't stick properly to the paneling, but to save money you could do the special primer, then a coat of cheap latex primer before the more expensive latex top coat.
mommaof3boz's Avatar mommaof3boz 12:19 AM 09-29-2010
I would take a mouse sander and gently give it a quick go over. One coat of Kilz and two coats of paint will do it. Thats how the professional we had do ours did it.
littlest birds's Avatar littlest birds 12:33 AM 09-29-2010
We have painted paneling many times without priming, it certainly takes less paint than unprimed sheetrock since it is less absorbent than the paper surface. The paint jobs have lasted years and years no problem.

I have never personally encountered paneling glossy enough to cause the paint to peel off easily. Paneling is really a great easy surface to deal with for painting IME. Two coats, no primer, and I only use brushes--never rollers. But don't brush it out until it's thin. The brushes can adapt better to the texture and I find it saves a LOT of paint.

I do use fairly high-quality paints--generally porter hi-hide eggshell sheen for all walls. Not too fancy, but good quality. I have never seen it peel off of anything indoors except for woodwork where there was an unsanded gloss underneath (no surprise that).
luv-my-boys's Avatar luv-my-boys 12:41 AM 09-29-2010
Im assuming its a slick type paneling as opposed to the paneling that has a wood grain imprint to it. The way we did ours was a light sanding to get the gloss off and then a coat of kilz primer to even out the surface. It took only 2 coats of our colored paint and it looked awesome. It will take work but it definately looks and holds on much better (no peeling/flaking of paint)
Three~Little~Birds's Avatar Three~Little~Birds 01:50 AM 09-29-2010
We just painted our basement panelling last year. IIRC, we just used 2 coats of good quality paint and it is holding up really well, so far. And WHAT a difference!! I am so happy with the results.
We painted it with the colour "String" from Farrow and Ball, if you're interested. It is a warm light neutral beige. It's lovely. I actually enjoy hanging out down there now.
Have fun - you won't regret doing this project!
philomom's Avatar philomom 02:07 AM 09-29-2010
Kilz worked fine for us.
Theoretica's Avatar Theoretica 02:29 AM 09-29-2010
We've been talking about this EXACT idea! We have paneling throughout the basement and at some point we'll yank it out and put in drywall.

Until that point comes, if it ever even does, we want to use that basement room as a playroom. We've toyed with wall decorating ideas and kept coming back to painting the godawful paneling one color, with some intermittent striping down every 3-5 panels or so with bright colors. It's just one idea, nothing set in stone.

Anyways, so a kilz coat, and then two color coats should do it, is that the consensus here?
KyleAnn's Avatar KyleAnn 02:53 AM 10-02-2010
Thanks ladies, for all the helpful replies!
I am going to get started tomorrow, ds and I went and picked up a couple of cans of primer today...
Haven't decided if I will sand it all down yet or not, I kind of want to test out a spot with the primer first. I guess I am being lazy? But the less steps the better for me...it's a huge basement, it's going to take me forever I think! Ugh.